How did Shirdi Sai Baba bring happiness in your life?

Sairam friends,

I felt may be I have to do some efforts to make people Love Sai positively and hence was not able to write anything. I simply sat infront of my computer last night until 1 and could not write anything. Again this morning from 6 A.M, I am not able to write anything. Sai wanted me to write some articles in my other Sites but then StarSai is my soul. So I am here.

I thought it will be a good idea to collect good stories from Devotees. Many Sai devotees write me only when they are Sad or facing a problem in life. May be I didn’t give space for Devotees who are benefited by Sai leela. So here’s your opportunity to Share beautiful and happy happenings in your life.

I was reading an Article other day that Money and financial status alone could not be the reason for Happiness.  Researchers has found people living in some poor countries too are as happy as people in Rich countries. So there’s no scale to measure happiness. Its all about being content with what you are blessed with in life. Never get upset for the disappointments in life.

I read this quote yesterday from the worlds best Basket ball player.

“Our willingness to fail gives us the ability and opportunity to succeed where others may fear to tread.”

“I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. Twenty six times, I’ve been trusted to take the game-winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”

—Michael Jordan

One of the reason people get into depression and worries is because they fear to fail. They fear of getting ashamed and feel they are not going to achieve success anytime in their life. Try to see what other good things you can do in life to Grow. Keep trying to do something that really brings positive changes in your life. Learn something new and put it on work. You will be surely leading a happy life too.

Couple of days back a Girl called up and asked me to guide if I can marry the guy she likes.I was at work and could not talk much. I told her, I don’t know about her friend but if he is good, she can and I asked her what you do? She said, I am going to be a house wife. I said, Please do something. Take up a course and learn something. Either you study or work. I keep telling this to Sai devotee who writes me and of course there are many Sai children looking for better Career.

Since I keep reading about Venture Capitalists, New companies and Entrepreneurs, I came across this quote in

And there’s a reason I wish to speak about Vinod Khosla. He is one among few Indians who has pledged to give his wealth in good will in charity for the poor and needy. In 2006, Khosla’s wife Neeru co-founded the CK-12 Foundation, which aims to develop open source textbooks and lower the cost of education in America and the rest of the world.

I wish you also have a look at

The Giving Pledge is a commitment by the world’s wealthiest individuals and families to dedicate the majority of their wealth to philanthropy.

Why did I started writing about How Saibaba blessed with Happiness in your life and actually wrote about Philanthropists? Probably because I want to realize the happiness you get in Giving. Do little good deeds you could afford when ever you get an opportunity. Keep doing good. So much good that Sai can’t stop himself from doing a Miracle and blessing you with happiness.

I am writing this when am too sad and worry about my life. I know millions of people out there are not Happy and Happiness once gained could be lost for various reasons.  So the secret of Happiness is actually having a mind set to be content with what you have in life. Never ask Saibaba to fulfill a particular desire alone.

I want this guy/girl only

I want this career only

I want to get this and I need it !

What I mean by this is that there are some Sai devotees who will keep saying am doing Parayan of Sai Satcharitra, Doing a Pooja for Sai, I went to Shirdi. So I believe Sai will fulfill my desire. Finally when this particular desire din’t got fulfilled they develop so much anger on our Sai and some get upset/depressed.  Further, May be Saibaba wants you to move on with life rather than holding on to your desire.

If you can’t pass in a Exam in the field of your choice, If you can’t get admission in a course you want or if you can’t marry the girl/guy you loved or if you can’t get the Job you desires, how long do you wish to hold on to it. Its good to worship Saibaba with a desire but let us also be practical and learn to Move on with life and look for other opportunities.

When ever you do any thing for Saibaba or any Gods/Goddess you love, you have certain prayers to get answered. Wait sometime, May be few weeks or Month but if things doesn’t seem to happen, trust me you have to “Open up your heart”

Our desires may or may not be fulfilled and this is why God gave us ability to Branch Out !

Yes we have to branch out and think about other ways and opportunities in life.  The past few days I am thinking about creating a site for professionals to come out of their stress and remain relaxed. I wanted to do this because I get irritated at times and feel that I lost my freedom when I work for others. I love independence and that’s why I love StarSai.

Sai gives me Freedom to do what I wish for him and for welfare of Sai children.

Now, I wonder what Shirdi Sai Baba did to bring happiness in my life..

Hmm….I feel gifted for having been blessed with wonderful Parents who loves me dearly. May be there are few things in life we don’t realize just because its all taken for granted. Thank God for having been blessed with Good parents/Brother/Sister/Cousins/Relatives/Friends/Husband/Wife and Children.

Please write how did Shirdi Sai Baba bring happiness in your life:

There must be something for everyone to feel Happiness.

I don’t see someone only with worries and someone only with happiness. Life is a Mix and this article is all about collecting stories from Sai devotees about how Shirdi Saibaba brings Happiness in their life.

You can mail me or simply share as comment to this article.

I just want to say this Assurance from Sai Baba

” I will be ever active from my Samadhi. My Bones will be speaking and communicating about your welfare”

You see Sai is alive and he is ever remembering you. I also like to say a sweet childish behavior of Saibaba. Sai has habit of giving the coins he collected as Dakshina to some of his ardent devotees the same day or in next few days. Sai never keeps anything for himself.

At times during late night Saibaba used to be awake in Dwarakamai. Saibaba used to take the coins he collected as Dakshina, Take some coins and tie it inside a cloth saying “This is for Nana” , Take some more coins and keep it aside saying “This is for Tatya”.

When he finds someone by chance walking near Dwarakamai, Sai used to hide the coins and act as if he’s doing nothing. You see when I listen to this leela I feel tears in my eyes.

Saints are always thinking about his devotees welfare. The coins here are actually Blessing of various kinds, some needs good health, Some good education, Some devotees need profit and some needs to get married, have children and lead a peaceful life.  Is there a Saint so sweet who thinks of his devotees at a time when they all were sleeping in silence.

This is Sai and That’s why I love him So much.

“You never know the treasures Sai has in store for you until the day Sai wants to bless you with happiness. It takes time but Sai has kept your account Safe in his Bank of Blessings”

Sai Blessings !



13 thoughts on “How did Shirdi Sai Baba bring happiness in your life?”

  1. Venkat,
    To tell you the truth, I guess SAI is doing some miracle in my life. I’m not sure but I really hope this miracle happens.
    You still remember i wrote to you before about my husband having an affair with another girl.
    Yesterday that girl SMS me saying she is breaking off with him. I guess this girl is just playing with my patience and feelings
    Co-incidently my husband is on outstation, working. I used to call him every morning when i leave for work if he is on outstation. So i called him this morning. He did not answer.
    He SMS me saying, don’t call me, take care of our children. I was just…..
    I did reply him saying that kids are both parents responsibility. You can’t just neglet them. I’m still with him because of the kids. I told him, we have lovely kids and beautiful family. We need him. I also told him that i will not disturb him until he calls me. I wan him to have some space to think.
    I pray everyday that my husband must come back to me and I’m really hoping that MOTHER DURGA and our beloved SAI will make this miracle to happen in my life.
    Please SAI……

  2. actually when all relate baba to miracles I feel the essence of love and bhakti is getting vanished.

    when we love someone in life may be our parents ,husband ,children anybody first we think how to make them happy.

    for simple human beings we have this attitude so for baba it should be more and more and infinite…..

    while I am writing this today , i have so many questions running inside me……still love of baba is not relatable to what we get….

    we do aarti, lit lamps , bajans, helping everybody etc etc by doing so we expect back 100times more than what we give….

    but we have to understand that its very cheap to gift something to baba that we received from him already.

  3. Like lord buddha said,desire is the cause of all sufferings.Praying is important.But it is also important one should give up desire.

  4. om sairam to all devotees,
    Am really privileged to write here, at many times in my life during my worst phase , starsai has given me new hopes, so i thought i must share my experience here.Recently i moved to US after facing many hurdles to stay with my husband,i had taken sai ‘s statue with me, but unfortunately when i reached US i found our baba statue broken, actually i was very worried coz it was only sai,s miracle that made me to come here, and when i found it broken i was very depressed, i was scared to say to others, coz i felt they might incur some kind of fear in me, but i had our baba photo, so kept it with me, was doing pooja ‘s, but some kind of misunderstandings started between us often, but i kept praying baba, many times i lost my patience.

    One day when there was a big misunderstanding between us, i thought i should remain patient, i controlled myself and was opening starsai and reading, i did not know what happened i suddenly went and apologized to my husband, both of us were having unwanted thoughts in mind, we broke out everything and i made my mind clear .we had got a new bond now, am happy, on the very next day my husband asked me shall i bring the baba statue from my office!!!

    It was left there by his colleague, who had told his other friend to give to someone who needs it ,i said please bring it, he brought and gave my baba back to me, surprisingly it was similiar to the baba statue which was broken, my eyes were running out of tears, now am happily doing pooja , he is with me , am very happy, we might get misunderstandings, but now baba has taught me to be patient and calm, so what am trying to say is don leave baba during bad times, definitely he will come with us and relieve us someday!!!!!!… thanku venkatji for your valuable articles and post…

  5. i am ashwani rathore . i am newly sai bhagth. i go shirdi last two week later . i feel very good in shirdi. this time i am going to very bad time in life. because i have no work . i am wel educated but i have no job .so i hope sai help me and a light come in my life very soon . om sai ram.

  6. Venkat, you have asked how did Shirdi Sai Baba bring happiness to your/ones life.

    I would say just taking his name or the thought of being near him itself gives us lots of happiness, that one cannot explain, it has to be realised, as how you do it everyday by visiting his Dwarkamai, or cleaning the nearby areas of Dhuni, lighting lamps, helping the needy or whatever it is, it is simply great. The sad feeling never arises at all when we are in the company of Sai.

    So, dear Venkat, do not get upset at all, as you are the blessed elevated Soul who is going to be ever with Sai. Why do you worry thinking about the materialistic pleasures or whatever pleasures that we are denied. It has its own meanings and I am sure it is for our own good.

    Just enjoy your life everyday with cheerful mood as you are with the union of Sai, where there is only happiness no sorrows. You are leading a blissful life, that’s wonderful. There is not a single person in this world without normal worries or tensions, it is part and parcel of our life, which has been decided as per Karma.

    Let us all peacefully spend our times, even if the worst we face, with utmost happy disposition and dedication to our beloved Sai, till the end of our lives, eventually reaching Sai’s Lotus Feet with ease. Venkat, don’t you think, what a great thought indeed, and this is the happiness that we all are getting being with our Sai Baba, the Magic Healer. Venkat, come on, get up, be ready to run with Sai at every stage of life. Do not worry about anything when Sai is around us walking with us. Venkat, all your genuine wishes will be fulfilled. Love & Regards, Shankari Shankaranarayanan

  7. SAI RAM

    baba eppudu nammina valltho untadu problems unna lekapoina.baba ni nammina vallaki eppudu anyayam jaragadu vallaki baba thodu eppudu untundi believe me…..
    baba meetho undalante manaspurthiga nammandi prardinchandi etuvanti kalmasham leni manasutho kolavandi appude baba meerho untadu

    nenu problems lo unnappudu kuda hapy ga undagalanu endhukante baba is with me i believe on him…
    though i am in dead state he will help me bcu he loves th people who pray him hearfully…

  8. Brother Venkat..

    thank you so much. thanx in tons. you have answered all my questions. i am having tears after reading your this article. i dont have words how can i say a thaxs to you….

    OM SAI RAM !!

    Thanks Venkat Bhai…….. Thank you Soooooooo Much…….

  9. Om Sairam.

    Baba is very integral part of my life. I believe saibaba is my father, my mother , my guru, my friend , my employer and he is there in me. Whatever is happening in our life is as per he direction. As he said in 11 principles, he is there with us always. We do sleep bu he does not sleep to protect us.

    I need not to afraid of any thing as baba is there with me always as baba says ” Do not afraid as he is there to take care”

    Jai Sai ram


    Sai Baba is always with me. I just pray to Baba please call me to Shirdi soon and make my dream fulfill. Give a solution of my problem.

  11. Baba is everything to me please baba stay with us all the time if I do something wrong don’t get angry please teach me what is right standing beside me
    Thanks for your love and blessings baba….

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