Saw Sacred Snake Nagasai in my dream

sairam friends,

Words can’t describe my love for Nagasai temple..Especially the holy dhuni there. I always used to come around it in 2005-2007. Later when crowd increased i used to simply take care of it with my sai friends like cleaning, sweeping and digging it no matter how hot it is, dropping the wooden logs and then every few weeks filter udi with my sai friends..

After years of love for Nagasai – the saibaba temple where sai appeared as holy snake on jan 7th 1943 i got this beautiful dream which proved Nagasai is taking care of our house and family. Yesterday i was too worried about what will happen to my life. Then i slept..

I had a vivid wonderful dream like this early morning at 5.30 friends

its like this

Nagasai darshan
The real photo of snake which appeared on Jan 7th 1943 – Shirdi Sai baba appeared as holy snake. Its actually b/w photo. Das Ganu, M.G.rege has visited this temple

First dream before 10-15 days

I saw my brother in law Kameswaran going out of our house and sleeping in a lawn..i say him in India we can’t sleep in lawn please come home and I bring him inside our house.

I wanted to pray for my sisters good life n long life of sister n brother in law and their good health …that’s why offered my hair in lord Murugans Marudhamalai temple last week. I also prayed for all husbands in sai children as i got a hint that time is not good for them.

todays first dream…

This time i saw my sister Indra going outside and she wants to sleep in the varanda out side house. I say her i am scared to be here, please come inside house and request her. She agrees to come inside house and i also feel satisfied.

the above dream could have come late night may be 2-3 AM

then i got second dream as below…

I see infront of our house inside the compound wall , a slab …as if its made for water to flow. Suddenly i see a Long snake inside the slab and  close it. I can see through the grill that snake is still inside the slab.

I see 2 of my old friends prem and another guy dinesh raja. Dinesh was my roommate in chennai. I say them that a snake is inside the slab .

Then they leave our house. Mean while one more guy seems to be my sai friend comes home. I tell him, we must check if the snake is still inside slab…i take a huge iron rod to lift the cover of slab…No sooner i did that Surprise awaits me..

i see no slab and no opening of water too….i was totally surprised and this is the moment i realized its Sai leela..i shout to this Sai friend…she suddenly everything has changed to tiles overlay and we can’t see the slab and water opening at all.

He was also surprised to see how what existed 2 minutes ago suddenly disappeared…

I call my parents outside…they run to varanda and now again a surprise

now the slab once again appears and i can see the snake through the grill. I realized its something sacred. So i open the slab…as soon as i open , the snake does something strange.

The holy snake travels through a hole inside the ground..i can feel the sound of its travel friends..its going into the hole circling the surface below hall in our house ..i know it because the sound travels where ever snake moves inside surface….

My Appa and i stand outside house in left side of house corner…there is a hole…The snake emerges outside .To my surprise my father catches the holy snake in its head..First i thought my father is having a grip on it so that it wont bite..though holy i was still scared.

I saw my appa  “Nalla pudi pa…”

He doesnt bother me as he realized its Nagasai..he keeps near my neck like theres holy snake around Lord Shiva. This is the moment i feel devotion in me…i say with exitement. …Idhu Nagasai

This is nagasai



my father takes me outside house and we travel i street of our colony..i wanted to show my friend Kanna…in the corner i see a wedding hall…a women comes n keeps chandan on my fore head and goes inside the wedding hall.

Then i start to walk calling few of my friends in mobile telling them i saw nagasai today…

I reach a flower shop and see  agirl and a boy selling flowers very beautiful flowers…I say them that Nagasai came to our house today. Mean while i realize i left my father not knowing what he did with the holy nagasai in his hand.

I try to reach him but the mobile dint work and i woke up.

Friends, the dream was so soon as i woke up i can’t believe such vivid will ever come to me…i have seen me in nagasai ..i have seen it as school as university but never imagined to see Nagasai in form of the holy snake itself…

i opened saibaba’s book ..then since its thursday my father wakes up and goes to near by shiva i also woke up was 5.30 AM…i joined my palm and thanked Sai and all gods to bless me with good life and make my parents happy.

Then i offered flowers to Lord ganesha, sainath, mahalakshmi , Dattatreya and goddess Saraswathi.

Now i am hungry will have coffee friends, as soon as i woke up , i started to draw the exact way i saw this dream…and i wrote this immediately

Few things to note from the dream :

1. Firstly, Sai could have come in real as snake to our house but that will just be a mere show off that Nagasai came to our house. Further naturally we all have fear for snakes and may be sai din’t want to scare us.

2. Even in dream see how softly sai handles it. The nagasai snake din’t directly go inside our house. Its traveling under the surface of ground… The slab i saw in dream really don’t exist in our house but exactly in the same place there is a hole. Now i sprinkled udi water in that place.

3. The dream i got about my brother in law before 15 days where i ask him to come inside house and also asking my sister to come inside house, makes sure sai don’t want to scare them . Even in dream sai made sure when snake comes let every one be safe inside house..Let the holy snake exist as a “Divine secret ” …Nagasai won’t disturb anyone and he silently came in my dream and left happily

4. On August 14th on holy NaG Panchami day, me and my friend Ramanujam filtered 2 sacks of udi and i was chanting Nagasai nagasai…mahalakshmi…all the time…

Few days back i got dream as if the Mahalakshmi in our house has left from back door. Then today when i saw Nagasai inside our house i am more than happy friends…To me Nagasai has all the glory of Mahalakshmi …I used to say “Sai maharaaaj..Datta maharaj…Nagaasaayee…Mahalakshmi…when its too hot and i dig n clean dhuni “.

Yesturday i was sitting infront of Dhuni baba with Ramanujam and Vijaykumar and also the priest during night aarti. I asked them in funny way

“What will you do if Sai baba suddenly appeared as real now…All were laughing but i repeated ” Saibaba inga vandha enna pannuveenga” …since no other devotees were there i was loudly asking my friends and the they said “we will hold his leg and say saibaba listen to me..listen to me and show us  a way ”

I think sai has realized how serious i was in asking what if Nagasai comes here and to satisfy my desire Sai has come to our house itself..Just that i din’t expected him in the form of sacred Snake Nagasai .How beautiful are sai leela friends…

I can assure all of you who read this , who ever is devoted to Sai is sure to be benefitted . If you keep heart and soul on sainath and ever remember him chanting




Sai lives in your house and life in his own divine play.

Om sri sainathaya namaha

This is one of the happiest day in my life friends as i always go Nagasai temple in coimbatore,i love this place so much…i also remain near holy dhuni , me and few sai friends take care of it..i clean dhuni everyday and we friends filter udi every month… The greatness of NAGASAI can’t be expressed in words.

Nagasai blessings to all sai children in Starsai family


26 :8:2010

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  1. We all like to see God in human form but fail to recognise and accept Him.Baba’s Blessings.Shri Sainathayanamaha.

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