Shirdi Saibaba Aarti – Why I don’t have patience and love to Sing your Aarti Sai?

Sairam friends,

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When I first created StarSai in 2004, I was too much into Visions from Sai, His powers to overcome natural calamities etc.  I believe it was sometime around 2005. I got some hints that a earth quake is going to happen somewhere. I was too exited and called up my cousin and told her “There will be a earth quake here during this time”.

It happened as I told her. She called up and asked “Hey how’s it Possible? ”

Honestly its not at all possible. The fact is that I created StarSai on december 23rd 2004 and printed posters with Saibaba photo with following caption

“Give Food to the hunger, Water to the thirsty and clothes to the Naked, then God will be pleased”

That’s when I started coming around Dhuni in Sai mandhir. On december 26th, there was Tsunami and who ever got my posters were surprised as all these were essential to victims during that time.

I started coming around dhuni for 5 hours every evening and used to dedicate my prayers to Goddess of Nature praying Protect good people from further natural calamities. It is said Nature doesn’t have to obey Gods. It has its own Law and Nature works as per its dharma. When Gods and Saints really wish, they can alter the law of Nature.

It must be 3 month, when I started this dedication for Nature Goddess. May be Sai would have felt that If he didn’t say me there’s going to be another earth quake, then I will feel bad that Sai din’t listen to my prayers. So I got some hints which I told my cousin and her friends.

Again, I got some hints in the next month and told my cousin. This time It went wrong as no earth quake happened.

Lesson 1 from Saibaba : Venkat, Do not be behind such siddhi ( miracles).  You can’t be proud of what ever I show you. I can show you so many things but keep them deep inside yourself. Such Siddhi of knowing future is very bad for spiritual life be it about Nature or oneself or others.

This is how Sai teaches. He blesses me with dreams and some hints that I believe is shown from Sai as I only think of Sai all day and night.  Then, If i act according to the dream, I might even face painful experiences. I used to cry to Saibaba asking “why you showed me such dream and now am suffering.” He never answers.

That’s how Sai works. His ways are very unique and we can never understand his Leelas.

In 2008, Sai again blessed me with a Vision about Mumbai. This time, I know its just for me to shut my mouth and keep with in myself and not tell everyone proudly this is going to happen, that’s going to happen etc.

I used to think how much Saint’s suffer for welfare of humanity

I have learnt such things only by tests kept by Saibaba in various ways. He is playful at times and suddenly very serious. I can keep writing about his nature but really there’s no words to express who Sai really is.

I used to travel Anuvaavi Subramanian Murugan temple every Tuesday in 2005 and during evenings I used to come around holy Dhuni – Sacred fire of Sai in Nagasai mandhir. When ever I find someone Sad, I used to give a little photo of Saibaba. Those days very few people are into Sai devotion in Tamilnadu. At times, when it rains, Myself and the Dhuni priest alone will be there. Now a days, I am not coming around Dhuni but I always love to be around Dwarakamai.

Shirdi Saibaba Aarti – Why I don’t have patience and love to Sing your Aarti Sai?

I never sing Aarti of Saibaba. Even recently, My friend was harshly saying, Its been years you are coming to temple but don’t know to Sing Aarti. At times, I say baba that You only like devotees who sings Aarti which is why you are not helping me. I had always encouraged Sai devotees to listen or sing Shirdi Saibaba Aarti and surprisingly Shirdi Sai Baba Aarti   page in has helped hundreds of thousands of devotees in India and abroad to download, listen and sing Sai Aarti.

So advice only for others ? Why I am not following it Sai?

One of the reason could be my love for Dwarakamai and doing some physical seva near Dhuni. Now a days my friends mostly do it and I get into dhuni tank to wipe the hot ashes. I used to stand over the heap of Udi while doing this and at times write over Udi some thing I love. I used to shout to the priest “Baba inga irukaaru” – Baba is here and am talking to him..Since its too hot at times, I used to shout…Datta…NagaSaayee…Saibabaaaa and clean it.

My friends do dhuni seva better than me. There was a time, I used to be so possessive about Dhuni seva that I won’t let any guys touch the iron rods which we used to Dig dhuni. Now a days, I let go baba. As long as Dhuni is kept beautiful and your sacred fire is burning beautifully, I am happy. Let everyone Serve Sai happily. I have tears in eyes when I write this because Dhuni is part of my life and myself.

Years back, I made with Sai experiences and my love for Dhuni.

Only during Aarti, I used to clearn Dhuni. So I neither get interest nor have any feeling to go to Main hall of Temple. Trust me, devotees of Nagasai mandhir sing aarti so beautifully in Marati. Its truly a gift from Sai for people in Coimbatore who only knows tamil can sing in Marati all the four Aarti’s.

When ever someone mails me saying that they are into some difficulty, I immediately ask them to chant “Sairam sairam sairam”, Read Sai Satcharitra and Listen to Saibaba’s Aarti.  I usually listen to Aarti at home but never practiced to sing.

Found a Hindi Aarti Book in Dwarkamai steps today:

This morning, I had been to Nagasai mandir and was sitting in Dwarakamai. The priest asked me to help him get a new computer. So he told me, take me to the shop after Aarti. I said, Its too hot but I shall come with you.  After Aarti was over, I went back to Dwarakamai and to my surprise found a little book of Shirdi Saibaba Aarti in the steps of Dwarakamai. I took it and stood there few minutes thinking if any devotees has left it there, i shall give it to them. No one came near. So i took it home.

This evening for first time in several years, I played Saibaba Aarti in my P.C and sand Aarti of Saibaba. I had tears in eyes while singing. I could not follow few words as i Sing for first time but then I felt Saibaba want’s me to learn to sing Aarti.

I cried to Saibaba to show me a way and was really depressed all this evening. I went to Nagasai mandhir and did Parayan of Shree Pada Shree Vallabha Charitramrutam.

I really wanted to do something more with StarSai. There are so many devotees who needs various kinds of Help. Writing about Saibaba and my life experiences are not going to really help devotees.

I wish to create a place which heals people in pain.

People needs inspiration

People needs courage

People needs motivation

I failed to Inspire and Motivate Sai children all these years and wanted to try some project that really heals people.

I hope Sai shows me a way…




2 thoughts on “Shirdi Saibaba Aarti – Why I don’t have patience and love to Sing your Aarti Sai?”

  1. NICE article Vnkat .
    BABA is always very pleased with devotees who sing His Aarti……so sing it not only on Thursdays but on all seven days .
    Why do you think you have failed to inspire or motivate??
    It is your devoted action that has inspired and motivated so many others today to come ahead and take up the tedious task of cleaning BABA’s dhuni . Feel contended at all times . May today’s youth be more and more inspired by you .
    Stay Blessed

  2. Jai Sai Ram. Thanks. I have downloaded dhoop aarti and its meaning as I don’t know marathi. I appreciate your devotion and hard work , it is nice site for all devotees. If possible upload latest bhajans that are recently being played in shirdi sai mandir.

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