Walking to Shirdi Sai baba temple I love in Coimbatore

Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

Last Thursday morning, I had a dream as below.

It was like I am in Chennai and telling my aunt that I shall be in the beach until 7 and come back to catch the bus to Coimbatore at 7.15 at night. I look at the waves in the sea and suddenly realize its too late. So I start to walk towards a dark place where I see a Bus. I am about to happily board the bus but a Man picks my ticket and says “This is Bus to Tirupati. The Bus to Coimbatore has already left”. I get really shocked. I walk blabering myself saying “My Aunt and parents will be worried as am not accompanying them”.

Suddenly I see myself walking with my uncle who recently had a surgey in his leg after an accident. We both are having a circular band in our hands like bangle. They used to wear such band for 300Rs ticket in Tirupati few years back. I see this girl in Police Uniform as if she’s a IPS officer standing in road. She has some tool to cut. She takes it and cuts the band in my uncles palm.

I ask her to be careful mentioning he has just gone through a surgery. She gets irritated with me, asks me to show my palm and cuts the band in my hand too. She shouts at me for asking to be careful.

She says ‘I completed …….(some degree which I don’t wanna mention) and came to this job. So I know how to handle people”.

(I keep remembering this dialogue and can’t control laughing)

I walk ahead but I too show my anger on her saying ‘OK..Fine..Do what you wish..I have lots of other work to do” and I move on.

I woke up and wondered what would be the meaning of such a dream? Usually, when ever Baba wanna show that he has healed someone’s health, he shows them in my dream. My uncle was asking me to pray for him. So I felt its a blessing and that his leg pain will be healed soon. Honestly, he did had a serious issue as the report he sent me 10 days back was so bad that I lied him saying its all normal.

There’s another proof that Sai did heal my uncle. As soon as I got this dream, I opened Sai’s book I am reading now a days. It came to a page which mentions a devotee gets Udi prasad and from then on his leg pain gets healed.

That’s fine but why did I see this girl in Police uniform? I was so scared and told my friend that ‘Seems something really bad is gonna happen. This girl is gonna bring police as I annoyed her.” They were making fun of me saying surely police will catch me over the weekend and I must not call them for any help. But later I convinced myself saying “May be, Sai just shows how much she’s irritated”

I also felt bad for expressing hatred on her as she did nothing. It was all my own mistake.

After this dream, I wanted to do something which makes someone happy and tried my best. Atleast, I wanted to end everything with a good gesture.  This is all I can do to react to Sai’s dreams. The day before I was listening to this song.

Mazhai Vara Pogudhae

It took me on a flash back to my Filmmaking days. When I was in the Editing studio, one of my friend called Sai Prasad joined as a Assistant to a Director for a film in which Trisha was introduced “Mounam Pesiyadhe”. His name has “Sai” but he worships some other Guru. He used to tell me that his Grandmother likes Sai.

His task was to write the Tamil dialogues in Hindi for Trisha din’t know Tamil (Really?!#%@). Indha Sai Prasadhuku Naan assistantu. LOL.. I really wish to know what this guy is doing now? He was such a wonderful friend of mine.

I deliberately avoided all my friends from Filmmaking days in Chennai to Filmschool days in Mumbai just because the memory hurts me.  Anyway, I stopped watching movies in recent years that I felt surprised to know the above song was filmed my an Australian Cinematographer.

On December 5th 2016, My Mom kept calling me home from office as she felt its not safe for me to roam outside due to the demise of the C.M. I came home and told her “I wanna go Saibaba temple as I am bored at home”. She shouted at me saying “Go if you want”. It was really pathetic as I don’t know to spend evenings at home. I was really irritated. For the first time in more than a year, I slept as early as 10.30 at night. I could not sleep. So woke up. Spoke to Baba in my room. Then, laid down again. I don’t know how I finally slept.

Even at work, I was complaining that I wish to travel to some other state as I wanna go to Saibaba temple in the evening.

Anyway, Today, Somehow, I passed on the day time at home. At around 5 in the evening, I told my Mom that I am starting to Saibaba temple. I don’t wanna take my Car out. I wanted to a beautiful experience this evening. Even my Mom was saying that no Bus is running. I told her “I shall walk and go!”.

And I really walked!

I walked ..


and enjoyed every step I took.

Seems the whole state of Tamilnadu was busy watching the last rites of CM as the roads had very few vehicles. I was walking thinking something, speaking to Baba in my mind and also playing few songs in my Mobile.


Almost deserted road which usually would be busy

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