shirdi sai baba speaks dwarakamai
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16 . Shirdi Sai baba Speaks to you from Dwarakamai !

You have come to dwaraka maai.Though physically miles away.You are now in my house.

Nothing belongs to me but your love.Its your love that has helped you climb the steps of dwaraka maai.
My house is broken and water drops in when it rains but your love is enough .
I will remain in rain if you show same love on me forever.

when you have kept me so close in your heart.why fear.why are you depressed my child.

Show me your hands and i will walk with you where ever you take me.

If you are planning to start a new education,job or business.Remember i am with you.
Dont invest what you cant afford.Act carefully and you will be benefited.

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