Original Photo of Shirdi Saibaba

Sairam friends,

I went to Saibaba temple last evening and felt really worried. I was sitting in Dwarakamai when someone bought a new bulb to fix to the Statue of Saibaba on terrace. I took the fused bulb, fixed the new one and felt good. Seem’s there’s light in the end of the tunnel if only I keep walking to the end.

Life has to go on.We hope something good is going to happen and keep going. 

I have lots of work but when things don’t happen as I desire, I get too upset and fed up. I also became a sleepy head and slept off early. I woke up only at 7 A.M and felt bad about it.

There’s this problem with us Sai devotees. If someone sends a message sending a black and white photo telling that’s original photo of Shirdi Saibaba, we tend to believe it immediately. As far as I know any very old man sitting in any village suddenly becomes original photo of Saibaba. Please be careful because we are recording something in history.

There might be 2-3 original photos of Saibaba and the only one I believe and like is this one taken in 1916, 2 years before Saibaba’s Mahasamadhi in Shirdi.

None was able to photograph Sai without his permission. None was able to photograph him with commercial intention alone. There was a photographer from Mumbai who took photo of Sai without his permission. When he went back to process the film, all he saw was a white space in the place of Sai.

Saints are very particular in photographing etc.

I received this mail from my Sai friend Shweta

Original Photo of Saibaba taken in 1916

Shirdi Saibaba Original Photo
Shirdi Saibaba Original Photo

I agree there might be 2-3 other original photos of Saibaba. Let us not spread what we can’t really confirm. Secondly, do not be tempted when people show photoshopped Saibaba photos as if Saibaba is in Dwarakamai and Samadhi. People must simply realize Saibaba lives every where. Why should he show his presence and why should it be considered as a miracle if at all he shows his presence someday?

Its his own nature. We all trust Saibaba and know that he does leela. Miracles comes casually to him but he himself ignores his powers.

Sai does miracles for 2 reasons –

  1. To Save his devotees and
  2. To make his devotees realize his presence in their life.

We simply have to enjoy that. You can spread Sai leela but do not hype it. We must keep Saibaba as a treasure. Please don’t let go of the treasure to wrong people.

Om Sai Ram

My parents are asking me why am not starting yet?

Please send Saibaba photos taken in your home/temple .Also your good experiences.




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