Shirdi Saibaba rules Mumbai, Sai rules India and Universe – This is God of Massess and classess

sairam friends,

There was a powercut yestuday..So can’t write any articles and at times I don’t have net and if all is there I don’t have mood…He he….

I wrote below article on September 20, 2008 when I was working in filmschool in Mumbai and went to Airport to meet Leela didi one of my Sai friend ….I have so many such elderly friends whom I have never met but this time Sai gave me beautiful experiences…Though its a small incident, Its a kutti Flash Back…
Am in hurry to go office…so fastly posting..


September 20, 2008

I really dunno what i am searching for and why i dint even write my previous shirdi visit experience in forum…may be my mind is not with sai or i am simply feeling that its in mind so why write it in here..
one logical reason could be because of my schedule…when am in home, i used to write all night now night i dont have net…

anyway…atleast the experience i had yesturday i really wish to share with all of you..
I know leela didi only past very few months…Leela didi, Anu didi used to mail me once in a while n then as i came to mumbai was not able to keep in touch as before..

as a surprise i got a mail from leela didi that shes visiting india to see her mother and she will be landing in mumbai airport n her connecting flight to hyd is next morning…

she also called up a week before when i said i may or may not come as i felt its hard to go back home in the night time…

only when leela didi sent me a mail about her flight details etc..i simply asked my students far is international airport from here…

immediate reply from pratap was

“Give me a call, i will pick you and go”

i dint expect this response..i immediately mailed leela didi that i will surely meet her if rain is not coming..even this time i was only worried if i really can go to airport n return back to room which is too far in late night train..

Waiting in airport wondering if i will really meet leela didi

On september 19th i know for sure am going to go airport..i called up pratap..he said hes on way..i went to hotel to have food but the waiter dint came i walked outta the hotel and soon came pratap in his bike..

I got back n started saying about few of my sai experiences.When we reached airport, we went to departure area instead of arrival..finally pratap went to the proper gate.

I felt very pleased as pratap dint wanna go back home untill i flight chart for continental airlines shows “ARRIVED”

By the time it showed arrived i revealed the secret.

That i have not seen photo of leela didi,i dont have her phone number…ofcourse it wont work…n not even her dress code…so the only way i can meet her is if she calls me.

so whats the use in standing in waiting q…we were roaming here n there…finally pratap said you must have atleast asked what dress she will be wearing..i said i will take my devotees experience saibaba book n stand …He he…

thats the final idea i had…

…i prayed baba atleast since this guy has taken effort to bring me here please lemme meet her….when pratap was having doubts i said “Baba has given me a good person like you to bring me i feel surely i will meet her..”

My amma n appa called up n told me abt katyas health..immediately i got a second call from new number..i cut my parents call n attened it…

It was leela didi in her Lowest possible tone as the mobile sounded too low..

pratap hinted me to ask dress shes wearing…i was shouting what dress u r wearing…she said green shirt which was both like Green and Cream to i told her..say loudly as if i am ordering her…he he..then finally atleast we had a dress code..she said the std booths are not working inside airport n she borrowed a staff’s mobile.

somehow me n pratap were looking for leela didi…really pratap was taking keen interest as if he came to meet someone

I saw a someone with beautiful green shirt and a blue jean….me and pratap were shaking hands with half doubt half happiness wondering if shes leela didi…i was about to take out the baba book as i know it will make leela didi realize its me.

before that i saw a understanding smile in her face and we shook hands amoung the crowd…

I dint wanna help her move the trolly with those big big bags n suitcase because i am weak..He he.i know she will push it better than me…..i really wished to help her though and when i realized i cant i left her do it…he he

Then we rested in a place n i introduced pratap to her n i really loved the way she said “Namasthe” to me although i always respond to namasthe not by joining palm but by keeping my right palm over my chest…

Actually i was telling pratap that i will meet her give babas photo, udi and go away with him so that he can drop me…somehow when i saw her …i felt theres some affection in her which gave me a desire to talk to her more..

so i told pratap that i wanna stay for long and i will catch a taxi ..go station after 12.30 n catch train..i confirmed that last train will be around 1 and it will resume service at 4 AM.

Then me and leela didi was planning to go inside the airport waiting room so that we can sit n chat…i had a veg  burger and she had tea…then we went to request the security if i can go in….he said its not possible harshly..

Baba blessed us with a peaceful corner in a crowded airport :

i said its better we go outside only sit some where in a sai grace we found a good place on Booma Devi….a muddy ground with little tar over that where we put the suitcase n started chatting..

She started from how she first learnt about starsai and how she, anu didi, sailaja didi and one of her priest friend shiv ram and his didi used to do good things for sai inspired by starsai…

One sweet information she gave me was though shes not posting her experiences in site..they as a team has their own way of speaking about starsai as a starsai family….I was really surprised with the way she explained few experiences and inspiration she and her friends got through starsai.

I told her there’s very little in there   but what matters is the Glory ….

I also told her now a days i come across few good souls who has the same attachment to starsai family and honestly i am just simply watching and my close sai friends are taking care of it. I told her its not possible for me and also my sai friends to afford a dedicated server …so we are trying our best to keep the site alive by sai grace…

Leela didi also gave me a gift from her, anu didi and sailaja didi…i dint even open the cover yet..i kept it under the babas photo in my room as sai knows when to use it and for what good purpose.

Power and beauty of Naam Smaran – Chanting

I was telling her about the beauty of chanting sai sai sai and why its important… actually sai is living in all of our hearts.sometimes we feel why sai is not working in our life….sai normally cares for all his devotees  but only when we whole heartedly remember sai and chant sai deeply in mind, we are giving “LIFE” to the “SAI WHO LIVES IN US”

when we see babas photo or statue in temple..we are looking at the external sai but Naam smaran alone can help sai to help us as it will awake our divine mind.

I also told her that its only because my parents allowed me to do babas work even when i was not doing any proper job, for years that i am able to grow this way…

I also told her that i really suffered a lot as i was hurted everytime i like someone and i wish to  marry someone who helps me serve sai whole heartedly all my life..she gave her ashirwad that sai will help me in this…

anyway…Leela didi also was saying some of her experiences with baba and how baba worked in her and her family..i could feel leela didi had some back ache and felt bad in this age she took effort to meet me ….

It was around 2 A.M when we decided its good if she gets into the airport waiting room as she has to catch the connecting flight to hyd at 6.AM…As soon as she left ..i ran to get a pre paid taxi n felt like standing in Que..i remembered the dream i had on previous day as if i am travelling in a taxi and i saw Arokyamatha – MOTHER MARRY and a cross sign..

i felt baba doesnt want me to travel in taxi as at these times there are chances they might cheat me and train wil resume only at 4.AM at andheri…

I felt why not wait in airport itself for 2 i had a Tea for 25 rupees ( for this money i will give tea to one whole batch of students if i have outside airport…he he )

Sai Hanuman leela :

Then i felt like reading Narasimha swamijis devotees experiences….i started reading 2-3 chapters when i felt someone coming near me..

it was a policeman asking in marathi ….i dint know what he asked..but i felt he wanna see the book…i showed him the cover to reveal the beautiful sweet Sai..

As soon as he saw the cover..he said “Ohh thu hamara aadhme hain”…you are my man…to say that he also loves sai..

hes a constable they call hawaldar …n was so innocently talking…he asked me …is it not in hindi..he grabbed the book immediately n sat near me.

He immediately said in this 2 A.M baba has made us meet….
Thu sachi sai sevak hain”…you are true servant of sai….so i met you..

then he immediately said my village is Beed in Maharastra….its 65 kms from shirdi…he again tried to speak in his kind broken english…..
thu smajtha kya….

n said ” my village…65kms …from shirdi”

Then he said…you must go to Hanuman Ghad…and said i will write give me a paper..i gave him the pen which i got in shiridi with babas image over it..

he was happy to write in that pen n wrote the following

Hanuman gadha
Taluk – Patoda
District beed

mohra devi mandhir

he also wrote u must get bus from ahmed nagar ( nagar se bus pakadna hain )

he also asked me to meet a saint Maharaj Khade…then he came near my ears he is a very good saint and i must see him to get the feeling of Hanuman…..he said you will feel peaceful if you go there and there are 5 ghad there..

he also said

Jaamked i must get bus…
then go to Hanuman ghad by walk
and there are 5 ghads near by …I told him can we believe him this maharaj khade in this mordern days saints are not true..he again came near my ears n said

Flash back of Paatils devotion for Lord Hanuman : my village beed…when i was 10 years brother got a dream that in garden dig the mud n we will get a hanuman from that time i am worshiping that hanuman i know its truely powerful place..

i was excited with the fact that the past 2 months i have been praying Hanuman a lot n also i got dreams from sai that sai is avatar of hanuman n also akila didi told me about the book of sri padavallabh that sai is avatar of lord hanuman.

So i wondered how baba choose this moment the entire night to be so strange filled with his leelas…me and leela didi were first doing almost like a satsang of baba and surprisingly this police man called


came near me and started speaking about hanuman and again and again writing in paper how to go to Hanuman ghad in beed district. in Jaam khed.

I told him aap janthi hai…Baba hanuman ka avatar hain..

( do you know , baba is avatar of hanuman..).he said kya baath kar raha hain n holded my hands with happiness.

i said ya baba is avatar of hanuman …he was truely exited but said baba is avatar vishnu..i said Hanuman is swaroop of shiv and he served Ram and also hanuman has served god…n baba also used to say ” i am servant of God” so surely baba is avatar of lord hanuman.

Then we went towards a place they parked some police jeep of mumbai tourism police..i was a bit scared as his higher officials were there…sitting n chating..

he seems to be very pure police 2 person gave him seat n he asked me to drink water…i had a sip n said enough..he said what are you doing..i said i teach editing..

he asked me about salary and also asked many times

“kithna padaayi kiyaa”

baaraa…phd ?….i said BSC..( I did MBA later only)..he said oh….n then i gave him the baba pen as my gift for him…he said no no i dont need..i said he must keep it as my gift..many times i asked his mobile number n also his address…

everytime i ask his address he will start to say
“thum hanuman ghad jaavo”

i learnt one thing from him..he don wanna take any credit for himself..he dont even want me to remember him..he simply wants me to go to hanuman ghad in beed district..

i told him i came to give baba photo n udi to my sai friend who came from america…Then he called his police friends who ever was near n said…

Ye baba ka sevak hain…america se friend ko milne keliye aaya…n he asked that my friend from america is a general manager right..i said Haaan yaa….he said he has big friends like this proudly about me to other police men..

then another police men came n teased me and him..i told that police that i was reading babas book he started speaking about hanuman…so he laughed n said “jai hanuman”

Then he again said…whats the time now..its bhrahma mugurtham….in this time we are talking about baba and hanuman…immediately the mobile phone of the other police man whom i felt was looking at us rudely started rining …the ring tone being the song

“Aum saiye namo namah…sri saiye namo namaha..jai jai saayee namo namaha…sadguru saiye namo nama”

then Paatil told me see how baba gave you indication ……

by this time the other police man also came near us..i told him baba is avatar of hanuman..what made me say this is the very fact that baba is contineously making me realize some similarities between sai and hanuman..

then that police man said

“we police group used to walk all the way to shirdi with out chappal also from Mumbai”

then he said baba will give darshan to a devotee the way the devotee wishes…if u see him as hanuman he is hanuman..if u see him as shiv hes shiv…

immediately the mobile again ran “aum sayee namo namaha””he moved away from us to attend the call and patil signaled me how baba is proving his presence …

then again God knows why he asked me another paper and it was so inocent and also funny because again n again he starts to write to help me how to reach Hanuman ghad..n when he writes if i ask him to write in hindi..he will ask me spelling sometimes n also since hes in night shift his head will go down n drowsy feeling n come back to normal..

i felt so kind of him to be with me all through those few hours…then when it was around 3.30 i told him i will go by taxi..he said taxi people will cheat u ask u more than 200 rs just to go station..u be here n take bus..

then he did what i never expected..he said ok come i will leave you in bus stop..he walked all the way out of airport to go near the auto soon as the auto walas saw him they were smiling at him n giving hands..

then Paatil said iin his own sweet way…Ye hamara adhme hain ( Hes our guy)…he wants to go andheri when any party goes to andheri..u must give him a lift n also never get money from him…

they all were saying…thats fine..we will take care dont worry..bindas..this n that…
Kalaass…i will take care…

he he

then i said “thats ok mein wadag dhetha hoon”

then he said ok lets find if you will get bus n asked in bus stop near by when next bus will come..then again he came near a auto wala n said hes serving baba … baba ka prachar kar rahe hain…n he wants to go andheri so give him lift when any auto goes there..

i told its ok i will give money n go in auto…then auto wala said see my keychain ..i have sai..see my purse i have sai…n he also asked me if i have another’s little baba photo..i gave it to him..

he said firstly hawaldar told me to take u free n next u r sai serving how can i get money from you….well he did do all this because of the respect he has on paatil..he said paatil is pure he wont get bribe…

i said ya i realized it..when he took me to the wash room i saw him washing his hands so clean with soap n thought it my mind that he has clean hands…( he is honest being  a police man)

he even mentioned this job he got by blessings of hanuman.

i also gave him babas small photo…he asked me guide me wats correct time for bhrahma mugurtham..i said morning 3 Am to 6 Am…

n he asked whats good timing in evening n i told him all time is good..when ever we chant

sai sai sai
sai sai sai
sai sai sai

its a good time..he said ya ya thats correct.
i thanked him in my mind than the thanks i could have told him because my mind was wonder struck how can i sit in mumbai airport all night living my own sai leela ….its so surprising it all happened..

anyway…i saw a bus i ran n caught the bus to station

i walked in to the station n went to first platform to catch my local train was around 4.54 A.M…i got into the first class compartment n there was only one guy other than me..

i saw n felt baba has arranged all this..he wants me to be in airport safely and not to travel in late night n that too taxi might have given me some problems..apart from that baba by his sweet leela helped me learn the simple bhakti of this good soul who dun even want to give me his address…

Remembering all this while travelling in train…i turned to my eyes fell on a sticker which had my shirdi saibaba photo on it..

i really told baba…you have done all this and if i am not going to shed a drop of tears this moment remembering your love and care for me then whats the use of me..

the only other guy in the train also got down in next station….finally i again saw that saibaba photo…i saw the empty train…many months before i had a dream as if i am jumping in a empty train of mumbai which will never come true…

n now it came true i told to myself

now there are only 2 people in this big mumbai

“Me and my Sai”

the train stopped some where in between …..i went near that sticker n touced that baba photo n bowed to him holding palm…

A local train where we cant even have space to stand is now empty and the experiences baba gave me all night made me feel i must show my whole hearted respect and love to i bowed to him..

i sat down…again went to bow sai…

my station was nearing..i said to myself…i will bow this baba for 3rd time and holding my palm togather i bowed to him with out a thanks or anything..

when we whole hearted merge with sai where is the need to know that sai alone can do all this and you know sai’s love……no thanks or words or thousand articles like this can match the care and love sai has on me and many of his children like you.

I crossed the subway and heres another surprise..the women who sells oil, the yerukam leaf garland to the hanuman mandhir was starting her work early morning..

i immediately thought we must go to hanuman mandhir n then go to room..
so i got oil for lamp, to pour under hanumanjis holy feets and also a yerukam leaf garland…
i went there into the temple..i felt so peaceful..i rang the bell silently 3 times…i said

“Why you take care of me like this….why sai and you are taking care of me”

i prayed for my parents , katya , Leela didi and our sweet starsai family…

I reached home n told ashish few things n also called up my Amma n appa n told them that baba took care of me like this…They were happy too..

Again i took bath , went again to the same hanuman mandhir n came here..i slept around 30 minutes last night morning 6 to 6.30 but i am so fresh..i feel its because of the experience sai gave me..

When Sai’s love is around us we cant ask for more in life…Shirdi saibaba is a sweet heart…He knows how to unite people, how to fix timings for good happenings…..

Our sai knows all friends..i only dont know why he cares so much……

i just wanna express what happened after paatil left me to that auto wala ..he told me wait wait i will make u go when a andheri party comes ..u can travel free..i told him..i want to go to work i will give money n go now itself..

the auto wala said

“are you my relative..are you my friend..will i get any advantage in taking you free…..You took babas name , you are serving baba, so i am doing this…

“Aap baba ka Naam liya……isliye”
You took Baba’s Name ….so….

The moral of the story is

Whole heartedly when you say



sai cant stop himself working on your life…..simply saying i am serving baba this n that wont give us divine experiences….we have to love sai from our atma…

atma se pyaar karna hain…

from the bottom of our heart..from the soul…..when the Name Sai Sai Sai is remembered…
Sai’s shows how much he loves us.

When Baba wants to show how much he loves us , we can’t stop sheding tears…

This is God of Massess and classess.

Everyone loves him on his or her own way..
From someone who comes from america….
to someone whos on a night duty of mumbai airport….
to someone who drives auto….
to someone who stuck the sticker of Sai in Train …

Sai rules mumbai..
Sai rules my country
Sai rules crores of universe we could never see or hear about
Sai rules our hearts…

On this beautiful moment when we are going to start

“StarSai Naam smaran for Antaryami”

i would like to offer this leela of Sai as a prayer to bless each and everyone of my sweet sai children in starsai family…

Sai, You are my heart,
You are my soul and our starsai family will chant your name with pure love on you ..

When Baba wants to show how much he loves us , we can’t stop sheding tears…

When Sai takes care of a Man so much why not the girls who travel alone? Sai really is taking care of  millions many girls and women who goes to work and travels alone.We never know his Leela…

Sai I love you…
Sai Sai Sai


Always in the holy feet of shirdi saibaba

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