shirdi sai baba speaks dwarakamai
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4 . Shirdi Sai baba Speaks to you from Dwarakamai !

The four vedas is in my four fingers.This doesn't mean i know everything.It means you dont have to read scriptures to learn good behaviour.Just hold my fingers like a child holds fingers of its mother.

You choosed this number as you or someone you know is misbehaving.Pray that my fingers touches their soul and they will learn good to be better person gradually.

i will take responsibility to build your charecter , education,career and personality.
Forget worries and repeat your favourite mantra four times everyday.

you will gain knowledge in many fields of interest.Accept any new opportunities that comes to you and strive hard.i will take care of you.

Repeat the following words everyday when you wake up " Baba is with me".
This will drive away all your doubts and evil spirits.

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