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Chant Sai..Sai..Sai…because Shirdi Saibaba wants to wash away your sins

Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

What’s the easiest thing to do on Planet Earth when you are going through some difficulty or when your your desires are not fulfilled?

You worry. That’s easy!

What’s the toughest thing to do?

Its remembering your Guru.

What’s the best way to remember your Guru?

Chanting his holy name in mind – Sai…Sai…Sai.

You can try to chant but will you be able to chant no matter where you are, what you do and what work you are into? Being religious is not being lazy. You gotta do your work but in some corner of your subconcious mind, practice to chant SAI SAI SAI!

How to create Sai Space in your heart?

I have done this practice for over 10 years and can’t say I am too successful in that but I am satisfied with my effort. Even when I make fun and laught, I can suddenly get into my “Sai Space” – A space which I created in my heart that belongs to Sai. You too can create this little “Sai Space” in your heart.

I have built a whole Shirdi in this part of my heart. With my imagination, I have built

Kandoba temple

Saibaba’s Dwarakamai

Sai’s Chawdi

The Hanuman Mandir

Mahalakshmi temple


The Shirdi in my heart dates back to 1905 when Baba lived with flesh and blood.

I don’t have Samadhi Mandir in my heart as Sai is living with his beautiful form in his divine Dwarakamai

Couple of days back, one of my friend was complaining me that its wrong that I go every night to Saibaba temple. I told him that doesn’t make me religious. I have friends in temple like we have friends in Office environment. I also have friends through StarSai. Now, I have friends through other Site I made.

I go to temple to see my friends and one of my best friend is Sai himself.

Even if I don’t go, he will still be my friend but don’t you think Sai will be happy that I went to see him?

Anyway, I am taking my Mom to Doctor today. One of my friend seems to have got fever as he called up this morning.

I am upset because of an issue at work. I got a dream about a girl this morning and totally can’t understand what Saibaba himself has in mind?

The best part is, just yesterday, I was telling Saibaba “Seems you have stopped giving me dream on this issue?” and today, he seems to say, “I am for it”.

I lost my desire and I lost myself because of incidents happening in the past 5 month.

I wanna prove the world who my Sai is? 

All I can do is Chant Sai..Sai..Sai…

May there be happiness in your life.


The featured photo is sent by my Sai friend..I think Sangeeta! Or may be someone else..This is why I limited having more friends. I completely forget who said what and who has what problem as I get so many mails. We must show people that they are important in our life.

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