If you don’t forward this email God Saibaba will be angry with you this

Sairam friends

You might have received this kind of email with Goddess Mahalakshmi, Lord Shiva, Ganesha, and Shirdi Saibaba. There will be this beautiful photo of Shirdi Saibaba samadhi statue and below that its written as if to force you to show devotion …

Shirdi Saibaba Samadhi Mandhir
Shirdi Saibaba Samadhi Mandhir

MR.so and so forwarded this email to 1o people and he immediately got his new job with a big salary.

Mr.No and no forwarded got this email but deleted it, so he lost his job.

You see when we get such emails don’t you think it has the following disadvantages.

1. If you are a Sai devotee and if something bad happens to you lets say you got hurt in the finger , some might innocently think it happened because they dint forwarded the email. Now is it true? No. It’s not true. Where ever you go, whatever you do, trust in the god you love and chant their name.

Even if you get hurt its due to your past karma and not because 1 big god is hurt that you dint forward their email or SMS.

2.Once I got an email from my sister. she forwards this kind of mail which she received and wrote

Venkat, whats this foolish thing people are doing.

My sister is also devoted to Saibaba and she also lights lamps every day. Just that she’s not too much into sai bhakti. Some people are really devoted. They might not read Sai Satcharitra or like us always chant sai sai sai, but surely they respect Saibaba of Shirdi.

To such practical people, don’t we show Saibaba in the wrong way. Logically speaking let’s say I received an email saying Lord Ganesha will bless me if I forward it to 10 people. Is it true? No lord Ganesha will bless me if I show devotion to him.

Any god and in any religion loves our deep personal love on them. Let’s say I offer a single leaf in holy feet of Shirdi Saibaba photo in my house and pray sai peacefully, that personal prayer pleases Saibaba.

Not in the 10 worlds will any god be pleased when you forward an email or get angry when you don’t.

The same applies for one stupid junk SMS also.

the SMS goes like this

“This message comes from Shirdi. Saibaba is going to do a miracle in your life if you forward this to 9 of your friends”

Oh god …what a message. I want to take Sai babas little satka and give one nice blow on any finger that typed this SMS first and spoils the image of the great saint, the sadguru whom we love and respect.

The difference between spam and devotion :

Let’s say your friend loves Shirdi Saibaba or lord Ganesha or any God. If you want to make them happy, search for a good photo or any good mantra or mp3, attach and send it personally to their email id alone. This way you are inspiring them…You are making them feel God has come to them.

Instead of forwarding emails and SMS let our devotion to Saibaba be personal.

In fact when sai devotees ask me shall I send your site URL to my friends..I clearly tell them “SEND ONLY TO YOUR CLOSE FRIENDS”… meaning only if you know the person is interested in Saibaba, let them come to StarSai, if you send to all emails in your address book, then surely someone who doesn’t believe in Saibaba will only get frustrated.

Not only spiritual spams any kind of spam is not good. Let’s say it takes 10 seconds for someone to open a spam mail and delete it. Let’s assume its sent to 10,000 people…so how many 5 seconds are you wasting.

Time is Gold for some and in reality, Time is God.

In Indian spirituality Kaala bhairavar and Kal devata are related to Time. I kindly request all good sai children to forward emails only when they feel its really useful and do it on a personal basis

Be devoted to Saibaba and any god you love.

Make others believe in Saibaba but do it softly..personally …let there be a Human touch

Om sainathaya namaha


5 :11:2009

Below is a fake stupid file that is being forwarded..if u receive such an email please immediately do not forward…please respect our Shirdi Saibaba’s feelings. Saibaba don’t want to reach the inbox of many people and hurt them or forcibly make them do anything..devotion must come with love, not by force

The first photo where someone showing hand is not at all SAIBABA..please for god’s sake don’t forward such stupid files…

God knows who created this in ignorance.let us never forward this to anyone

Now see one of the responses from a sai devotee

Dear Venkatji

Please go through the below mail.   The below mail scares everyone if they do not send this to 20 people, then they will have some problem.   I do not believe in this.  I believe a lot in Baba. Baba is there to take care of me.  I have a strong belief that even if I do not send this to 20 people as mentioned in the below mail, I will not have any problem as Baba is there with us always to protect us.
I need your advice on this.  Please let me know what I am thinking is right or wrong
Thanks & Regards/LalithaVenkat

To help such devotees, I wrote this article in good intention….
I really feel painful at times when people play with belief.
sai ki Jai


The article also addresses mail forwards of Lord Ganesha, Venkateswara and other Hindu Gods.

Sairam friends,

The article is not only for mail forwards of Shirdi Saibaba, its also for Lord Ganesha and Venkateswara. Look below for the photos of the Tirupati Venkateswara Swamy temple which is circulated in such manner. Of course its a blessing to receive such mail and to see beautiful images of temples. But there’s no need to write if you forward you will be benefitted. God only looks at our personal internal devotion. If you wish to be blessed do naam smaran, Chanting God’s name continuously for a few minutes every day.

Om Namo Narayana

Tirupati venkateswara swamy temple
Lord venkateswara temple Tirupati

Om namo narayanaya


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  1. i have some problems but i m sure that sai baba is with me n one day i will have a happy life with the blessings of my baba. sir today its my second mail to you from tommrow i will start shrdhasaburi pooja bless me sir that i will be able to do with shrdha and sduri.

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