I love Shirdi Saibaba because

Sairam friends,

We all love Shirdi Saibaba for some reason. Saibaba fulfills our desires, protects us from calamities and bless us and our dear ones with good health, peace and prosperity .

Below is the Photography i did keeping a chamki over Saibaba’s turban. The sun light glitters like Sai rays blessing us… We took this Beautiful Shirdi Saibaba statue inside Dwarakamai when the priest kept Chandan to Saibaba’s forhead and ears . As soon as i came out of dwarkamai, I bowded to Lord Surya and made sure Sai also gets some light , the Saint who brings Light in the life of Crores of his devotees

I love Shirdi Saibaba because ...
I love Shirdi Saibaba because ...

Lets Open up our Love and Devotion on Saibaba of Shirdi :

I love saibaba because Sai has always shown his care for me and our family when ever we whole pray with love on Sai Baba. One rule that i understood is that Saibaba will not act soon for our “N” number of desires but when it comes to basic needs of survival like Food, shelter and clothing, safty of house, Production from any dangers etc, Sai acts in the blink of  eye.

What ever i wrote in entire starsai network of websites is out come of my love on Saibaba. I kindly request you the reader to offer your love on Saibaba by writing few words.

Write about your love for Shirdi Saibaba

Some tips to write

1. How you first became a Sai devotee in this life time

Saibaba has said his devotees are connected to him for several births and it is sai himself who pulls good souls to him in the right time of every birth when we really need a Guru. Please share your experience about how you first started showing devotion on Saibaba.

2. You can choose to write about how Shirdi Saibaba helped in your family harmony, Protecting your parents, friends,children, Health issues, Career etc

3.I love Shirdi Saibaba because

You can simply write about how much you love Shirdi Saibaba. The greatness of saint and how Sai has helped you by taking care of you..

I welcome your experiences with shirdi saibaba either as Comment reply below this article or you can also mail me from email id in starsai.com home page mentioning that its sharing with all sai children . When i have time if we like it, surely will post it as a article to inspire many sai children .

How to write :

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Now you are most welcome to share your love for Shirdi Saibaba

1.Post your experiences and love for saibaba as comment reply below

2. Write to my email from first page of starsai.com

3. Only if you mention its for sharing with all visitors i will use it or i will just keep it personally.

397 thoughts on “I love Shirdi Saibaba because”

  1. In so many situations my lord guru sailbaba helps so many ways because i don’t really because n number of times helped in sai. so chant sai sai sai sai sai sai sai om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram

    All reasonable desires will be fulfilled.

    Sai helped given proper Health,family protection,financial Help every problem is solved By sai only.
    Sri sadhuguru sai nadh Maharaj Ki jai

  2. sarvam sai mayam jagath!

    as the above words say ur the world to me baba! u support me in evryform but i love u as my best friend more! i know i am facing troubles but yes you have always put tons of energy in me so that i can fight against the world. u have always taught me good things in life…m sorry i have hurt you many a times but my devotion n my faith is true. i love u loads, never knew that ul become so close to me. i trust u always n as u said ll lead my life in the pathway of shraddha n saburi……..love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu soooooooo much baba! ur my father mother friend n everything , infact ur my world! please bless me with what i have asked u and save me ! i dont care about the world who talks behind me because i have u with me!!! please fulfill my wishes baba.i depend on u completely!

    sai ram





  4. To Sai friends,
    . One of my colleague only told me about Sai ram and his love,care and presence he has for his devotees.Then I started to became his devotee.According to me our Sai ram is a miracle man.Once if we started observing his love and care he stays with us for each and every second like our soul in our body.Love you Sai ram love you always.

  5. Thank you sai for everything…love u always…bless me and my family always and be there with us always…Om sai ram

  6. I became Sai devotee after joining job in Pune in 2012. I gone to Shiridi twice and had good darshan. I strongly believe that Sai will give good job to stay with my family

  7. i love uuuu sai baba bas baba mai yahi kahungi ki aap mere sath her time rhte ho meri din ki suruat aap ko dekh ke hoti hai jai sai nath

  8. sai baba i trust u soo much.please give me chance to go shiridi. i hope u will bless my family all the times.$i hope that u will devote all the people who belives u.i will suceed in my life when u r with me.

  9. Thank you for everything Sai baba, pl help my daughter to come out of depression,n pl take care of her health. Her marriage is on 22 Feb ,let every thing go properly and make her happy for ever.pl Sai baba help her make her positive. I will be thankful to you . Jai Sai Ram.

  10. Saibaba blessings are extremely unpredictable..I personally experienced it.Those who believe and follow his words will definitely get what they want in their life..My life still running of because of baba’s grace. He always gives everything in the right time.All we need to do is just waiting for our turn to get the supreme power of Saibaba.. OmSairam…


  12. i love sai baba because he helps me step by step ,he does care for me and my family always ,what ever i think to baba gets me, he took my hand when i was literally crying in my life,

  13. I love u Salbaba… U r my grandpa.. Whenever and wherever I thought of seeing u, I am seeing u by any means Baba..U make me recover from worries when I feel depressed.U r The Real God Baba..The Supreme Power…Jey Sairam.

  14. Because, sai makes me wake up each time I fall upset. He leads me to my next step whenever i sit idle. I feel that Sai stays with me always.

  15. in saibaba helps in always any problems also easily solve in sai.in my personal experence i face problems but these problems to give the courage and everything is sai only.in my everything good means that is sai only.we all pepole chant the sai sai sai then all desires will be fullfilled.

  16. Thank you babaji for loving us so much….be in our heart and memory forever….thank u babaji for everything u have done for us…jai sai baba

  17. Om Sri sai Ram. You are the father and mother and blessed with all desires sai. Be always with me swami and keep my mind calm and peace tandri

  18. I love u soo much sai you will help many situations in my life please help in all situations in my life

  19. when i was travelleved in a train i met a lady,she told me to pray saibaba and tell about the pastings, i tried to follow on the first thursday,i was driving my scooty, i was thinking about sai baba a minute, what a miracle, immediately i saw saibaba photo on the backside of the auto sticker. I was shocked about his powera and i believed saibaba is living in the heart of his devotees

  20. saibaba u know everything.plz help me to come out successfully from such difficult situations n fulfill my wishes.i really need u.

    I WANT TO SAY ALL OF YOU That whenever you are in trouble please dont forgot to pray baba they will surely help u. just keep faith and paitent in sai that baba always said to their devoties.


  22. i love sai baba . just 3months am praying to sri sai baba before that am not evn gone to sai temple. ones am suffering from lot of pains and losses my friend just told that if v pray to sai it vill happen to miracle
    i just think sai baba for just a second at nit sai came to my dream .morning i was realy happy i think my pains gone some where suddenly evn i went to sai temple vit my friend .i prayed thats all after 7 days i feel better in my life till now every thursday am going to sai temple.because he thrown my pains now am releaf .so sai friends pray truly to sai baba
    om sri sai jai sri sai

  23. Saibaba… It is not a word…. It is power…. you will get much power when you spell it. No need of any rules and regulations to pray him. Just chant in mind…. Baba… Saibaba…. Sai ram….. that’s it. He will take every burden from you. I am the real example of such.

    Every one will say, Job will come out of our own efforts. I know and I agree. But, We need a mental and dewine support when you are in trouble. Baba saved me in that. I was refused in an final round of interview in 2007 for a small company. In that night, I am crying like anything. In sleep, I saw Baba. He scolded me saying “Idiot, why you are searching for small small things… whaen I have already reserved a supreme one for you (In my own language)”. Later after 3months, I got a good job in a BIG company.

    Love you baba. Entire my life is your Prasadam from the your Feet.

    Thanks for everything Baba… Love you !!!

  24. i love BABA because HE has demonstrated conclusively that there is NO SUBSTITUTE TO SIMPLICITY

  25. Sai Baba, our Sadguru, God Almighty is EVERYTHING to me.

    For over ten years I have prayed constantly and have experienced His leelas taking care of me, always. He is there for all those to look up to Him. He never will forsake anyone.
    Om Sai Ram.

  26. Dear Saibaba,
    How are you.
    Thank you for everything.
    We will be always thankful to you.
    Love u Baba.
    For every situation U r there. Y fear.
    U will come and save us.that is the faith I have ,and will have, since i have seen ur presence and saved us from calamities.
    Sarvam Sai arpanamastu
    Always our head will be at Your Feet Baba.

  27. I luv saibaba.I don’t HV words to express ur luv on me U r in my every breath of my life.u realized me this everyday.You r my saimaa you r my saibaba you r my sai friend.You never ever forget me & I always chanting saisairam till my last breath.

  28. Om sai Sri sai jai jai sai….

    Baba’s miracles are unpredictable… He always makes me cry(In joy) by his miracles… I strongly believe that he will bring light in my life.. I don’t have any siblings.. So I started to treat baba as my brother.. Am much lucky becoz baba came into ma life.. Equally am angry on u baba for not coming into ma life starting of my birth… I love you so much annaya.. I don’t wana even a sec without you.. I need 18th century to come again.. I wanna rest on ur laps Annaya.. Help all the blind, needy,orphans,old ppl and ppl who are in hospitals around the world..

    Om sai ram

  29. I love saibaba very much, he helps me in lot of critical situation.
    om sairam sri sairam jaya jaya sairam…..
    om rajathi raja yogi raja parabhrama sachidha nandhaya shiradi sainadha maharaja ku je…..
    om sri shiradi sai srinivasaya vidhmahe sarva thevaya thimahi thanno sarva prasodhayath…..
    om sai sri sai jaya jaya sairam…..
    bakthargal sothu ni sairam endral nangal guberargal…..

  30. yes baba blessing is always with us.love , faith on him will result us in peace.

    love u baba be with me till my last breath

  31. Shirdi SaiBaba… I love u soooo mch. U proved that u r always thr fr me and my family. Ur miracles are speechless.
    I believe in ur sayings that…
    I gve my devotees whatever they ask, until they ask for what I want to give.
    Saibaba… bless me and my family always… thank you….

  32. I LOVE U SAI……om sai ram…i’m a devotee of saibaba from 3 years … baba gives everything for me …..bt not according to my desire….according to his wish…what ever it may be given by baba gives eternal joy and harmoney to me, and i feel many times presence of saibaba in my life…..and now i put everything under his feet and asking baba give me the things which will gives an eternal joy for me according to ur wish.I feel that baba is residing in the walls of my heart..om sai ram…..

  33. om sai ram..
    your love is like an ocean.. my life is running with your love and affection.. you are encouraging me with your lovely words, most of the times i really don’t know how to ask my problem.. but every time you giving me the grace that giving me the rebirth..

    for me” I AM MEANS YOURS..” baba my life is belongs to you..

  34. Sai came to my love just couple of months ago. The love He shows on me melts my heart. The love he showed on me opened my Chakras; first my heart chakra opened , then throat chakra and Crown chakra. When he came into my life, whenever I read about him or Sai satchritra energy just flows in all chakras. Wonderful experiences. No one introduced or told me about SAI. Couple on months ago I didn’t know who he was. I live in abroad. My brother just forwarded couple of Sai photos. In one photo i felt the eyes were blinked so I kept looked at the photo sometime. Thats all I know. Some how the next day I happened to download Sai satcharitra. Again I never heard of that book. Just read an article about that on online tamil magazine.

    When I started read the book, I had lots of doubts however after few chapters my heart melted, energy flowed through my chakras all over body. Wonderful experience, can’t express at all. Still Ican’t believe that how I became his devotee. Now He is my Sadguru. He is with me all the time. I realised one thing, just we need to Surrender ourselves to him. He will take care of everything if we show true love through our prayers, actions, words etc. If you want to feel the essence pure love, just love him without expect anything. Just give it a try… He will melt your heart with his love, presence. Feel his LOVE is a big miracle. It is unexplainable. Show the love to him, feel the unconditional pure love from him… HE is inside our heart, He is part of our family, HE is everything… The love we shows on him and we get from him is the best thing… Thank you to pull me to your Dwaragamai and thanks for your love … Om guruve Saranam!!

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