Doing What Shirdi Sai Baba asks you to do – Ram Siya Ram Bhajan so beautiful

Sairam friends,

These days I have been getting some guidance from Shirdi Sai Baba to do something I have been planning to do for years.  When ever I woke up and open Sai Satcharitra it comes to the page where Hamadpant speaks about three Kinds of devotees.

1. The Best kind of devotee who will know what Guru wishes him/her to do even before he/she has been instructed

2. The second Kind of devotee who will  do something once the Guru instructs him/her.

3. The third kind of devotee who will be dragging time in doubt and doesn’t follow Guru’s command even after he/she has been instructed.

I used to wonder why Sai gives me some dreams which I honestly can’t understand clearly but after the whole day passes away, I could get some idea about what Saibaba wants to tell me. These days I am planning to do some work online that really makes me feel secured as its my life time dream to do something on the Internet and have been trying it from year 2000. Irrespective of little knowledge I have, I honestly believe Saibaba wants me to work on it.

Sai always gives me dream about the girl I wish to marry but most of the time its too strange and hard to interpret. So I leave it to him and let him decide what he wants.

Doing What Shirdi Sai Baba asks you to do

Many Sai devotees used to write me that Saibaba never comes in their dream and some write me asking me if I can understand their dream. I am also like you and really only confuse myself with such dreams. So lets not focus on such hints. Some devotees choose to trust or marry a Girl/guy based on hints they believe are from saibaba.

Some devotees choose to join a course or have a career based on such hints. Some devotees drops chits to Saibaba.

I shall tell you something?

I suffered a lot trusting dreams for years. Sai tells me something specifically and I will be trusting this is going to happen like a fool but in the end it will be opposite.

I had worst suffering trusting the answer I got from chits etc.

So can I say Sai has misguided me?

No matter what happens You must accept it and continue to Love Saibaba. I too show my frustration to Saibaba that I believed him and look how my life is now. But I come  back to him because I know Sai cares for me.

We never know what sins we did for Sai to not help us. May be our karmic deeds are so bad that even Sai’s guidance has not worked for us. So hold on and believe Saibaba will someday bring light in your life.

Keep remembering Sai Sai Sai always in mind, no matter what you do and where you go.

I really don’t know what to write to day and was blinking for few minutes.Somehow I planned to write this article as Saibaba will surely guide all his devotees to take good decision but we have to understand his feelings when things doesn’t work for us.

I love the below Lord Rama Bhajan uploaded by a devotee on Youtube.

Ram Siya Ram Bhajan so beautiful – I love the word “SIYA” Ram…

Hope you like Ram Siya Ram Bhajan friends

Sai and Lord Rama blessings to all in your family


always in the holy feet of shirdi saibaba

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