Saibaba Samadhi mandhir painting Sainath tere Hazaron Haath

Sairam friends

My Sai friend Vidhya’s brother Kapil made this beautiful painting in his p.c today and I was so excited that I wanted to show this to all Sai children. You know there are professional artists but at times sai devotees who love Saibaba deeply try to do his painting which comes truly realistic.

While doing this painting Kapils sister has said if Saibaba really wants to bless him, sai will be wearing the same color dress in Shirdi Saibaba live darshan of Samadhi mandhir also . They were surprised that on the day he did this painting Saibaba was wearing the same color as he has given to Saibaba in the below painting.

I have added a beautiful Shirdi Saibaba bhajan Sainath tere hazaron haath below the painting..

Hope your sai bhakti is inspired when you listen to the song and look at this Shirdi Saibaba samadhi mandhir statue painting…

Look at sai babas beautiful face and his eyes

I feel this Sai baba is so powerful and majestic in his samadhi mandhir
I feel this Sai baba is so powerful and majestic in his samadhi mandhir

Now listen to beautiful Shirdi Saibaba Bhajan

Sainath tere Hazaron Haath ( Only for personal use..copyright belongs to respective producers )

Click on the play icon to listen online if there’s flash in u r p.C or click the download link …

I love this song so much…

Sainath Tere Hazaron Haath  Mp3 download link

I made this page as a gift to my sai friends …

Keep showing devotion to Saibaba friends…

Om sainathaya namaha


31 thoughts on “Saibaba Samadhi mandhir painting Sainath tere Hazaron Haath”

  1. jisne tera naam liya tu holiya uske saath

    who can be like this, other than SAI BABA helping us just by uttering his name

    om sai ram

  2. Thanks for all the priceless information, May sai bless you and your are a sai chosen soul. please bless us as well. KAMINI SHARMA (CANADA)

  3. What a wonderful bhajan, brings tears of joy to your eyes, and makes the day very happy and peaceful.

    Baba May You continue to look after your devotees.


  4. om sai sri sai jaya jaya sai
    ur blessings should be there for all especially who are in deeds.
    Thank You

  5. baba is a real god i love baba nenu batiki unnamtavaraku baba ni vadalanu baba ki na life lo chala importence istanu baba ni nammukumtae chalu amta aayanae chusukumtaru

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