Saw hundreds of newly printed Saibaba photos in dream

Sairam friends,

I took my Mom to Doctor’s place yesterday in Saibaba colony. It was closed and hence took parents to a beautiful North Indian temple in Coimbatore. Its called Shakti Dhaam. Ma Shakti is in the form of Trishool in this temple. I love the Radhe Krishna in that temple. Such a beautiful Radhe Krishna that your heart melts having their darshan.

Then, we went to another Doctor near our home. My Mom’s still not in good health but I believe Sai will take care of her.

Do I de-motivate people?

The other day, one of my friend said he’s going to a place who are cheating people in the name of spirituality. I told him not to go there but he refused to listen to me and went. I told him that I will give me chocolate if he writes the truth he learnt there that they are really cheaters on Facebook. he he…

Couple of days back, he wanted to go to Gym and I simply said “Don’t waste your time going to gym”. I casually said this as I was bored and felt we both can go somewhere. I honestly did not ask him to come to Saibaba temple. He said that I am negative and always de-motivating and hence let him go. His plans became a flop as his gym friend did not turn up and he came back to where he dropped me. Sometimes, I feel bad that I don’t take my car to office regularly. If I do, there’s little fun. There’s lots of excitement in bugging people to drop me on their way home.

He was asking for a book to read. So I gave him a wonderful book on Entrepreneurship which I treasure most. There are some books which I had read sitting in Saibaba temple’s Dwarakamai. Many used to complain that its wrong that I am too religious. When was I? I am not doing any pooja in temple. Not even chanting. I do that for few minutes and get back to what I wanna do in life. I stand in parking space in darkness looking at Sai from distance and think a lot. Sometimes, I read books and other times chat with my friends.

Anyway, This guy got fever and I felt bad that he rode to him home all alone.

Last night, I was praying to Saibaba to heal this girl soon. I felt that I can’t even give Udi and little photo of Sai to this girl in all these month as I don’t feel comfortable to see her or say a word to her. I must have been little careful and kept things to myself before few month. Got too much hooked to Sai dreams. I was also thinking that the little photos of Saibaba I printed for StarSai has reduced in count.

I was blessed with the following dream this morning

It was as if I see many colorful brochures and little cards printed. Amoung them, I also see hundreds of little Shirdi Saibaba photo I had printed for The Baba in that was dressed in deep Red color. My Father also helping me arrange these photos. Since the photos were scrambled, my Father says “Don’t waste Baba photos like this”.

I tell him “One of my friend had wasted lots of money too as he forgot to transfer a huge sum of old currency into new one”

(This really happened as one of my friend at work told me that they found some money recently at home while cleaning up things and can’t exchange it with new currency as demonotization exchange period got over by December 31st)

I woke up and realized a truth.

Sai felt bad that I compared Saibaba’s photo as something lower in value than the currency note. May be, Subconciously Sai made me realize once again the greatness of his photo.

“Saibaba’s photo is treasure. Every single Sai photo you have must be considered as Mahalakshmi”

I have given Saibaba photos to thousands of Sai devotees in the past 12 years. Gradually, I left that habit especially since these days Shirdi Saibaba photos are everywhere. So what difference does it make if I give? Seems, Saibaba wants me to continue this habit of gifting little Sai photos to his children.

In little printed photos were so beautiful. The dream was so vivid that I could clearly see Baba was wearing a red kafni but I could not remember this photo. Later, I realized its the photo I took with Red Roses which I took in 2007. I can’t believe its been 10 years since I did photography with Sai statue in my home.

Anyway, lets see when I find time to print Sai photos. Usually, I print Baba photos before I go to Shirdi. May be, Sai has plans to take me to Mumbai and then Shirdi soon!

Om Sai Ram


(I think this girl is fine only. I got scared that she was too sick and something would happen to her asusual. Today I felt, why should I care as I am nobody to her? She likes someone and busy with her life. She will eventually get married in near future. Just because Sai continues to give importance to her and show her in my dream, I atleast wanna pray for her.

I am little upset as one of this guy at work met with an accident but thankful to Sai that nothing serious happened. A week back,  Sai gave me a dream based on which I told this guy who got fever not to take his car as Sai hinted me. He was making fun of me saying I am assuming things based on dream. Honestly, I never share dreams unless they are my very close friends because even if they make fun of me, I don’t mind. Please drive carefully and don’t be racing around. Life is precious.)

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