I promised my Ma and Pa that my Saibaba has a plan for my life

Sairam friends,

(Edit – I wrote below article last night. I woke up at 1.20 at night and spoke to Saibaba looking at his portrait. I asked him who on Earth is this girl you keep showing in dream? Lets end this up soon because I have lots of other stuff soon. Baba, please help me be detached and focus on something meaninful.

My only way to divert mind is by working for other site – Featured Ishita who works for Edge Verve today. Little embarrassed as recent interviews are only from girls. Men are on the way. Hold on. And this again shows me how supportive are girls in everything I do.

Women really are known for kindness. I am just not gifted to find the one for me.

I was blessed with a very divine dream which hinted again about my work and what’s gonna happen in near future. I just have to be calm.

Right from October 2016, I have been mentioning that Sai has been guiding me peculiarly in dreams. This is a saint who rules 3 worlds. He’s the greatest saint of all and has no reason what so ever to hurt me or confuse me by showing me dreams which has nothing to do with reality. Only thing that I did not got because of this experience is a heart ache and death. It’s not easy to live trusting Sai dreams when I see something else in reality. Then, why should Sai keep on saying something. People ask me “May be its Maya..Are you sure its Baba who’s saying”.

Don’t I know my Saibaba? I live with him and he lives in me. I know to recogonize his dreams and he’s very powerful when ever he assures something.

I suffered enough and continue to suffer because its not easy to ignore Sai’s voice. This pain is humiliating me and I can’t bear it any more.

Most of my close friends and some welwishers who follow me in StarSai very kindly requested me not to follow Sai dreams. Let me clarify this to you.

Lets say your Mom or Dad tells you something. You may not want to follow every word they say but don’t you think suddenly it comes to your mind and you get tempted to follow their words. Even if your close friend told you something for your own welfare, it get registered in your mind.

Then, think about my situation.

Do you think its easy to ignore what Saibaba says and take decision on my own? Then, why should I even call myself as Sai Servant? I adore the way he works to make my life better even though its confusing me. I pleaded him to give me some clarity so that I can move on with my life but he is very stubborn and asked me to be calm. So I can’t go any where. I can’t even say about this to anyone. I am loosing my health worrying about this issue as I see reality.

This is not a ordinary Saint. Why should Shirdi Saibaba tell me about a girl and also give me a time period to hold on? I told him very kindly that I can’t wait. So lets end this story by making this girl marry the guy she likes soon. That doesn’t seem to happen but Sai continues to show me dreams which I can’t ignore.

Why you can’t ignore Sai’s words?

I have been benefited by Sai dreams for several years. I have lived based on his guidance. Further, his voice is so powerful that the moment you ignore it, you will face a difficulty. In this issue, I tried to be very best to get out of everything but the more I take effort, the more I fail.

For the first time in his life, my Father shared a dream he got

My Mom is not feeling well these days. While, she’s taking medication, I am worried why got so weak. I usually have the habit of telling about dreams I get to my parents and sister. Gradually, I stopped sharing as they started advicing me not to live based on dreams. But occasionally, I tell my dreams to my parents. My Father doesn’t like me always speaking about Sai dreams.

Today, for the first time, my Father said he had a dream. Seems, it was as if something happened to my Mom and he’s calling her and she woke up by Sai grace. There was a lamp too near her.

My Father told me that they are getting weak.

I promised my Ma and Pa that my Saibaba has a plan for my life and they will surely be blessed with good health. I told them not to hurry because surprisingly, this morning, Sai blessed me with a dream too. He told me the exact date to wait. Though I am sad, I am surprised why Sai does all this to me? How should I react? What’s going to happen.

I am too old for all this Baba. I am too tired now.

All I know is I must respect your words. Even if people laugh at me, I will obey your words and be calm.

I wanna say something which I noticed.

I made a video inspired by an Ad film during my Birthday on November 4th 2016 –

Get rid of depression. Start Something Fresh!

On Feb 10th. I wrote article inspired by an American Ad film

The probability of how some relationships happen?

It was funny to realize the Indian ad is slighly inspired by this American ad film.He he….Nalla Copy. Not frame to frame but the concept is inspired. I was wondering how Sai made me come across both these ads.

Sai devotees think that one has to be too religious to be blessed. Honestly not. I want you to focus on everything good and that relaxes you.

Saibaba blessed me with a dream couple of weeks back to launch another website for Creative Professionals. I finally, made it happen. When I lauched it, I know that I might have to work on some glamorous stuff. Today, I had an interview to feature a Graphic designer and Photographer in Central American country. He sent me many glamorous photos of Models from his portfolio.

Boss. Ipidi photola namma sitela poda mudiyaadhu!

I told him, the site is just launched and the I must take it to general audience atleast for time being and selected the photos by myself.

I like my pictures to make people think. I want my work to tell stories – Josh Martz from El Salvador

I am trying my best doing some work to divert my mind but tonight the pain is excrutiating and piercing deep in my heart.

It’s not easy to live by Sai’s words. Trust me. The whole world will laught at you. Sai just feels happy when you still hold on to his words.

I am strong enough to with stand. Let me be insulted, humiliated and hurt. I love Sai and I have to live by his words.

Anyway friends.

I promised my Ma and Pa that Saibaba has a plan for my life and he will certainly make it happen.

Baba bless you with peace


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