Were all dreams I had an expression of Sai to show that I was in illusion?

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Sairam friends,

The past 2-3 month, I had experienced several strange dreams which made me react to someone and in the end it hurt me a lot. Even yesterday, I was telling one of my friend that ‘Saibaba never lets me down. Sai has never misguided me in dream all these years. I take his words as my lifeline and hence believed in him but when he tells something unrealistic, I expect him to answer me for confusing me so much”.

The past 3 days I did not had any dream and was complaining him. This morning, I did had a dream which was very nice. Saibaba asked me to keep it within myself for time being as it was very divine.

Now, I have 2 answers

  1. Sai would have showed dreams with songs having name of this girl in the lyrics to show that I was into illusion.
  2. Sai would have shown those dreams to make me react to it which I did.

Sai’s ways are very unique. Its hard to understand him. Why should Saibaba confuse me like this? He only wants his devotees to live in peace. So if he confuse me to the extent that I get ashamed for reacting to it, there must be some reason and I keep searching for it.

I continue to ask if there’s some good karma which i must do to please Saibaba.

Anyway, My friend got a small Camera with which I wish to do something creative. The Kutti Camera is on the way. I am really excited about it. Last night, I saw Kandukondein KanduKondein especially since I like the poetic Cinemtography in the movie. Some scenes are deliberately shot in rain. Rain is actually a magic. Its a surprise but most of us see it as a disturbance.

When I am making a Corporate film now, I remembered the days I worked on post production of an Ad film shot by Rajiv Menon. I rememer Mani Ratnam..I remember Shaad Ali as his movie OK Jaanu (Remake of OK Kanmani) is getting released soon. Remember Shaad Ali asking me “Hows the Boy?” about Vivek Oberoi if he looks good on screen when he made Alaipayudhe in Hindi – Saathiya.

I asked Baba if I will ever do something good in my life. A work of Art?

I wanna do something creative. Something beautiful.

Lets see

Now, All I have is a Saibaba photo sent by Prita from a Saibaba temple in Bhubaneswar, Orissa.


Sai Baba temple in Bhubaneswar, Orissa.

Hope you like it friends.

Sai, Be with me. You showed me something in dream today. I trust you for my life is yours!



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