With tears to girls who love Shirdi Sai Baba…Sai and your Parents wants you to be Good and Pure

Sairam friends,

Why specifically writing about Girls to be good?  If a Man is Good, it just benefits his family and few people around him but when a Women is Good, It benefits generations to come. It creates a good family. Good Society and Good Nation.

I was worried about how our society is going to be good when some of our girls are unknowingly going in a wrong path. I went to movie with my friends this morning and then to Rathna Vinayakar temple and Annapurna temple. I asked the Goddess in my heart “Why are some girls behaving so inhuman”.

Later , in Saibaba temple,I did few minutes of Meditation in Dwarakamai when I started having tears in eyes as i could feel Sai himself is very much hurt when his own daughters are behaving badly.

I decided to either make a separate website to spread how important is it for our culture to have good girls with pure heart. I could not work on the site now. So i decided to write this article.

“Girls just wants to have fun”

Call it a song originally written by by Robert Hazard and made famous by singer Cyndi Lauper in 1979 or caption of a Girls two wheeler Ad in India. These words has been repeatedly used in Media that i sometimes feel “May be its true?” . There are Good guys and Good girls every where but this article is to help girls come out of their illusion and learn to see the dreams their parents have for them.

I am writing this article when my eyes are closing as its already 12.20 at night. I shall write few words and continue tomorrow if i don’t finish. The past few month, I had written articles about how sinful it is to do anything bad to a women and even hurt them. The past many years, I have always spread the message of how powerful is a girls/Women’s ashirwad (Blessing) is and how one will be benefited if they respect women in their life.

Being a Sai Servant, I must also write the other side of the story.Women suffer a lot due to various problems. Some during childhood, some during their education and some after getting married through their husband or after few years due to their children. So I have always been very keen in making sure StarSai carries enough messages to show how good we have to take care of women in our life and also around us.

shirdi sai baba
shirdi sai baba and your parents wants you to be good and pure

Are all girls and women good? Honestly No.

I have been writing about Shirdi Sai Baba experience since 2004, Some Sai devotees choose to write to me about their problems. I have listened to so many lives each with stories that either is happy or too sad and painful.  Its been 13,0o0 personal letters so far from Sai devotees .  Sometimes, I can’t even reply because am a ordinary devotee as they are and for some problems, we never seem to have solution.

I have seen a affectionate mother writing me how painful it is when her only son is not respecting her. I have also seen Mothers writing me about their daughter being very adamant and not listening to them.  These are small issues in family. So I don’t bother much as it happens in every home.

Little Lies:

Saying lie to parents, friends and someone who really cares for them doesn’t seem to be really wrong. Gradually, when one starts to lie even for sensitive issues, Sai really gets hurt.

The real problem starts when a Girl is into some bad habits:

Bad habit could be anything from smoking to drinking. I am not someone who says its OK for Men to smoke and really wrong when a girl smokes. Smoking is equally bad for both.  3 years back, I used to have a friend who had some problems in her life and mailed me. I was helping her come out of it and try to focus in her life through Sai Devotion. Once, she told me that she went to have a drink with her boy friend. I asked her ‘Do you drink? “. She replied. Yes. Occasionally.  I wasn’t shocked but felt why should such a good devotee of Saibaba drink being a girl.

I never ever asked her to quit drinking. I won’t. That’s not the way it works. There are various types of devotees. Smoking and drinking doesn’t make one bad and all others very good. The issue is drinking leads to other problems gradually for the girl. I know such girls won’t keep in touch with me for long. So i never know what happened to her now.

My humble request is, You can at least try your best to quit such bad habits. Surely you can if you honestly wish to quit.

Girls in relationship issues and Parents worries about their daughters future:

There are some parents who write me how painful it is to see their own daughter spoiling her life because of wrong relationship. Girls fall in love, do all they can do at home – cry, behave adamant etc to make parents agree for the relationship and once when parents agree, they start realizing the guy is not really good. By this time, their life changes. The girl must have met some other guy, who could be wealthy or much more smart or who knows better way to make the girl come behind him.

When parents warn their daughter not to switch from one guy to another, again problem starts at home. I some times have tears in eyes reading mails from these innocent parents who’s only hope is to see their daughters happy married life. I have seen mothers asking me to say some pooja or mantra so that their daughter will agree to marry someone they choose. I am not arguing that parents are always right.

I am here to express my humble feeling that when you leave a man and go to another, that too is a Sin. You are independent to choose the right guy all your life. At the same time, its good to analyze if there was any mistake in yourself? .

One of my friend in Mumbai was in love with guy for 2-4 years. Her parents dint agree for the relationship and so she married another guy her parents choose for her. I won’t call this as a sin because here parents are involved but if a girl purposely quits relationship after being close to a man and moves to another guy, something seriously is wrong with her.

If a man hurts a women, its a sin and so the same applies for women too. If you hurt the one who truly loved you, you surely commit a sin. You can’t be true to Sai if you can’t be true to the man who really care for you.

( Kindly ignore above words if you are asked by your boy friend/Husband or someone to read this article during a break up. Every one’s personal issue can’t be applied in a article written based on general issue in mind. I can’t judge what happened in your life. So it depends. )

Sai accepts your devotion, your pooja, aarti and your visit to temple happily but Sai sits calm when “Law of Karma” starts to work in your life.

The worse part is some girls leave a guy, Go to another until that relationship is broken and come back to previous guy or move to another. Is this a Game?  What can i reply to parents who write me with such a pain that all they wish is their daughter’s future must be good. Even with such girls, there is a softer side. I feel pity for them because they never know what their future holds for them.

Divorce and bad relationships:

Most Divorce happens because of men who are rude or his family treats the girl bad or the guy’s behavior  is not good. I have helped few girls facing some pains trying to come out of worst pains in marriage. I won’t do much but if I realize, a women can’t live with such a man, i request them to speak to her parents about it and proceed with what they feel is right for their daughter.

Sometimes couples need divorce because the problem is with the girl. I can’t forget a guy from Bangalore writing me, his wife was speaking to some other guy over phone the very day they got married and within few month, he realized, she has bad relationship with other men. Finally the marriage didn’t lost long.

There are families which gets completely shattered because of one women’s bad relationship. I know a devotee in U.S who has two daughters 10 – 12 years old i think. His wife started liking some other Indian guy who is younger and happily spending her time with this guy leaving her husband and children alone. Imagine the pain the husband faces?

Girls are Good and Pure:

Girls are basically soft and kind at heart. At least that’s what we universally believe. Probably as the world gets complicated and relationships happens due to unwanted desires, some girls miss the right path and move towards a very dangerous hell.

A daughter is to parents like stars are to Sky:

You are like a stars in your parents sky. They always think of you. They always wish to see you shining and twinkling. They love to keep you close to them. Your Mom and Dad loves you dearly. You may or may not get same love in your husbands home. So when your Mom or Dad tells you something, Don’t just nod your head for name sake. Follow their words as if it came from Sai.

That’s it friends…

Now my Mom opened my rooms door and asked “Its 1.30 at night. Dint you sleep or  Your health will be spoilt”.

Baba, Thittu viluguradhuku munaadi thoonga poren…I shall sleep now because she will scold me if i continue to write…

Forgive me if what i expressed is wrong.

Honestly, I had vision of Sai while meditating this evening in Dwarakamai and realize Sai is very much concerned and hurt when girls and women who worship him are good to him but not really good to their parents, man who really cares for them and their husband.

The important reason I wrote this article is that I was wondering why these girls tend to take such wrong decisions when their own mother are so pure and kind? Why is it hard for them to learn these good qualities from their mother?

All our girls are Good. Situations makes them Say lie, behave rude, involve in wrong relationships etc. So there is always ways to come out of the wrong path and bring light back in their life.

Keep chanting Sairam, Sairam , Sairam always in mind and close your eyes for few minutes. You will realize How beautiful you are. You are a pearl in your parents heart.

Sai loves you

and your parents too.

Show them you truly love them by being Good and Pure



Always in the holy feet of Shirdi Sai Baba


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