The greatness of speaking good and living with kind heart – Dedicating Sahasranama

Sairam friends,
I have very few minutes to write now. The past few days I din’t wrote much article on starsai especially because I really din’t got a spark in me to write something. The week end wasn’t so productive but Hanuman called me. My Father wanted me to get a cable of my Sony Camcorder so that he can look at the Kumbabishekam festival of our Colony Ganesha temple which I filed on Feb 19th 2013.

I went to Avinashi Road some where near the Hanuman Temple and felt may be Hanuman called me with Love. I went inside the Astamsha Anjaneyar temple similar to the one we have created in our colony. I had seen this Hanuman temple once in dream as if its inside a Huge cave in Himalayas. I believe sacredness of a temple is in the way a Temple is maintained and how sacred the priests do pooja for the God.

I had Thulasi and searched for the Cable in Sony Service center. While sitting here I found this poster of Sony where it says “Give your old Sony products to Recycle”

Some kind of Green Initiative from Sony. I liked it because I have a old mobile which every one at work asks me to change. I keep saying it increases ewaste on Earth and am happy with it as of now though its not android and it doesn’t even have internet on it.

Anyway, I am also in favor of Technology and wish to create a Gadget review site but honestly wish people doesn’t switch to new gadgets too often.

Goddess Saraswathi bless you with Art of Good speech, silence and kindness

My Mother was really not well and had wound in her mouth and she also had burning sensation that she could not eat well. I told her you are so kind but when you get angry on someone, you speak harsh and also said this habit has come to me also. May be you got such wound because of previous birth’s sins. She took medicines and praying Sai to heal her with Udi.  Though Amma always advices me not to get into dreams too much, She keeps telling me about the dream that its all gonna get over by december 7th. I tell her its all not true and she will live healthy long life.

I was thinking what I can do to the world to spread the greatness of living with kind heart and learn to speak good, soft and humble no matter how much they are hurt.

In the evening I went to Sai Baba temple and sat in Dwarakamai in the place I love to sit as I love to keep looking at the sacred fire of Saibaba – Dhuni. My friends were cleaning the dhuni and they asked me to get into the Dhuni tank and wipe the hot ashes. It was too hot and I kept shouting Saai, Dattta, Jai Nagasai while doing the work. Then I came back and sat too tired. After few minutes it was too painful for me as I wondered how people change and told Baba such is the world.

People don’t understand true affection and there’s no value for being pure. People Change and I told saibaba, it would have not happened in your Dwarakamai where I served you for years.

Anyway, I came back home with a painful heart

The greatness of speaking good and living with kind heart – Dedicating Sahasranama

Its truly beneficial for us if we learn to speak kind always. I also speak harsh at times though am internally too soft and kind. Sometimes, we speak lie so as to escape from few issues and at times we speak too harsh.
The sin of speech is so worse that Saints remain in silence and never utter a word during some occasions.

When a person insults you or gives you difficulty, its good to show anger but make sure you don’t use any harsh or bad words. Be kind to maximum or simple move on. You are supposed to make your point right but do it clear and clean so that what you speak makes sense in a humble way.

Its easy to advice but hard to follow for myself too.

The sacred names of Gods, Goddess and Saints are so divine that when we listen to these sacred mantra at home regularly and also when we learn to recite them, it brings all auspiciousness to our life.

So I created this website dedicated for my Amma and Appa to be blessed with good health.

I hope it inspires devotees around the world to learn the greatness of Sahasranama – Thousand holy names of Gods, Goddess and Saints.

Sai blessings

Sai bless me to speak good and be kind to everyone. Please make sure I know to hold on when I get angry.
Sai inspire me to do more good work… is just little content…

Sai Ki Jai

Now click the link below…welcome to Sahasranama ! – Art of Thinking and Speaking Good



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  1. This website is very beautiful simple things which make our life happy are .expressed in a nice way aum sai ram

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