1000 lamps for Shirdi Sai Baba with a beautiful song in praise of Sai

Sairam friends,

I am satisfied as the corporate film I am working on has some standards I expected and I got enough footage to edit. I just have to take few more shots for a simple teaser. This evening, I came to Shirdi Saibaba temple as my friends remainded me that they will light 1000 lamps in the form of Shiv Ling in NagaSai Mandir.

I reached temple only at 8 PM when the lamps were already lit. So I ran to the shop, lit 6 lamps remembering Lord Murugan, worshiped Saibaba and started taking lots of videos with my Camera. Some of my friends in temple enjoyed me filming lamps but I found something really common amoung everyone these days.

People get desire to buy a Camera very easily. One of this guy kept saying he’s gonna get one. I tried to tell him its not easy to take care of the Camera but finally let him grow his desire. I always tell people who desire to buy a camera if they are really going to use it? Even for me, carrying a DSLR camera like a baby where ever I go is not an easy task. I get back ache but I love photography and hence I manage by Sai grace. Please don’t get any gadgets unless you are going to use it productively. Sai don’t like anyone one investing money on things they use very rarely.

Anyway, I did not even worship joining my palm to these lamps. I did not had time to get into the main hall. Now you know little things you might have to sacrifice if you want to do photography. Either, you do photography or you do anything else that matters. You can focus on only one thing, especially if you carry a bulky camera.

1000 lamps for Shirdi Sai Baba

Spiritually speaking, I love lamps a lot. Now a days, most of my articles are not too divine and I am doing it purposely because I don’t wanna create a world where people do pooja for Sai, read Sai Satcharita but they knowingly or unknowingly get into problems and commit mistakes. Ignorance has shattered my life a lot. Even the current issue I am going through is very strange to me. I keep asking Baba, if I am such a big fool or simply ignorant.

Saibaba likes people who have a pure mind and clear thoughts rather than those who simply chant his name, read Sai Satcharita but always live in frustrated mood. That’s how I am living these days. I hope Sai and Lord Murugan shows me a way and brings light into my life.

I reached home and did a simple video for all of you.

Padma Aunty and her daughter Aishwarya sang a beautiful song in praise of Shirdi Sai Baba few days back. I requested her to send the song and edited this video. This is the first song in Coffee with Venkat with original song sung by Sai devotees. So I am happy to present it to you.

I am really restless today and did not enjoy editing. Something deep inside me hurts me to core. I don’t know why Sai baba is not understanding me. I wish he comes in dream tonight.

Hope you liked it friends.

Many people used to take photo of some Agni yaga or lamps etc and tell that they found Sai’s image formed in there. I don’t disagree but why should we search for the form of Saibaba in any place? Saibaba himself has proved that some devotees who likes to see him without form can certainly try meditating remembering him as light. There’s a light between his fingers and when you close your eyes and deeply think about Sai in the form of light, he will show you his real form – That he has no form at all. He’s a light. A purely affectionate “Light”

That’s Saibaba’s soul

So when ever I see lamps in any form, I see that as Sai!

shirdi saibaba
There’s no form of Sai but the light itself is “Sai”

Ok friends.

Its 12.30 at night. I shall lay down now.

Thanks to Aishwarya for her singing in praise of Sai Baba. Her Master had wrote the lyrics for this bhajan

Om Sai Ram


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