Sai, Wish I could get into your heart and remain there for lifetime

Sairam friends,

I will be going to pollachi for my friends brother’s wedding this evening. I just have 5 minutes to write this and doing that just because most of you come to StarSai on Thursday. I had lots of fun yesterday at work and made a stick drawing of a girl at work saying she got so inspired, go to New York University to do her post grade in Political science, come back to India in 2018, start her own political party called “Sticker pottu” and become CM of the state by 2020. I was calm for few days and now again started making fun of everyone.

I kept telling her that she did not had food for 2 days but made her mom to make Milk shake. If she wants Milk shake she could have asked that directly and not by doing all this drama.  She gets irritated with me and gives me lots of “bulbu” asking me to get away from her but sometimes, I can’t stop teasing.

Irrespective of all the fun I have, I suddenly get depressed as I can’t understand Saibaba for what he did to me. May be, I am supposed to go through all this.

There’s an advantage in take camera to work regularly. Last week Thursday, I asked permission from the temple near office and did some photography. I also took video with which I made a work for someone. I shall use that footage and make another video for all of you. Give me some time.

So here’s the photo I took..I love Sai behind the holy lamp.

shirdi saibaba
Love this Sai so much that I want to remain in his heart for lifetime

When I see this Sai Baba, I feel happy.

He has a very smiling and clear face.

Wish I get deep into his heart and remain there forever

and here’s the Dwarakamai Baba in the same temple

Shirdi Saibaba Dwarakamai
Shirdi Saibaba Dwarakamai

Keep loving Sai.

Today, I woke up at 6 but laid down complaining Baba that he did not tell me anything in dream. I am really upset by the way he showed some dreams and suddenly not explaining me why he did that? Is it just to make me do things unnecessarily and get ashamed?

Wish I get out of this confusion by Sai grace.

Wanna do a creative project.

Last evening, I took Time lapse photography of Sun Set. I plan to do similar technique at work today.  I want the clouds to move fast! Wanna show people moving around at work in a super cool way! I want to create magic.

Baba, show me you exist!


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