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Our powerful Saint Shirdi saibaba, please give solutions to all the pains and suffering of your children who reads this article. Help them with your grace to get ways to solve their pains in life .

I am not a astrologer or any one who has qualities to make a change in your life. I am trying to share the pains in your life with few words of confidence that surely baba will take care of you.There are numorous ways to solve once problem as baba's ways for each devotee is unique.I have given few ways that really works based on my experience.

Years after i wrote this article i wish to add that if you are a shirdi saibaba devotee, show devotion, listen and sing his aarthi songs, Read Sai satcharitra , do shradha saburi pooja given in this website. What ever path you take, please have patience. Never test Sainath . Sometimes people suffer for years but this must never reduce their faith and love on sainath. Please remember "devotion", your pure love on shirdi saibaba every day, every minute alone is enough to help you lead a peaceful life...Now read what i wrote years back..

Shirdi Saibaba taught me two ways to gain blessings of God :

1.The power of lighting lamps regulary in house and temple.The more lamps you light , the better your life will be.Do it with affection on baba/God forgetting your pains.

click here for Meera photography to spread the value of lighting lamps

2.The act of giving ( Dharma ) can neutralise your past karma , there by helping baba to change your fate.What is to happen will surely happen but a big accident will be avoided with a small wound in finger.This is possible only with the blessings of angels of Dharma.

For further experiences which baba gave me, please read below.If you have no time to read just keep the first two points in mind. May shirdi sai be there for you during the times of calamity.

Ways to solve problems in life :

I dunno if there really is a use of writing this article, if you are in worst pain of your life and crying to baba for instant solution. please never do what ever i say looking for instant benefits. Do it just to show your love on any God or fellow human. Someday you might realize the value of involving in a good act.

1. Value of Lighting lamps :

Two years after writing this article by grace of shirdi saibaba, i made a website to spread the message that our shirdi sai loves lighting lamps so much and all shirdi saibaba devotees must try to light lamps when ever they go to any temple and also at home. - Have a look at

I got attracted to lighting lamps from the year 99, when i used to make a lamp using lemon and light lamp to Goddess Durga in mylapore kabaleswarar temple.After that i used to light earthern lamps when ever i visit a temple.

In 2002, i used to light lamp for Dhasinamoorthy in another temple contineously for more than 81 days when i wrote my first screenplay. Though i did it with my hardwork, i know it happened because of blessings of Guru bagavan.Little did i know that few years later baba will himself tell me the value of lighting lamps.

From jan 2003, i had been facing lots of pains in chennai. so came down to my native place coimbatore where i visited temples regulary and after a years time , i started having flashes of visions.

June 5th 2005 - During meditation near Paambaatti siddhar cave - Marudhamalai :

Paambaatti siddhar , a snake charmer turned saint who got enlightment by understanding the snake inside body and controlling it sybolically representing kundalini power in the form of snake during 12th century BC.

I was doing meditation for five minutes, then a sacred saint got came in my vision and gave four words .
Premam , Pradhosham , Parisutham , Parabrahmam

I write it in my note and came back home.I asked my guru Nanjundan sir for explanation of four words.He said it covers everything one needs to know about this universe and life.

Premam - Love and Affection on everyone

Pradhosham - The auspecious day for lord shiva every 13 days .Usually the time between 4.30 to 7 is called pradosham .

Parisutham - Purity of mind, thoughts and attitudes.

Parabrahmam - The eternal state of God.

Show love towards God and every life on earth.With pure love towards God ,offer flowers,Light lamps or sing in the praise of Lord everyday during the time of pradosham and you shall be taken in the path to discover parabrahmam - a state equal to 1000 crore sun light ,which is in the form of ardhanaarisvarar ( neither male not female ) which is the eternal state of God.

To me , more than all other offerings to God and Baba like cloth,flowers etc, Lighting lamps is the most scared and valuable.

June 16th 2005 : saibaba temple at my place :- Around 12:30 noon during arathi :

I was coming around dhuni from 10.45 in morning.Dhuni in thursdays will be very hot as many devotees will drop cocunuts.I was coming around dhuni for over 2 hours and suddenly felt i must do a photography with Meera statue to spread the message of " value of lighting lamps " .
I bought 30 candles and did this photography of Meera keeping candles in back ground. Since baba loves saffron colour , i used two orange roses in the photo. It took 45 minutes for me to shoot Mirabai singing glory of Lord Krishna

June 16th 2005 :Laxmi amma house :- Around 5:30 evening during arathi :

I closed my eyes prayed A sacred saint, maha laxmi, saraswathi and baba. Baba came in my vision and said the value of lighting lamps.Baba told me that when you light a lamp , the saints ( siddhar ) , angels ( devadhai ) and the Goddess Laxmi , Saraswathi and Sakthi themselves come alive in the form of light.

This may not be visible to our eyes but the basic reason for lighting lamp at raagu kaalam ( friday 10.30am to 12 , sunday 4.30pm to 6 pm ) is that when we light a lamp during bad time , the power of the sacred lamp will drive away the evil spirits and any forth coming danger that might hurt us any way.

Saint who dedicated his life to prove value of light :-

Saint vallalaar who have proved that God himself is in the form of light and when he attained mukthi , no one could find his body remains, when his devotes opened the closed room all they could see was a little lamp.There are false saints these days who will talk philoshophy and they will do all sins but vallalaar is a example for matching philoshophy with his own life. He said " light ( jothi ) is everything and in the end , he himself became a jothi .

The eternal beauty and power of Lighting lamps in temple and house :

Light as many lamps as you wish when ever you visit a temple.In modern times people feel shy to do it.I have seen such people who are traditional at heart but feel shy to involve in spiritual activies.Think about God alone in temple and your love for him.Please light lamps or candles everyday .

Why Baba gave importance to lighting lamps during his life time :

Even baba lit many lamps in his dwarakamai everyday to eradicate the sins of villagers and bring health, wealth and happiness for every family residing in the village of shirdi.So remember , you pray sai and your sai himself has indirectly proved the value of lighting lamps contineously.There is a story where the shop keepers dint gave oil to baba and baba uses water instead of oil to light the lamps.

When you read this incident dont get attracted to the miracle baba did . Think what baba tries to convey. Baba has given so much importance to lighting lamps , He loves it so much.What he tries to convery is a message that ...

1 . Lighting lamps will surely gain you blessings of God, Baba and all the siddhar and devars.

2. It eradicates the past sins,It prevents evil souls and evil angels to enter your house.

3. It opens the eye of wisdom in you which helps you take a proper decision and lead a simple but satisfactory life.

Helps to over come struggles in life :

It gives you strength to overcome struggles in life and brings good hearted people towards you.
For women who light lamps contineously in temple, she will get a good life partner and for men vice versa.

Gains you blessing of Goddess of learning and Arts - saraswathi :

Kids who are having problem in studies, memory loss and health issues will surely see a good change if their parents light lamp in any temple contineously for more than 64 days.You can do it all life but try atleast once.( during the days when you cant go temple ask a family member to light lamp )
If you have any pains because of any relationship issues please light lamp contineously .Baba will atleast show you if that person is good for you or bad,so that you can decide to make your mind strong to take any decision properly. If the person is good , lighting lamp will surely bring peace amoung you.

Solves Financial problems :

If you have financial problem or pains because of debt please pray sincerely and light lamp contineously everyday any time ,all your life. someday your sarrows will turn into happiness.
If i say light lamps for 48 days or 64 days it becomes like astrology remedies.You know lighting lamps is of great value.Then when ever you get chance please make it as a habit.If you dont have temples near by, Lighting lamps at house will be enough .

2. Do charity the way it must be done :

Dharma ,the act of giving is the second way to solve your problems in life. There are various forms of dharma.In mordern world people refer charity directly to donating a certain amount of money for education of kids , for welfare of society etc. Its good to donate money provided the organisation to whom you sponsor are honest.

Small help with honesty is a bigger blessing than a big publicity in the name of charity :

you must understand Dharma starts with a good heart.First have clean habits and good thoughts.Then surely all your actions will also be good. There is no point is having all bad qualities, earning money by cheating and just donating a share in the name of charity. Always remember even if you give one cup of water to a thirsty person, it is a charity and if the thirsty person internally gets satisfied, his blessing will gain you all happiness in life.

whats happening now a days is there are few who make money by cheating others , choose one fine day to arrage for proving food to 10,000 people in a temple and doing publicity.Its not how many whom you feed thats considered ,what matters is how the money you donate is earned. Charity will gain you blessings only if you had earned money honestly or it will be a mere publicity for your ego.

The other forms of Dharma which you can involve in are

Help in the education of poor children or of your relatives, friends child who needs your help :

If you have a child who is not good at studies, donate notes, books or pen to any kids studying in orphanage or any schools in village. Even if you get few notes, pens etc for 500 rupees and donate it every year , someday you can see your child showing interest in studies. How it happens ? .A persons interest in education , memory power , inteligence is all based on his past karma.sometimes the karma wont allow him/her to do well in studies .They basically wont have interest in studies.As i said earlier, doing a charity will neutralise past sin and also gain you blessings of angels of dharma.This will surely have a positive effect on your childs studies.

Physical help intime :

If you are not financial sound, then you can be of help to someone who deserves it at the right moment. This is also a dharma. Taking your friends to hospital, helping them someway physically in their work if they are old also gains you blessings.

To solve pains in career :

If you are having problems in your office or career donate books and notes to needy kids on thursdays .You will gain blessings of our Guru sai.

Donate food to poor or orphanage or old age home when ever you have health problems :

When ever there is a health problem for any of my family member or my friends , i will immediately go to a rice mill near by, Get 25 kg rice , ask my friend to drive to a orphanage little far from our house and give the rice bag to the person incharge and ask them to pray for us. I have discovered such a way to help children in need and also deep in me i will say " ok we did something good, surely baba will help us or our friend"...You see when you involve in a good act , your faith on baba or any god increases.

If you are in worst financial problems , pray Laxmi Narashimhar with clean habits :

If you are suffering because of financial problem or Debt , runa vimoshakar ( form of laxmi narashimhar ) can favour you a lot. Involve in good charity works like offering clothes to poor people , stop eating non veg and sincerely pray laxmi narashimhar lighting lamps .He will surely make you debt free and also show you a way to earn money.

If you cant help financialy or physically just show your kindness:

Speaking truth, being honest and giving someone a good advice,guidance is also a dharma. When some one is in pain please show your love on them.These days everyone are running with a race in mind and forgetting the most important factor in life " affection and care".There are people who needs to be cared and who wants affection your healing words can make them feel light at heart .sharing ones burdens in heart is also a dharma.

May shirdi sai baba bless you with peace of mind and satisfaction in days to come :

These are some of my experiences based on which i have wrote ways to solve problems and suffering in your life generally.The worst part is people wont be reading this article with out sai grace as its too long but if you read, i believe sai will give a spark in your mind to find a solution for your problem or a remedy through which your problem can be solved.

If you keep your burdens on me, i shall surely bear it - shirdi sai

I sincerely pray baba that all your suffering comes to a end in the next few days.Is there any sadguru who says " Give me all your burdens , i am ready to bear it". Our sai mahaaraj is ready to bear all the burdens you keep on him.Only thing that you must give him back is complete surrender, love and faith.

shirdi sai ki jai

C.Venkat raman - Little servant of shirdi saibaba

If you are a shirdi saibaba devotee, you can write to me for any guidance.Before hand i would say am also a ordinary little servant of sai and all i can do is pray whole heartedly for my sai friends. Don't worry show your devotion to sai.Sai will show you a way in life.

Pooja , Rituals you can do to gain blessings of Goddess and Shirdi saibaba :

1. Starsai Shradha Saburi Pooja

2. Shirdi saibaba pooja lighting coconut lamps

3. Starsai Lemon lamps pooja

Websites dedicated to shirdi saibaba for welfare of shirdi sai devotees :

Please have a look at of the below websites which i made for the welfare of shirdi sai devotees with specific problems.Forgive me for the mistakes i would have done in the articles.I wrote everything based on the pains i faced in life due to my desires and also how sai helped me learn his ways. Needless to say , sais ways are always unique.I have tried to write few words based on my experience and my sai friends.

Shirdi saibaba blessings for Relationship and Married life - Starsai.Net

Shirdi sai health site -

Shirdi sai loves light -

The giver gives, but really he is sowing the seed for later:
the gift of a rich harvest. - Shirdi Sai Baba

sai baba ki jai

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