Flying like Hanuman and Meenakshi Amman in dream

Sairam friends,

Devotees used to mail me requesting to suggest any names for their newborn baby. Usually, I get emails asking for the name of Lord Surya as Sai inspired me to make on blog Lord Surya and I used to recite Aditya hrudayam as my mom taught me. Devotees also ask me to suggest names related to Sai. This father asked me to suggest a name combining Rama and Hanuman. He himself said “Ram Charan Teja”. I dint reply to him as I can’t get any good names.

I did parayan of Saint Shree Paadha Sree Vallabha who lived in the 13th century – First avatar of Lord Dattatreya ( Shirdi Saibaba is fifth). I slept off praying Sai and was blessed with such a dream.

I see myself and my Father and Mother in a temple. They call me to go Meenakshi Amman temple next. I say my father ‘Let me do Namaskar – Pranams to Lord Surya”. I raise above the surface and fly towards the interior of the temple where there’s a beautiful sculpture of Lord Surya and other Gods in the walls of the temple and do pranam. ( Surya is pleased when we do pranams – Namaskar – Joining hands and bowing head)

I continue to fly and come back to my parents.

It’s raining heavily and I see my mother running fast on a muddy road to Meenakshi Amman temple. I run behind her saying be slow…wait..but she continues to run. I woke up and looked if my Mom is safe with me…hehe…and called “Ammaaa”. She said I woke up since I was not well. I said OK and slept off thinking in mind. “Nee irundha podhum”…( If you are with me, that’s enough)

I woke up and searched what Sai want’s to tell me by this dream. I read an article someone wrote about Maari Amman. “Maari” means rain and hence I believed my Mom was blessed by one of her favorite deity.

Then, I continue to fly where ever I go as if Hanuman is inside me. Someone calls me and says “It doesn’t seem to be good that you fly like this. Better don’t do it”. So I become normal and walk…hehe…”bulbu”

Mom doing Parayan of Sundhara Kandam:

Amma is not feeling well these days. So she is reading Sundhara Kandam in praise of Lord Hanuman. I believe this could be the reason, I had such a dream of Hanuman. Honestly, I don’t understand why I keep getting a dream of Meenakshi Amman temple. I listed to Mathangi mantra as she’s the form of Meenakshi.

I am planning two projects – One is School of Devotion for Sai with a Learning Management System in StarSai and another is a site for being Good Girl !..Something I started but don’t know what to write. Hopefully, Sai will show a way.

Wrote this in the morning.So Amma asking me to have food..



Always in the holy feet of Shirdi Saibaba

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