Every Breath I take, Every Move I make, Sai I keep loving you…A cute site for being Good Girl !

Sai ram friend,

Few days back , I wrote article

With tears to girls who love Shirdi Sai Baba…Sai and your Parents wants you to be Good and Pure

I actually wanted to make a Site instead of such article but only today, took time to do it.

Its going to be one o clock at night. I hear my Amma coming from her room. She’s going to scold me why I am awake all night like this and going to spoil health.

The past 9 years I have been writing about Shirdi Saibaba, Gods and Goddess. I am happy for the reach starsai had but honestly, we need more people to learn how beautiful Sai devotion is.  May be I need to do something the world wants and bring them to Sai’s path. So thought of trying to write about other topics…Movies..Music..Gadgets. ( I don’t know if I have interest to write on such topics but at least the world won’t advice me “You have to change…Be normal !!!”.

I wonder why the world doesn’t realize, I never have to change. I believe in prayers….I love to be devoted to Sai.  That doesn’t make me boring or odd. May be it does for people who care for me.

Just now amma came near the door and asked “Yen venkattu thoongalaya”….( Venkattu din’t you sleep)..I said just 30 minutes..Am coming. Baba hurry up give me words or like last week Dad will wake up and there will be a huge argument which will go on for 3 hours. They will start conversation that they care for me and with lots of advices won’t let me sleep until 4. AM…he he….

As Saibaba has always respected all his women devotees during his life time and used to call them Ayi – Mother, I always wished that I too see Mother in all girls and women. ( At times, I can’t baba…he he.. but I have always tried to be good…Am I not good Sai? ) Even to the girl who hurt me to core, I get angry initially but after few days I calm down and trying to be good. May be Sai is teaching tolerance and making me a better human being.

I am not all Good. I might have hurt someone who was good to me. On the whole my experiences taught me something very important for the world to be a better place.  Especially India to be a better Nation…

“We need Good girls..

We Need More Good girls…”

It’s necessary for a Man to be Good but when a Girl is Good, that really makes sense. I perceive women as someone with a kind heart, Compassion and  lots of affection.There are very Good girls who’s situation makes them do little mistakes.  Its not easy to write 100 articles on how good a girl can be or what I mean by “Being Good girl’

That’s why I made a separate website – GoodGirl.in

When ever any girl or women visits the GoodGirl.in , I wish she feels someone wishes her to be Good or its a compliment to inspire her to think Good,Be Good and leave a legacy for generations to come….

Sai, I do such things because I want to divert my Mind. I don’t want to keep worrying how my life is going to me. I am scared of how am going to lead life.

I remember how hard my sister works in her research Day and Night for past many years. Sai, She needs your help. Make the world recognize her findings and bless her to take care of her child peacefully. I dedicate goodgirl.in for my sweet Sister.

I remember the days when I fought with my sister for watching channel I wish and for leaving me and going to Movies and scolding me for not doing well in studies.

Right from the day she went to Germany for her Phd and then to U.S after getting married we never spoke much but we always followed each others life. I know she loves me and She knows what her happiness and welfare means to me. Just that we don’t express it much. So this is how I can.

To me, Good girl is not the one who wears traditional dress and many other criteria Men in India has for several generations before and hundreds of years to come.

Good girl is someone who is pure at heart,takes responsibility and as she grows as a women, shows right way for her family and herself.

So I made a good website..

Uppa thookam varudhu.( I feel sleepy now baba…1.40 at night) ….Mudila Baba..Naan paatu dhanamum loosu maari yedhaadhu pandren kadukave matriye sai…( I am fed up, You never bother me these days Sai..)

I can make 100 sites like this but StarSai is where my soul rests.

Every breath I take, Every Move I make, Sai, I keep Loving you….


Always in the holy feet of Shirdi Saibaba


Disclaimer  – I am not responsible for the ads which appear in the new site. I shall try to block sites that are not good whenever i can.

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