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Sairam friends

This morning i got a dream like this..

I see Nagasai ( saibaba who appeared as Serpant on jan 7th 1943 ) portrait infront of me . Its a portrait of snake with flowers around him as he is Saibaba. I am sitting in a mat about 10 feets away . I say to saibaba in dream..

“Saibaba, if you really love me and if you are going to make my life peaceful and happy soon, then do this miracle…Let this Mat move towards your photo on its own…meaning bring me close to you”

While telling this to sai, i also remember in mind ‘sai do this leela and show me, i wont say anyone”

As soon as i said this, i feel myself moving infront towards the Nagasai portrait. It was as if the mat is sliding towards Nagasai….So beautiful so sacred…I could clearly see me close to the Saibaba’s Nagasai portrait …

Saibaba painting so divine as if sai is really looking at you

Saibaba painting so divine as if sai is really looking at you

Friends the dream was so vivid..

Since it was thursday my father played Shirdi Saibaba Aarti in C.d Players and i was sleeping. Probably i was in half sleep and half wake state. So there was a second dream like this…

In the dream i see me and my sai friends kanna and vengadesh going inside a beautiful temple..inside the temple i see many musicians with mrudangam, gadang, tabela and harmoniam…they also had sitar and veena…I see goddess Mahalakshmi sannidhi also..

I realized one this surprisingly…what ever way i heared the beats and harmoniam etc which my father played in C.D , in the dream i can clealy see the musicians playing and hitting the mrudangam exactly as if they are playing it in reality thouse my father is listening to aarti in C.D

I woke up, realized some message in this..

For years i dint uploaded Shirdi Saibaba aarti and bhajans in starsai because i felt if someone says its copyrighted then being a ordinary person i only have to delete them. Today i realized Saibaba wants me to upload some of Shirdi Saibaba aarti and bhajans and request each and every sai devotee to Listen to Saibabas aarti regularly in their house.

What i understood from vidid dream :

If i saw musicians playing musical instruments when my father played aarti c.d, it means Saibaba also accepts it as equal to singing aarti even when you listen to it with devotion.

I kindly request you to download all the 4 aarti of Shirdi Saibaba and learn the meaning , listen to them either in your computer, record it in C.D and play them or you can also upload in your mobile and listen to them.

C.VenkatRaman – 5 :11:2009

Note : The below Aarti of shirdi Sai baba are copyrighted to respective producers. I have posted here to inspire devotion for personal use. You can try to get Saibaba aarthi c.d ,dvd in shirdi ,Music stores or any spiritual shops in famous temples all over india.

1. Shirdi Saibaba Kakad Aarti- Listen every Morning.


Shirdi Saibaba Kakad Aarti

Shirdi saibaba Kakad aarti for listening online

Download link for listening in P.C, CD, mobile

Shirdi Saibaba Kakad Aarti download link ( Choose “Download Anyway” in Google drive)

Option two -Make sure you click the proper download button in 4 shared as the site might have ads confusing you and at the times the ads are visually not good. Kindly ignore them. Am using that site just as devotees complain that google drive doesn’t let them to download at times. If there are any complaints please mail me friends.

If above link doesn’t work try this link – Shirdi Sai Baba Kakad Aarti

Shirdi Saibaba Kakad Aarti Meaning in english – Aarti lyrics

2. Shirdi Saibaba Madhyana Aarti – Noon Aarti

Shirdi Sai baba Aarti to your beautiful Sai deva

Shirdi Sai baba Aarti to your beautiful Sai deva

Shirdi Saibaba Madhyana Aarti  …click play icon during every Noon.

Shirdi Saibaba Madhyana Aarti download link for playing in P.C , C.D and Mobile .( Choose “Download Anyway” in Google drive)

Shirdi Saibaba Madhyana Aarti download link

 ( NOTE – Make sure you click the right download link so that you download only the song and not any other applications in 4 shared.)

Option 2- If above link doesn’t work, please try this – Shirdi Sai Baba Madhyan Aarti

Shirdi Saibaba Madhyana Aarti meaning in english

3. Shirdi Saibaba Dhoop Aarti – Evening Sai baba aarti

Saibaba statue and photo in your house becomes real sai when u sing aarti

Saibaba statue and photo in your house becomes real sai when u sing aarti

Shirdi Saibaba Dhoop aarti in Google drive.  You can also light lamps to Shirdi Sai baba photo or statue in your house.

Shirdi Saibaba Dhoop Aarti download link for playing in P.C , C.D and Mobile .Choose “Download Anyway” in Google drive

Shirdi Sai baba dhoop aarti Download link

Option 2- Be careful while using 4shared and click only proper download link – Shirdi Saibaba evening Aarti

Shirdi Saibaba evening dhoop aarti meaning in english

4. Shirdi Sai baba Shej Aarti – Listen during night time…

Saibaba is happy when you listen and sing sai aarti

Saibaba is happy when you listen and sing sai aarti

Shirdi Sai baba Shej aarti for listening every night

Shirdi Saibaba Shej aarti Mp3 downloand for playing in Computer

Shirdi Saibaba Shej aarti Mp3 download link – Choose download anyway in Google drive

option 2 – Be careful and click the correct download button – Shirdi Saibaba Shej Aarti

Shirdi Sai baba Shej Aarti Meaning in english

Hope you listen to Shirdi Saibaba aarti regularly and also learn to recite them by heart friends.

What ever you do for saibaba like chanting, abishekam ,aarti listening and singing , if you do it with pure devotion, surely saibaba accepts it happily same as he accepted to devotees during his life time in Shirdi.

Om sainathaya namaha


5 :11:2009

I whole heartedly thank each and every one of shirdi saibaba devotee who commented for this Sai aarti downloads. The credit goes to the respective Album producers and singers,Musicians. Kindly buy original dvds so that it supports these creative people.

Write few words about your love for shirdi saibaba or experiences to mail id in . That too is a way of supporting StarSai. Please have a look at few more articles where you can express your love for Shirdi Saibaba

Do you remember any small incident about how Saibaba blessed you with peace and happiness

How did Shirdi Sai Baba bring happiness in your life?

Express your love for Shirdi Saibaba

I love Shirdi Saibaba because

Sai Ki Jai


  1. Om Sri Sai Ram …
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    My Life changed due to him…My soul kept in your feet baba…

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    i got government job after sai darsan
    sunday i went siridi tusedy annouced selection list of appsc


    dont worry about problems, SAI always with u only.

    SAI helps everyone life. listen aarathi everyday nd learn aarathi it creates happines fr u. read SAI parayanam
    be happy


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    Thanks for sharing the Sai Baba Songs along with meanings

    May Sai Baba bless u…

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    Baba Secure & Bless us all the times when ever we have any type of problems, the moment I remembered him he solved all my problems by giving his DARSHAN to me,I find him everywhere. Be Faith in him keep Patience. Om Sai

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    shirdi sai baba is great god

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    Name of Sai means Solve the All Problems
    Sai BABA done may miracle in my life. My Life changed due to him…My soul kept in your feet baba…

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