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Dear Shirdi SaiBaba , please enlighten each person who reads this article and make their life better

Let shirdi sai look for needs and wants of devotees who read this article , give them wisdom , help them take a good decision and change their fate by complete surrender to sai.

Many of us think why we suffer though we have not commited any sin.I am not a philosopher.I want to write this article for giving strength to people who feel that God they trusted has led them down.Which ever religion you belong to, God is one and his presence can be felt only through deep faith, even during the testing times.So lets see what are the possibilities why God is still making us wait for his blessings .

Reasons for suffering :

1.Planetary position :

Whats a kundli or birth chart.Its just the position of planets calculated based on time and place of birth.Why some birth chart remains favourable to live a happy life and others signifies many sufferings in life.Blaming the planets for sufferings in our life is like blaming weatherman for reporting unfavourable weather.

A person who has done lots of sins is born when the planets are in unfavourable position and the one who has done more good deeds than the sins he had done in previous births is born when the planets are positioned in a much better way compared to other one.

Lets remember , even baba had pains in hands, when baba let his hand inside fire to save a child, he surely had pains...he knows all astama siddi , why dint baba cure himself in 2 seconds ?

Rama is a avatar of God itself. why was he sent to forest and suffer for 14 years ?
Reason is even if God comes to this planet taking birth as any life or form , he will be subject to planetary situations.

Who are these planets :
The strange thing happening in mordern times is during saturn transit every 2 n half years ( sani peyarchi ), people will run to temple and do special pooja and have some fear on Lord Sani.
But what lord sani and any planets are actually doing and whats the effect of praying god and involving in good activities ..its like this

Planets are people who work for God :
A man commits a murder.He kills someone and caught by police, he is taken to court by few contables ,the driver drives the vehicle to court, the lawyer speaks on behalf n against the man. So some way the man must be punished.But who takes the decision ? Its the judge right.

so the planets are doing their work only based on our past karma . They are just staff members for one chief , the judge who decides the fate of man to give punishments or not or reduce punishment. The planets are staff members in Gods court and God is the judge.

Even if we had actually done sins , God has power to stop our punishments if we prove him that we are not selfish and we care for others by involving in a good act. This is the power of dharma..Dharma is not just giving food and cloth to poor, it starts from our thoughts , attitudes and how we treat others.

2.Maya : The Power of illusion

Dimentions of Maya : - Desire , Lust , Relationship proved untrue, Being greedy, Trusting friends and Business associates too much, Any act that gains self pleasure and in the end self destruction or harms others who are innocent.

Maya is the major cause of pains in life for which we ourself will be a reason.Its a intense desire or need in us which will close our knowledge to make us act just for sensory pleasures and achievements.The results will give happiness and satisfaction but gradually it will start to cause harmful effects.

Consider an illusion of a rope being confused as a snake in the darkness. Just as this illusion gets destroyed when true knowledge of the rope is percieved, similarly, Maya gets destroyed for a person when he percieves Brahman with the transendental knowledge.
These days people take life so easily that they dont really analyse and think twice before they take a important decision in life.

some of such common pains caused by Maya are

1.Falling in love with someone by his/her or looks, words and actions . Finally you get pain when he or she leaves you for a silly reason.This creates a wound in your heart but a lesson well learnt .So though Maya cant be called as illusion because the sensory pleasures ( feeling of love also includes sensory pleasures ) you enjoyed are true , it does provide only temporary pleasures .
Same applies for marriage issues in your life.Many women and men suffer a lot due to misunderstanding and miscalculation of ones charecter.

For example, a Girl would have married a handicap guy thinking she is doing good .she would have taken the decision so fast and got married but finally realize that the handicap man is also handicap at heart and torchure her all even if your intention is to do good and serve others please think 1000 times, ask baba for advice, ask your mother or any pure close friend for advice and then decide.

Not all help can do good to you, Sometimes people misuse your kindness :

I have a friend who helped his close friend financially and now suffering to core because the person who got money as help is not returning back. Its my responsibility to say difference between giving something to your friend as a debt and giving something as a charity.Most of us have good heart and give away any valuable goods or money to a friend who is in need and pleads for our help as a debt. Make sure you only give money which you can afford to loose.

I am not against helping friends the moment they need it so much.Its also my responsibility to say, make sure you wont suffer if that friends mind changes once he got money and never care about returning back to you.

This is also a maya where your judgement about your friend has been wrong.This happens to many these days in various ways.Always pray baba that all friends whom you meet be good ones and if there is any one who might be bad, baba must give you a hint through small incidents before the big disappointment shows up.

You wont listen to good advice when your time is bad which means you are easily caught in to Maya :

Maya also helps one realise the difference between false and truth. A mother can only warn a child not to keep finger inside the fire.If the child keeps it, only then it understands his mothers care. So when a person is into maya , their mind will only be desiring sensory pleasures and they wont listen to others who are righteous and advice them to be careful.Maya is a cloud that hides a bright day light of true happiness.

Whenever u have a desire , please ask baba if its right desire and then decide.

3. Use your common sense :

what i mean by common sense ? Lets say a girl is in love with a guy, he left her and goes to another girl and this girl is in pain.There are few girls who will blame baba for making her be in contact with such a guy.

she wont understand by doing this, baba is giving her wisdom , a learning experience that she must not trust all guys easily and who knows the same guy will realize his bad behaviour and come back to her.

Other examples are like,

* Resigning a job and taking up new one which you might not like after few days.

* Taking decision to breakup a relationship or divorcing quickly in a emotional outburst and finally realizing you had commited a mistake.

* Doing something as you wish and in the end blaming others when you fail in your work.

Wavering mind - oscillating to the extremes of being faithful to baba and also doing things for sensory pleasures taking Baba /God for granted :

If our mind is not wavering surely baba would have helped us do the right thing.Sometimes even baba will be silent and allow the fate to work.That doesnt mean baba dint care for us.It just means , based on our karma we are supposed to go through sufferings and pay back the past births and present births seeds we sowed.

During these days of sufferings most of us again waste our time blaming baba and any god we love thinking they dint care about us.

Instead of blaming baba ,we must learn to say " Baba u know what is good for me and what is bad , so u give me one thats good for me and take what you prefer to take away "

Intimacy with Baba ( any of your guru or God ) and limits :

Even i get irritated with baba and be angry for few minutes whenever i am depressed.This shows our intimacy with baba but never build a wall between you and your sadguru. Baba will never let you down .He is aware of your sufferings.

There is a limit for you to blame it on God when sufferings haunts your life. I like people who come to temple to scold god rather than people who stop going to temple once they face pains in life.

Dont fall for external appearance :- Analyse deeply, Ask for advice,Close your eyes and ask baba to guide you and then take any decision :

These days people go on with life so easily..If u look at a road from distace it will be a good road to walk...only when u walk, you will find thorns and holes in it. who took the decision to walk, its you.
so please,in this cruel world always think 1000 times when you take decisions about relationship , business and any issues.Ask baba sincerely for guidance , ask people whom u can trust , ask your mother sister or any friend whom you think is good a soul ,then do it. Never do anything without analysing properly.

4.Living with out love :

Money rules.Fine it rules but not forever. At any point of time you will realize , affection , love and care is more essential than money, physical pleasures and what ever materialistic benefits one needs.
Living for money and such silly pleasures with out caring for others feelings also makes a person bad...a man will be really a good hearted person but just his desire on money or physical pleasures can take him to a very dangerous route eventually he will be facing worst pains of life.

Prayers , Spiritual path like meditation and Reading good books :

Thats why in hinduism , we have used ways in our rituals and prayers to focus all senses of humans towards God.When u think about God and go to temple regularly or sincerely do prayers at your home or keep remembering god deep in your heart , then your basic thought and attitudes will be good and gradually your life will be satisfactory.

I know your pains and i tried to heal wounds in your heart with kind words :

I am asking everyone through to do good , help others and light lamp and candles.
why i am doing this ? Because i know so many of us are suffering and are wondering why no God and Baba also is not helping them.

so my intention is to spread message that helping others really is one way of neutralising our past sins by proving God we are a good soul so that he can forgive us...He is the judge, the planets just bring the murderer to court. Its the judge who takes decision. some times words has the power to heal.

My sincere prayers to baba for giving you a peaceful life :

I dont know what your problems or sufferings are All i know is, i have prayed shirdi saibaba that who ever reads this article must be guided by baba himself towards a better life. Surely baba will give you his hands in the days to come , now its your turn to analyse your past mistakes, clean your habits and be ready to hold babas hands when he comes to lift you up............

"Cheer up . Baba is there for you"

Choose simple ways to make your life and others life better :

Involve yourself in good activities , light lamps , have a good thought and feeling, be brave and remember you dont need money to help others, If you are strong, you can physically help few people, If someone is in worst pain of their life who needs affection ,you can use your words to express your kindness to few in pain.This is also a Dharma.

You can write to me at

I pray baba that he guides all of us towards beautiful palace filled with love and affection , where all our sins are burnt to ashes and flowers of blessings floats on water of wisdo

shirdi sai ki jai

Venkat raman

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