Can’t we remember Saibaba always

Sairam friends,

Its easy for me to write many articles saying

Chant Sai sai sai, Om sai ram, Om sainathaya namaha or any chantings of shirdi saibaba you love.I can request everyone to sing or listen to Arti of saibaba everyday..Atleast one arti a day when ever you get time.

Beautiful Shirdi Saibaba statue which i worship everyday
Beautiful Shirdi Saibaba statue which i worship everyday

practically am myself not able to remember Saibaba when am deeply worried about something i desire which i cant get.

Mostly it happens in relationship issues. At times we get upset even for little little issues like not getting a Phone call from some one we love or our parents or children.  When our mind is revolving around the problems we are not able to remember Sainath.

“Your mind must remember Guru like a miser always  thinks about the place where he hid the treasure”

We have to practice our mind to remember our sadhguru Shirdi Saibaba always even in the times we are tempted to think about other things.

Only when you forget people, places and yourself while you are devoted to Saibaba, you will realize a vibration and pure divine energy emerges in you. You have to keep chanting Sai Sai Sai or any small mantra of Shirdi Saibaba. Then either look at photo or statue of Saibaba for few minutes and close your eyes gradually.

Then remember how beautifully Saibaba is happy to bless you with his palm over your head. Sai baba is giving Udi ( sacred ash ) to you and telling you few words as you imagine.

Thus if you practice the presence of Saibaba even when you face a problem, you will be able to show devotion on Saibaba.

Remembering is the most powerful tool in Guru Bhakti :

Am really writing all this to help you come out of constant thought about past and present problems. At times when people we love hurt us or  if we have faced any insults , our mind repeatedly thinks about it. I request you to offer any fruit under Shirdi Saibaba’s holy feet in your house.

A simple Meditation remembering Saibaba :

Then say saibaba to bless you with good thoughts alone. Good thoughts are ofcourse positive feeling, Relaxed mind and now take a gentle breath in and out chanting

Saaayee sayee


You will feel the presence of saibaba the moment you forget all your problems, worries etc and remember the form of SAI ALONE.

Keep Loving sai friends.

Om Sainathaya Namaha


6 thoughts on “Can’t we remember Saibaba always”

  1. Very nice write-up, Venkat. I admire your love for Saibaba.

    “Remembering is the most powerful tool in Guru Bhakti”

    Very well said. Every time we suffer, may we be blessed to remember that we don’t feel a pinch without Sai taking the bulk of it. Every time we rejoice, may we be blessed to remember that pleasure is just an interval between pains (and vice-versa) and neither one is permanent. Every time we experience success or failure, may we be blessed to remember we are not responsible for either!

    Aum Sai Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai.

  2. Venkat

    It was very well written. I truly agree with you that remembering Sai Baba will give you immense peace in life and will solve all your problems. Jai Sai Nath


  3. Omsairam

    Well said Venkat…your messages are really touching the live’s of Sai devotees
    As you said Baba should bless us with a mind to remember baba leela’s like a miser always thinks about the
    Place where he hid the treasure..Omsairam

    Venkat ,I visit the site everyday and I really experience the love of baba in here.

    Update more events and please put the links where we can listen the baba Bhajans

    “Your mind must remember Guru like a miser always thinks about the place where he hid the treasure”

  4. Om Jai Saimaa !!

    It really works
    just remembering baba
    I’ve been practicing for months
    do try it everyone

    God bless you
    om shri sainathay namah

  5. Going to your site, itself is big blessing for me. Instead of loose talk, chit chating, better one, visit this site and get Sai’s blessings.

  6. om sai jai sai jai sai sai sai ram

    venkat you really gives us good teachings when i visit your site and got started reading your article i am really impressed and whenever i am free i go thru it by reading your article i really gets a peace of mind

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