If you smile , Keep smiling – saibaba

Sairam friends,

I have to say something which happens very rarely . As the world gets mechanical people find faults in their friends and relatives very easily.

Shirdi Saibaba Smiling beautifully
Shirdi Saibaba Smiling beautifully

Lets say you have a close friend and got some money from him as a timely help and promised to return to him in the next 2-3 days. If your situation is such that you are not able to return the money , then do not try to avoid the friend or smile to him artificially.  Always give a word to your friend about your present situation . Atleast this gives a human touch.

When you have a friend who has helped you on time, the least you can do is Smile to him or her . A whole hearted smile no matter what your situation is.

Don’t feel guilty for your mistakes and ignore your dear ones :

You might have faced a situation where just because you feel guilty for anything that happened in the past you feel bad to face your dear ones and avoid them as if you dint notice them.

As a Sai child when others are hurting you this way, be calm. You can try to show that you are still normal with them But never over react for the situation like saying they are everything for you etc. The point is when people dont respect you,neither show them too much affection or ignore them..Just be calm and move away. Try to think about Saibaba and carry on your worldly and spiritual duties.

We are hurt for various things in relationships. At times friends cheats someone . At times relatives does harm or insults. All this is just something to make us strong. Show people they are wrong but not hardly..Show them with affection.

Offer all your relationships in holy feet of Shirdi Saibaba :

Friends, i have a habit to say Saibaba, please keep all my relationships in you holy feet. Let me only get good friends and good thoughts and wonderful people in house, where ever i travel and in office. This prayer is powerful…

I have heard from someone the stories about Narasimha swamiji who spread the leela of Saibaba from 1930’s. He had a smile on his face always.If servant of saibaba has such smile am sure Saibaba himself would have got this friendly smile on his face.

Smile to Saibaba with gratitude when ever you see Saibaba photo in your pooja room and in Saibaba temple :

We our self see the Saibaba statues in temples smiling to us. One of my sai friend Vidhya says when ever she goes to temple she first smiles to Saibaba because sai has kept us happily in peace. Our smile to Sai is to thank him whole heartedly for all that sai has done to us.

If you smile. Keep smiling .

Om sainathaya namaha


12 thoughts on “If you smile , Keep smiling – saibaba”

  1. I thank you for posting this warm website and detailed describtion of a simple smile to our Sainath. I want to be so close to him and when Iwant to reach out to him I feel he is a million miles away from me.



  2. i thank you very much for posting this marvelous website whenever i read it i feel happy and get peace of mind.im trying to learn so many things from this website.

    om sairam

  3. Sairam

    I have nothing much to say after read the above article rather than to keep smile at this time….

    Keep smiling


  4. Ek din Aap … uoohi hum ko miljayenge…meine socha na tha….phool hi phool rahomein khil jayenge meine sochana tha..

    Sri samardha sadguru sainath maharaj ki jai.

  5. babaji pata ha aaj off mein aise hi baiti thi bahuttttttttt sara kaam ha…aur pata nhe mein sridi ane walli hu na shyad apka bulava ahya ha shayad nhe paka isliye arti timings dek rahe thi aur muje apka ye website mila babaji i m almost crying babji thank u so much for getting connected m soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo HAPPY so much…

    mere off ke desk par apka bahut sara pi ha apki murti ha prtima ha roz usko dek kar smile karti hu aur jab bahut sad ho jatui hu tho bolti hu ki sai babaji is taking care of erverthing i need not woory….

    Please baba fulfill my dreamz……………..I need you your help
    muje pata apka darsha karne ke baad sab tik ho jayega sab kuch
    i need you babaji help me

  6. Om sai ram

    One day I was sitting in meditation and felt like crying. I become emotional very soon. That time I saw Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji in full white dress going high in the sky and just signing me not to cry any more. In the sky I saw a star and small photo of baba. I said I want to reach there and baba said ‘TUM YAHA PAHUNCH GAYI HO BETA’ I never expected such a vision. I believe that he was baba himself. From that time I have decided to control my tears and keep smiling remembering this vision.

    Om Sai Ram.

  7. Om Sri Sai Ram! Om sai namo namaha!Sri sai namo namaha!Jai jai sai namo namaha!Sadguru sai namo namaha.

    Akilanda koti brahmanda nayaka, Rajadiraja,Yogiraja,parabrahma sri sachidananda sadguru sainath maharaj ki Jai.

  8. Babaji,jb b koi prob.mei hte hun,aap ko yaad krte hun,,ese kripa krna mere gurudev k hmesha aapka naam japte rahi,,mere saare dreams pure krna mere baba,,mere p apne kripa bnae rakhna,,,
    jai Sai ram

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