Sai, bless me with skills to go beyond the internet

Sairam friends,

I felt bad of myself for writing that I don’t celebrate birthday in my previous article – Get rid of depression. Start Something Fresh!

There are good people around and they really wish that everything good happens in my life. May be, I am just concerned that I did not do anything worthy in my life which is my own problem. Let’s see what happens…

The past few days, I realized one of the biggest mistake I have done all these years. What ever I had planned to do, it was based on internet as a platform. You can do a lot online. You can reach people easily but there’s nothing like doing something more “Physical and realistic”.

Many times, I used to admire people who have good speaking skills and event management skills. Its not too late but I must learn how to take my ideas ahead by speaking about it. You need to reach out to people in a real space. You must take your message across to many and not simply by doing stuff on the internet. That alone can make you understand what people really need and make changes to your ideas realistically.

I am someone who’s addicted to the internet and keep sitting infront of my computer. I must start moving out to the real world and do real thing. When I made LearnVenkat, I realized its not enough if I write some articles once in a while, I must have a “Space” to work on my plans. I must do a project to bring in real change in people. That alone can serve the purpose.

May be, I did not got opportunity to think beyond the internet. I must create opportunity for myself. That’s life.

I talk so much to my friends, I make fun of them but will I be able to speak on stage? I fear so much for public meetings. Even if small thing goes wrong, I get nervous. Its something to do with what you have been since childhood. I have always feared a lot for little things.

The videos I starting doing in Coffee with Venkat is especially for understand how much I can do beyond the internet. You all think that I speak in a flow. I do so many mistakes during recording. Speaking is easy but later I do lots of sound editing to cut off my the mistakes I did during recording.

I am still not satisfied with what I am.

I don’t read many books.

I simply waste my time.

Sai, We gotta do something real.


Both in my personal life and what ever I plan in other areas, “Make it Real”

I am bored with internet.

I have been into this half of my life. Now, I need to think how I can do beyond the internet to touch lives of people.

Sai blessings,


(Edit – I had a dream this afternoon and wrote an article about it but later I felt I must hide all the dreams associated with an issue I am going through as much as I can. So not publishing the article.)


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