Get rid of depression. Start Something Fresh!

Sairam friends,

November 4th…Once again! I don’t celebrate birthdays but I have to cross this date every year. Wish I have a divine power to skip the date from years or disappear from everyone. I don’t like it when anyone uses the term “Happy” to me. I don’t deserve to be happy based on all the experiences I had in the past. Atleast, that’s how my life has been so long.

It’s my Birthday and so much happened in the past 3-4 years that I kept asking Sai “Why was I born?”. Either, I must have lived a normal life like any other guy or I must have done something really remarkable that touches lives of millions. I din’t do either. I call myself as little servant of Saibaba and leading a strange life. Am I really serving Sai? That too is questionable because at times, Sai tells me that I must giveup my pride.

Pride of what Sai?

I don’t have a degree from an American University.

I am not running a million dollar company.

I am not doing a super cool job.

I am leading a very ordinary life and even when I occasionally mention few incidents in StarSai about the experiences I had with my Sweet Guru, if its considered as pride, I don’t know where to go. May be, I must go into the soul of Sai and get trained to live the way he desires me to live.

Completely prideless.

Completely egoless.

Nada zilch.

“Nada Zilch” I assume is a word originated from Spanish meaning “Zero…Nothing at all”..Remember the days I used to read so many novels when I desired to be a filmmaker.  So that’s my life today. Irrespective of all that Saibaba blessed me with, I feel that I am “Zero” – Nada Zilch!

The last 3 years, I really escaped going to office on my Birthday but this year, though I don’t do much work, I felt it won’t be nice if I don’t show up as they are preparing for some event abroad. I planned to go to Tirupati and offer my hair but that too seems to be postponded. Some of them asked for sweets which I have to give. Does that mean that I celebrate Birthday? May be it does. May be, I have to show my teeth. I just don’t know why? After all this experience in an environment I tried to be very careful, why should I showup on my birthday.

Once again I am writing about something, I don’t wanted to write. Its because Sai blessed me with a dream again which I am trying to understand.

I wish to get out of this place if Sai wills. But life isn’t so easy to escape..

What we try to avoid the most comes to us as if we needed it dearly. So let me act as if I am celebrating it.  

Vayasana Kalathula Birthday vandha enna …pona enna Sai?

When you get old, you must have satisfaction that you achieved something good enough in so many years of “Living” but I have got old literally with nothing. Nada Zilch!

Before I take you into my own story, here’s what I have been enjoying and got inspired by the past few days. The new Double Mint Ad film is so romantic that even a 3 hour Bollywood movie doesn’t have a sweet storyline like this. And the girl looks so smart..And the song adds to the love..And the way the Ad filmmaker has shot the film. The past one week, this 3 minute ad film comes with me where ever I go.

Its requires parantal guidance (LOL) as it has some kissing scences but honestly, I believe its worth watching because now a days, I started giving up conservativeness in life. Nobody is a Buddha here. We know what we are and in StarSai to I wish to express reality…Life as it is!

And I remembered the days when I had worked in editing session of few ad films. You will realize the hardwork involved to create an art to appreciate it!

I don’t even mind if anyone is watching me at work…In my seat, During break, during lunch..When I am in the parking lot…I keep watching this beautiful ad film. I count the number of shots, the way its cut. What kind of editing. Haan? How can you tell a love story in 3 minutes.

The girl looks at guy for first time!
The girl looks at guy for first time!
They fall in love and go out!
They fall in love and go out!

I love the below expression of the lead girl so much!

They celebrate Holy! Happy times
They celebrate Holy! Happy times
The girl goes abroad for higher studies..Kind of breakup
The girl decides to go abroad for higher studies..Kind of breakup

The girl says Good Bye in Airport…

Tata..She's leaving him!
Tata..She’s leaving him!
They chat and miss each other
They chat and miss each other

Love plays!

She comes back as a surprise!

And they hug!
And they hug!

The guy decorates so beautifully and surprises the girl..Proposes her and there’s a flash back montage of how they met and fell in love!

And they lived happily ever after...
And they lived happily ever after…

Get rid of depression!

I watched this ad film over 100 times and kept telling few of my friends that I am going to make a Sai video based on this theme to help people get rid of depression. I have seen so many girls writing me when they are into relationship issue. I always tell them to divert their mind. Do a course, learn a new language or take interest in something useful so that they can come out of it. To me “Start Something Fresh” means keeping the mind pure and fresh.

I wonder why I always get into relationship issues for no reason. Mostly its because of my own desire and ignorance but Sai being kind to me, shows me some dreams and I question him for encouraging me to like someone. My Poor fakir has no other go to continue to show me dreams about how he’s trying to help me. Even yesterday, He did and I got little more clarity. I just don’t want to share dreams associated with that alone here after in StarSai.

I assume that Saibaba is putting me into such situations especially because he wanted me to heal Sai children in pain. Not only in relationship issues, Sai devotees are pained basically when any kind of their desire is not fulfilled. So this video on my birthday is dedicated for Sai devotees who are depressed. I want you to divert your mind.

I want you to be relaxed and find peace in doing something good and fresh.

Before you watch the video…

Here’s a surprise! A surprise I never expected until late tonight.

In my previous articles I wrote 2 dreams but did not expressed the dream I got inbetween as its too personal to me. It was so beautiful. I told this dream to one of my friend. She told me that it sounds like a very old tamil film. I reached home only at 10.30. I gxYoutube and understood the reason Saibaba gave me such a hint. Someone used the word “End Card” and hence I searched for the very last scene of this movie and could not believe my eyes. So you will listen to this master piece Music score of Raja sir.. I can’t stop laughing that I actually planned to use the Music of “Start Something Fresh” ad film but since Sai showed me such a dream ( Which I will never reveal to anyone), I wish to use BGM from this movie in the video..I hope you would like it too. I am little upset about Sai but I love him. I just asked him

“Evlo smart Saibaba nee – How smart are you Sai?

You made me get into some issues showing dreams, get hurt and now you peacefully relax and hinting me even the back ground music I am supposed to use for the Sai video I make”

All my life has been simply about “Trusting Sai’s words” like a stupid. None will understand me. Not even my parents, sister or close friends. Sometimes, I get into some relationship issues just because of such dreams. So this video also expresses the belief I have on Saibaba. Its Ok if the whole world laughs at me.

I will trust Sai’s words until my last breath.

I wish to dedicate this video for people who are worried about relationship issues but basically its for any one who are worried about their desires not getting fulfilled…

Here’s one small pinch of sample of mails I receieve. I have been reading very personal life of men and women across India and abroad for over 10 years…


I think you may remember me. My heart is so heavy that I can’t share with others so am mailing you.. That I guy finally ended with me. I don’t know how to changed myself. But it’s true am living without him. I miss him, I cry for him but I finally realized God is doing his best save my identity. Am feeling blessed. Still my heart sink when I think of my first and true love. But it’s like last night dream.. Every morning I feel same. I can’t believe how n when my first language turned to Hindi when my mother tongue is Kannada. I feel scared of getting all things back..

Now am in contact with all my friends. My family.. as I lost one by one.. same am getting one by one. That’s y am scared.. is again he going to appear or what..?? My soul knew I never wished to cheat that person. He is my first dream , choice and all.. my life is changed unbelievably.. now am fake .. am not getting what to do next.  

After 1 year.. I am in same sight of world.. every thing is changed including my appearance. But my feelings not yet.

I am really getting hurt by the past memories.

I tried to keep me busy. But still.. can u plz make me o favor..? – I am not telling the girls name. I keep mails confidential as people trust me and write.

Shouldn’t I be inspired to make a video for these people who are too depressed?

So Sai inspired me to tell them to keep their mind Fresh as bunch of Red Roses.

Hey one more information. All these days, I recorded sound with the microphone I stole from office. When I was trying to pack it, I could not find where I kept it. I searched for over 10 minutes. Its like Sai telling me “This is the punishment for stealing others property.” Anyway I got it. Tommorow, I will finally keep it back..he he.. This is the first video I made with the Microphone I bought online. Hope it sounds good!

Get rid of depression! Start Something Fresh 

Om Sai Ram

This is Venkat from


The hardest thing in life is to forget the past.

Forgetting the past.

You know what?

People get into depression, pains, problems, difficulties and
all other synonyms for “Being Sad” in English Dictionary.

They don’t do it intentionally.
It just happens.

Most relationships in my life had an end card which I never expected.
And most of you would have faced what I had been facing all these years.

But you gotta forget
and move on in life.

Venkat wants you to be happy….and hence he made this video on November 4th 2016.
You might listen to this even after 1000 years. The moral of the story is same.

I want you to worship Sai to bless you to “Start something Fresh..’


If you want me to ask for a divine, miraculous, unrealistic prayer to be
desperately answered on my Birthday.

It’s this..

I wish you give me the ability to make people forget their painful past
and start living fresh!

I wish, You give me the power to simply throw colorful holy powder on their face.

“Forget it Get rid of it. Start living in the “Now” and Live happily”

Come to Sai’s colorful kingdom..Live your life Cheerfully”

and believe Sai wants you to think different.”

Its all about your how your mind works…

Be Positive even when you fail…

What am I doing in StarSai telling my stories? I am trying to make sure you don’t
do the mistakes I did because my life is all about mistakes, obstacles and difficulties

Should you be like me and waste half of your life worrying about past?
keep asking Saibaba why I did not got what I aspired to get.

When it comes to my life..Sai has a problem..
His biggest problem is “ME”
May be, I kept worrying about what I desire… than giving up my desire

Sai wants me to accept what he wants to bring in my life.

The same applies for you too…

Are you still worried about your desire not getting fulfilled.
Yes. I know but give yourself

some “Change”

Some “Diverstion”

Something “Fresh”

This doesn’t mean you must quit your love or husband or wife when they can’t understand you and ignore your feelings.

This doesn’t mean you must change your Job when things aren’t great in your career.

This doesn’t mean you start a new business when your current startup has failed pathetically

What I mean by coming up with someting fresh is making your mind fresh

I am your washerman
My Sai wants me to inspire you so much by my stupid pep talk that
you clear out all your worries and pains in life.

There’s so much dirt sticking to your heart in the form of worries
and unfulfilled desires.

I washed your dirt out with my magical Guru called “Superior Sai”

My Shirdi Saibaba will run through your heart right this moment.

Sai is going to pierce through your mind and wash away your worries

Wash it out
Why should you worry?

Sai hain na?

Live life king size!

Sai is with you

Love him..Truly…madly and deeply.

Start something fresh

Join me in a mission to change life.
Change your life….

One day a time.

One minute at a time.

Every minute, every fraction of a second.

Think positive. Do something useful to yourself or others

and remember Saibaba with love, when ever you can.

Sai will change your life for good

Now and forever!

Start something fresh!

Start now…

Dirvert your mind.

Go places

Think about the good people near you.
I am pretty sure, God has blessed you with wonderful souls around whom you did not notice.

Think about the good happenings around you.
Do not keep your mind rigid

Open up

Open up your heart and realize that Sai lives there.

Start something fresh..

Fresh as beautiful Red Roses!

This is venkat


That’s it friends.

Its already going to be 3.AM at night. So its my birthday. I made a video after many days and feel satisfied. Since I don’t have enough time, I can’t do something colorful in the video and simply used the holy fire of Sai. I told one of my friend that I can forget anything which happened before but not this story which happened at work place. Its humiliating Saibaba. You know me and You know how much I trust you and your words. Is it right on your part to do this to me. Atleast on my birthday, answer me what really is the reason behind all this.

Anyway, There’s only one benefit. Now, I made a video that I believe can heal hundreds of Sai children who face similar situation as mine.

Seems my life will pass away trying to do good to others.

Please Baba.


Show me a way. I am not depressed but I can’t believe someone who trusts your words can suffer like this. Please get me out of this.

Show the world what you are and the way you work. Someday, I know you will come down to rescue me from this pain.

So that I can Start Something Fresh!

There’s so much to do in my life. You know how much I wanted to make my parents happy? I have lots of plans for what you asked me to work on. My life is gone. Just few more years to actually make a difference Sai. We gotta lot to do – Together!

Love you Sai,




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