Sai Leela – Lost money during Shirdi Trip but Sai blessed for safe journey

Sairam friends,

My sai friend Shyamal wanted to share this sai leela with you.Even in Shirdi, when you are in que and other places please be careful with your purse, cameras and bags etc. The sansthan is taking much care and gives announcements but innocent devotees are cheated in many ways. Anyway, Now lets go to the sai leela. Even in such circumstances only few families are able to keep faith on Shirdi Sai baba and remain hopeful that sai will surely protect them

Om Sai Namoh Namah!

My name is Shyamal Barooah and basically from Assam.Presnetly, we are living in Kuwait along with my wife Anulupa and two lovely daughters Rinanchita( Ruhi) & Pritishnata(Pahi).I would like to describe few experiences and blessings this time but how and when I became devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba that I’ll explain in my later articles.

Plan to Visit Shirdi  :

We went to India on 23rd March2010 as my daughter Ruhi’s exam was over and wanted to visit Shirdi on the way.We had been planning to visit Shirdi and get blessings from Sai Baba for long time and keep discussing with my wife very often at least 5-6 month before .

Shirdi Sai Baba’s TV Serials :

At that time we kept discussing about Sai Baba’s TV serials which used to come on Star Plus channel by Ramanand Sagar. We couldn’t able to see those serials as we have shifted from one place to another within Kuwait as I have changed my job. We’ve started to read Sai Satcharita regularly from May 2010 onwards which was sent by my brother Sanjib who is also a Sai devotee in Assam. As we started reading Sai Satcharita we become more enthusiastic and faith become more stronger and stronger. We started missing those TV serials more as we came to know about the miracles & leelas of Sai Baba and his teachings through this book.

A Gift of Sai Leelas :

At that time one of my staff Anil Soman came back from India( Mumbai) who went on vacation. That evening he came to our home and told us ”Sir, I have come back from home and I have a small gift for you, I don’t know whether you’ll like it or not”. I asked him what it was? Then he took out from a polythene bag – a beautiful box of Shirdi Sai Baba’s complete VCD set Vol = 1 by Ramanand Sagar.

We were so surprised and overjoyed to see the miracle of Baba and blessings that we don’t have any words to explain it. Moreover, that time were planning to visit Shirdi and Baba has welcomed us in advance by coming to our home in the form of VCD.We really thanked to Anil and may God Sai bless him and his family.

Shirdi Sai Baba samadhi mandhir darshan on a holy Rama Navai festival day :

As per our plan,we booked the air ticket on 23rd March through internet E-ticket in Kuwait Airways in the month of Feb 2010.We reached Mumbai airport on 24th March 2010 early morning around 5am and the taxi driver(E-cab) was waiting to take us to Shirdi. On the way I called up my brother that we reached Mumbai safely and on the way to Shirdi by E cab Indica car.Then he told me that” you are very lucky that today is very auspicious day and Ram Navami festival is celebrating in Shridi”.I was astonished and so overwhelmed to hear this that our joy knew no bound.

Lost the purse and money while standing in que towards Samadhi mandhir in shirdi :

We reached Shirdi at noon time and checked into a hotel in Pimplewadi road and that day Darshan was very good in the evening.Nextday,25th thursday, we went to temple again for noon arati and darshan.While standing on the queue a thought arise in my mind”Baba,if I would have met you in a different form or any miracle happens to us…..”exactly at that time my wife turned back to me and told me that beware of pick pocketers….see there is a sign board also! Then I checked my money bag  kept in my kurta’s pocket was missing! I was very depressed and all my Kuwait bank card, Kuwaiti driving license, PAN card etcs got lost.

I lounged a complain to the security department and searched everywhere.But,couldn’t able to get till we departed from Shirdi in the evening. With heavy heart we came back from Shirdi to Mumbai as next day morning we’ll have to catch the Plane to Guwahati.Ultimately we thought that this had happened for good only.There was not that much money it would be around 600 -700 Rupees only.But,my important cards and documents went off which can be claimed for duplicate one.With Baba’s grace I’ll get all these back I know and I have a deep faith on that.

Sai Baba helps to travel in flight by paying in cash :

At Mumbai airport, Indigo airlines didn’t allow us to board as international credit card is required for the same through which I booked my domestic flights also.Ultimately,we had to pay by cash for the same PNR (Ticket) and Indigo Airlines authority assured us that this money will be return back to my credit card as soon as I lounged a complain through mail.Somehow, we reached Guwahati.My brother told me that there is a Shirdi Sai Baba’s Mandir under construction in six mile VIP road,Guwahati.My mind was disturbed and was not well due to eye infection and dizziness.

Sai gives peace of Mind after all calamity :

After few days in Guwahati, I just mailed to Indigo airlines about return back my money.It was Thursday evening, I went to Sai Baba’s temple along with my brother for prayers and Arati.As soon as Arati was over, my wife called me that she received a call from Indigo Mumbai that they have returned the money back to our credit card in Kuwait and there is a confirm mail to me.It was just Miracle for us!I can’t explain how I felt at that time! Om Sai nath! I never expect to get it return…..later when we came back to Kuwait and saw the exact amount was deposited on my credit card account.

During this trip to India I had lots of experiences and blessings from Sai Nath Maharaj which I’ll write in my next mail.Till then I would like to wind up now by remembering Sai Nath and with his blessings & consents!

I would like to say in my mother tongue “ Sri Sri Saiguru, Tumak mur xaxasra pronam….Om Sai Nath, Om Sai Nath”

Shyamal Barooah

Anulupa Barooah

Rinanchita Barooah

Pritishnata Barooah


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  1. sai baba Om sai sri sai jaya jaya sai Om sai sri sai jaya jaya sai Om sai sri sai jaya jaya sai Om sai sri sai jaya jaya sai Om sai sri sai jaya jaya sai Om sri sai nathai namah Om sri sai nathai namah Om sri sai nathainamah Om sri sai nathai namaha

    Baba please have mercy upon us. Please baba, save us. We have no life,no future without your mercy.Please sai baba.

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