7 lessons you can learn from Ants

Sairam friends,

I am really making all of you get bored with my articles mostly centered around my life. No body needs my story. Either I must write about Shirdi Saibaba or simply be calm but then all of StarSai is about how a devotee must hold on to Sai irrespective of what happens in his/her life.

So I believe writing about whats happening in my life will make you understand every one has sufferings and problems. Everyone who are devoted to Sai also have to face the stages in life when he/she can’t do much but have patience and bear it all.

Anyway, Today I wanted to try something funny and make you smile.

Last week, they moved us to a new place at work and I really don’t feel that comfortable. It doesn’t make much difference and I already got used to it.

One of my friend got us some Rasagulla in a box and distributed it for his birthday. I took a Rasagulla and by the time, I was about to swallow, a drop of sweet jeera fell down on my desk. With in few seconds, few Ants came from no where and started tasting the little drop of sweet.

I felt like wiping them away and continue my work and was about to do it. Suddenly, I felt pity for these little Ants and started to get some other thoughts.

I thought

“How uncertain is life? We can simply wipe of these Ants in no time but they believe that they are going to live for ever and doing their work.”

I told myself that today alone, I won’t harm the Ants and I will adjust myself allowing them to move around my desk searching for food. I went for lunch and came back to see lots of Ants over the cover of the Rasagulla box.

There must be at least 50 Ants in all moving around the desk and mostly over the cover.

Everyone asked going by my way saw these Ants and asked me to throw the Rasagulla box away. I told them, I am experimenting with these Ants and learning about life. he he…. So today alone, I don’t want to harm them and let them be there. I did my work and kept watching all the activities of these Ants.

By evening my one of my friendasked me what did I learn from these Ants. I immediately told them 7 Points quickly. I did it for fun but deeply thinking, Ants really have something good to teach us.

7 lessons you can learn from Ants

You might be an IT professional, an Architect, a Doctor or Engineer,Research Scientist,  Student or anyone doing some Job or even someone looking for a better career. I write this article to you.

1. Ants don’t know that there are bigger life on earth than them.

We see someone is bigger or higher than us in terms of position, education and status. Hence we suppress our self and doesn’t even try to do things we consider as too big for us. Ants doesn’t care about other lives bigger and smarter than them. Ants might know or may not know that there are bigger life on Earth than them but they really don’t worry about how big others are.

Lesson 1: You must not feel discouraged thinking about people smarter than you. You can do any work small or big as you wish.

2. Ants just mind their business

Do we really mind our Business alone? We often like to talk about others, our friends, society and how bad the world is but we never try to change our bad qualities. We have lots of time to talk about others and poke into others business. Ants on the other hand minds their Business.

Lesson 2:  Focus on what you do and don’t worry about what the world comments on you. You will be rewarded for your single minded effort.

3. Ants do get attracted to each other

Have you seen little Ants moving around and suddenly there meet each other for fraction of second and going away after a while. he he…..I have noticed this in most of the Ant groups and this experiment concludes that Ants do get attracted to each other. ( I write this for fun but there’s more to it).

ants gets attracted
Ants gets attracted to each other like you do but they get back to work immediately

I have seen many of us including me wasting time chatting with friends, speaking to friends or our dear ones, going to restaurants and hanging out some where etc in the name of socializing. Today, most of us are addicted to communicating through mobile phones. Its important to open up your heart to others and I appreciate you have someone to share your day to day happenings.

The difference between meeting of Ants and Humans is that, they meet just for few seconds and get back to their work but we spend hours meeting, communicating and loose the focus on our work.

Lesson 3: Be good to your friends and dear one’s. Meet them. Be with them but be dedicated to your work and  never waste much of your time in socializing. 

“You are what you do and not what you speak”

4. Ants are really workaholic and keep working always

From morning until evening, I had 2 coffee breaks. A lunch break and often spoke to my friends off topic, about work and about how the world was about to come to an end. Look at these Ants. They never seem to take breaks nor they have a lunch hour. They keep working as long as I could watch them.

ants workaholic
See how Ants are Workaholic. They carry all the burden

Lesson 4: You don’t have to be workaholic but you must enjoy what ever work you do so that you make yourself perfect when you continuously do your work.

5. Ants don’t go home until the task is over

This is something I wrote for fun. I just told all the headings to my friends. The girl near me asked me again what you learnt from this experiment. I showed her these headings and she said “I don’t like the 5th point”.

So I changed it as below…

“They go home after task gets over.”

She said, “It means the same again”.

So I changed it as below…

“They might go home even if task doesn’t get over.”

Now she got satisfied and smiled.

Did you understand basic human nature by this. We always postpone our work. We procrastinate. Let’s do it later. Let’s go it tomorrow…Next week…Month and it goes on

Lesson 5: If we have enough time to complete a work on the same day or moment, we must ignore all distractions and do it immediately. You can relax peacefully when all the work gets over.

6. They don’t bite you because they want to. They just don’t want you to disturb them.

When I was doing my work with Ants all over my desk, my friends told me that it might bite me. I told them that they won’t because they are busy collecting food to save for future. Ants or any animals don’t really harm us purposely. They are just irritated with us disturbing their livelihood.

Please don’t Scare the sweet little Ants like this. Just don’t get their way !

Lesson 6:  Do not argue with anyone. Try to be humble. Even if someone irritates you, say a word or two and move away. If your work gets disturbed because of someone, then react to it sharply but do not hate anyone. Live in peace.

7. They don’t know that we call them Ants and not by their names

I say this for fun but there’s another meaning to it. We all develop a ego in us that we need recognition for what we do. Even in Bhagavat Gita Lord Krishna asks us only to work with out expecting the result or the fruit of the work.

Ants don’t know how we perceive them or call them. They just don’t have any ego in them to ask for a special treatment. They simply contribute their part in their own little world.

Lesson 7: Do not expect the fruits of your work to be always positive. Your ego to be recognized might hinder your growth. At times when you are upset, try to come out of your worries and cheerfully continue your next work.

Hope you like it friends.

I used the photos courtesy of the Animation Movie Ants and Bugs life to add interest to this story. I just told my friends the points I wrote in green and started working on this article today as its week end.

Sai lives in every life and hence I try to do little good to all the lives I come across. In 2003, I used to drop 3 packs of sugar to Ants in the road side and even today when I have a chocolate, I throw some part of it in the bushes as I believe some Ants will be happy to have it.

Love you all,


Disclaimer: Please do not try this at your work. I care for all of you and I don’t want you to be named fool or bitten. After I told the 7 points one of my friend added “And these Ants don’t know one stupid is researching them from morning”… he he

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  1. Thank you for such a beautiful message. My dear brother. Yesterday I cleaned some 5kg rice which was filled with ants without harming them.. but such deep feeling and good lesson from so tiny creature did not cross my mind. Thank you.
    Let lord sai fill your life with lot of sweet(goodness) so that tiny ants like us can collect some and be happy

    God bless my brother. A women’s blessing always work (learnt from u)

  2. Thanks venkat.from yesterday i was very upset because one of my aunt from my in law s family told some bad words about me which i cant believe that she can do this also. But right now i m very happy because your article has made me smile from the heart. Really this article is not only relaxed me but also show me my way how to handle some people. Thanks once again.

  3. Thanks for the nice article brother….. Please provide an option to share with facebook if possible.
    Really your articles are very very nice & impressive so i would like to share this with all other friends.
    Sai bless you, Murali Sai.

  4. The Garland of One Hundred and Eight Names of the Venerable Shirdi Sai

    1. Om Srii Saaii naathaaya Namah.
    Om, to the Venerable Lord Sai, prostration !

    2. Om Laksmiinaaraayanaaya Namah.
    Om, to (Vishnu as the Sleeping God lying on waters in the interval between destruction and re-manifestation of universes) Narayana (accompanied by the Goddess of Wealth)L akshmi, prostration !

    3. Om Krishna-Raama-Shiva-Maaruty’aadi-ruupaaya Namah.
    Om, to Him whose forms Krishna and Rama, Hanuman the son of wind and so on are, prostration !

    4. Om Sheshashaayine Namah.
    Om, to Vishnu (in his aforementionned form) laying on Shesha (Divine Serpent), prostration !

    5. Om Godaavarii-tata-shiiladhii-vaasiine Namah.
    Om, to who has His abode near the shores of(the Holy river) Godavari, prostration!

    6. Om Bhakta-hridaalayaaya Namah.
    Om, to Him whose seat (His) devotees’ hearts are, prostration!

    7. Om Sarva-hrinnilayaaya Namah.
    Om, to Him whose abode the hearts of all (beings) are, prostration!

    8. Om Bhuutaavaasaaya Namah.
    Om, to Him in whom the beings dwell, prostration!

    9. Om Bhuuta bhavishyad-bhaava-varjitaaya Namah.
    Om, to Him who is bereft of past, future and present, prostration!

    10. Om Kaalaatiitaaya Namah.
    Om, to Him who transcends time (and death) prostration !

    11. Om Kaalaaya Namah.
    Om, to (Krishna in his cosmic aspect shown to Arjuna in the Bhagavadgita) who is Time, prostration !

    12. Om Kaalakaalaaya Namah.
    Om, to (Shiva as Savior of His devotee Markandeya menaced by Yama) the Death of Time, prostration !

    13. Om Kaala-darpa-damanaaya Namah.
    Om, to (Shiva in His aforementionned form) the Subduer of the pride of Time, prostration !

    14. Om Mrityunjayaaya Namah.
    Om, to (Shiva in His aforementionned form) the Death-winner, prostration !

    15. Om Amartyaaya Namah.
    Om, to the Deathless One, prostration !

    16. Om Martyaabhaya-pradaaya Namah.
    Om, to Him who gives mortals immortality, prostration !

    17. Om Jeevaadhaaraaya Namah.
    Om, to Him who sustains the living (beings), prostration !

    18. Om Sarvaadhaaraaya Namah.
    Om, to Him sustains all, prostration !
    19. Om Bhaktaavana-samarthaaya Namah.
    Om, to Him who has the power to protect His devotees, prostration !

    20. Om Bhaktaavana-pratijnaaya Namah.
    Om, to Him who promises to grant favors to (His) devotees, prostration !

    21. Om Anna-vastra-daaya Namah.
    Om, to Him who grants food and clothing, prostration !

    22. Om Arogya-kshema-daaya Namah.
    Om, to Him who grants health and patience, prostration !

    23. Om Dhana-maangalya-pradaaya Namah.
    Om, to Him who freely gives wealth and fortune, prostration !

    24. Om Riddhi-siddhi-daaya Namah.
    Om, to Him who grants (yogic)powers and realization, prostration !

    25. Om Putra-mitra-kalatra-bandhu-daaya Namah.
    Om, to Him who grants sons, friends, wives and kin, prostration !

    26. Om Yoga-kshema-vahaaya Namah.
    Om, to Him who brings forth yogic accomplishment, prostration !

    27. Om Aapad-baandhavaaya Namah.
    Om, to Him who washes away misfortunes, prostration !

    28. Om Maarga-bandhave Namah.
    Om, to (Shiva as sung in a celebrated hymn by the mystic, philospher, and literate Appayya Dikshita) the Friend along the path, prostration !

    29. Om Bhukti-mukti-swargaapavarga-daaya Namah.
    Om, to Him who grants fruitions, liberation, heaven and abandonment of rebirth, prostration !

    30. Om Priyaaya Namah.
    Om, to the Beloved One, prostration !

    31. Om Priiti-vardhanaaya Namah.
    Om, to Him who increases love, prostration !
    32. Om Antaryaamine Namah.
    Om, to (the Absolute as Paramatman, the Supreme Self) the Inner Ruler, prostration !

    33. Om Saccidaatmane Namah.
    Om, to (Paramatman) who self Being and Consciousness are, prostration !

    34. Om Nityaanandaaya Namah.
    Om, to (Paramatman) who is Eternal Bliss, prostration !

    35. Om Parama-sukha-daaya Namah.
    Om, to Him who grants supreme ease, prostration !

    36. Om Parameshvaraaya Namah.
    Om, to (Paramatman) the Supreme Lord, prostration !

    37. Om Parabrahmane Namah.
    Om, to (Paramatman) the Supreme Brahman, prostration !

    38. Om Paramaatmane Namah.
    Om, to the Supreme Self, prostration !

    39. Om Jnaana-svaruupine Namah.
    Om, to (Paramatman) whose nature very nature gnosis is, prostration !

    40. Om Jagatah pitre Namah.
    Om, to (Brahma) the Father of the universe, prostration !

    41. Om Bhaktaanaam maatri dhatri pitaamahaaya Namah.
    Om, to (Brahma) who is a mother for (His) devotees, the Bearer (of universe) and the Great Sire, prostration !

    42. Om Bhaktaabhaya-pradaaya Namah.
    Om, to Him who freely gives to (His) devotees fearlessness, prostration !

    43. Om Bhakta-paraadiinaaya Namah.
    Om, to Him who cares for (His) devotees, prostration !

    44. Om Bhaktaanugraha-kaataraaya Namah.
    Om, to Him who is very gracious to (His) devotees, prostration !

    45. Om Sharanaagata-vatsalaaya Namah.
    Om, to Him who loves those who seek refuge (in Him), prostration !

    46. Om Bhakti-shakti-pradaaya Namah.
    Om, to Him who freely gives devotion and power, prostration !

    47. Om Jnaana-vairaagya-daaya Namah.
    Om, to Him who grants gnosis and detachment, prostration !

    48. Om Prema-pradaaya Namah.
    Om, to Him who freely gives love, prostration !

    49. Om Samshaya-hridaya-daurbalya-paapakarma-vaasanaa-kshaya-karaaya Namah.
    Om, to Him who causes obliteration of doubts, heart feebleness, sins, karman( of present and past lives) and the traces (thereof), prostration !

    50. Om Hridaya-granthi-bhedakaaya Namah.
    Om, to Him who cuts off the heart knot (Upanishadic metaphor for ultimate realization), prostration !

    51. Om Karma-dhvamsine Namah.
    Om, to the Destroyer of karman (of present and past lives), prostration !

    52. Om Shuddha-sattvasthitaaya Namah.
    Om, to Him who stays in pure minds, prostration !

    53. Om Gunaatiita-gunaatmane Namah.
    Om, to (paramatman) who transcents attributes and (yet) is the very self of attributes, prostration !

    54. Om Ananta-kalyaana-gunaaya Namah.
    Om, to (Vishnu as worshipped by the Pancaratra tradition) who is possessed of infinite auspicious attributes, prostration !

    55. Om Amita-paraakramaaya Namah.
    Om, to Him whose strength is unmeasureable, prostration !

    56. Om Jayine Namah.
    Om, to the Conqueror, prostration !

    57. Om Durdharsha kshobhyaaya Namah.
    Om, to the Unconquerable and Unshakable One, prostration !

    58. Om Aparaajitaaya Namah.
    Om, to the Invincible One, prostration !

    59. Om Trilokeshu avighaatha-gataye Namah.
    Om, to (Vishnu in His descent in the world as the Brahmin dwarf, Vamana) whose going in unimpeded in the three worlds (earth, intermediate space, and heaven), prostration !

    60. Om Ashakya-rahitaaya Namah.
    Om, to Him for whom nothing is impossible, prostration !

    61. Om Sarva-shakti-muurtaye Namah.
    Om, to Him who is All-Powerful, prostration !

    62. Om Suruupa-sundaraaya Namah.
    Om, to the Handsome and Beautiful One, prostration !

    63. Om Sulocanaaya Namah.
    Om, to Him with beautiful eyes, prostration !

    64. Om Bahu ruupa vishva muurtaye Namah.
    Om, to Him of many shapes, having all forms, prostration !

    65. Om Aruupaavyaktaaya Namah.
    Om, to (Paramatman) the Formless and Unmanifest One, prostration !

    66. Om Acintyaaya Namah.
    Om, to (Paramatman) the Unthinkabale One, prostration !

    67. Om Suukshmaaya Namah.
    Om, to (Paramatman) the Subtle One, prostration !

    68. Om Sarvaantaryaamine Namah.
    Om, to (Paramatman) who is everybody’s Inner Ruler, prostration !

    69. Om Manovaagatiitaaya Namah.
    Om, to (Paramatman) who transcends mind and speech, prostration !

    70. Om Prema-muurtaye Namah.
    Om, to Him whose face Love (as the ultimate mystic experience) is, prostration !

    71. Om Sulabha-durlabhaaya Namah.
    Om, to Him easy to reach (yet) difficult to approach, prostration !

    72. Om Asahaaya sahaayaaya Namah.
    Om, the Helper of the Helpless, prostration !

    73. Om Anaathanaatha-diina-bandhave Namah.
    Om, to the Protector of those without protector, the Friend of the poor, prostration !

    74. Om Sarva-bhaara-bhrite Namah.
    Om, to Him who takes upon Himself everyone’s burden, prostration !

    75. Om Akarmaaneka-karma-sukarmine Namah.
    Om, to Him who well accomplishes the unsavory tasks, prostration !

    76 Om Punya-shravana-kiirtanaaya Namah.
    Om, to Him the hearing of whose glorification is purifying, prostration !

    77 Om Tiirthaaya Namah.
    Om, to the (holy) Ford, prostration !

    78 Om Vaasudevaaya Namah.
    Om, to (Krishna) Vasudeva’s Son, prostration !

    79. Om Sataangataye Namah.
    Om, to the Ultimate Resort of the good, prostration !

    80. Om Satparaayanaaya Namah.
    Om, to the Final End of the good, prostration !

    81. Om Lokanaathaaya Namah.
    Om, to the Lord of the worlds, prostration !

    82 Om Paavanaanaghaaya Namah.
    Om, to the Purifier Immaculate, prostration !

    83. Om Amritaamshave Namah.
    Om, to (the Moon identified with Holy Plant Soma) whose filaments give forth the juice of immortality, prostration !

    84. Om Bhaaskara-prabhaaya Namah.
    Om, to the Sun of shining halo, prostration !

    85. Om Brahmacarya-tapascaryaadi-suvrataaya Namah.
    Om, to Him whose vows are chastity, asceticism and so on, prostration !

    86. Om Satya-dharma-paraayanaaya Namah.
    Om, to Him who is the ultimate resort of truthfulness, prostration !

    87. Om Siddheshvaraaya Namah.
    Om, to Shiva of Yogic powers, prostration !

    88 Om Siddha-sankalpaaya-Namah.
    Om, to the Lord of the Realized Ones (the immortal yogin Dattatreya), prostration !

    89. Om Yogeshvaraaya Namah.
    Om, to (Shiva) the Lord of Yoga, prostration !

    90. Om Bhagavate Namah.
    Om, to the Possessor of Divine Glory, prostration !

    91. Om Bhakta-vatsalaaya Namah.
    Om, to Him who loves His devotees, prostration !

    92. Om Satpurushaaya Namah.
    Om, to the True Male (purusa), prostration !

    93. Om Purushottamaaya Namah.
    Om, to the Best among Men, prostration !

    94. Om Satya-tattva-bodhakaaya Namah.
    Om, to (the Guru) who awakens (His disciples) to the Principles of Reality, prostration !

    95. Om Kaamaadi-shad-vairi-dhvamsine Namah.
    Om, to the Destroyer of the Six Foes beginning with Desire (Desire, Anger, Greed, Hatred, Pride, and Envy), prostration !

    96 Om Abhed-aanandaanubhava-pradaaya Namah.
    Om, to Him who freely gives the actual experience of Undivided Bliss, prostration !

    97. Om Sama-sarva-mata-sammataaya Namah.
    Om, to (the Sai himself, here presented in a characteristic feature of His teaching) who approves all religious persuasions as equal, prostration !

    98. Om Shrii dakshinaa-muurtaye Namah.
    Om, to the Venerable (Shiva as the Teacher of Absolute Truth through silence) with His face to the South(the direction of Death, as identified with one of the Fires in the Vedic sacrifice), prostration !

    99. Om Shrii venkatesha ramanaaya Namah.
    Om, to Ramana, the Lord of Venkata Hill, prostration !

    100. Om Adbhutaananta-caryaaya Namah.
    Om, to Him of wonderful and blissful deeds, prostration !

    101. Om Prapannaarti-haraaya Namah.
    Om, to Him who takes away the pains of those who yield themselves (to Him), prostration !

    102. Om Samsaara-sarva-duhkha-kshaya-karaaya Namah.
    Om, to the Cause of the obliteration of every suffering of the Round of Rebirth, prostration !

    103. Om Sarvavit-sarvato-mukhaaya Namah.
    Om, to the Omniscient One, whose face is turned everywhere, prostration !

    104. Om Sarvaantar-bahih-sthitaaya Namah.
    Om, to Him who stays inside and outside all(beings), prostration !

    105. Om Sarva-mangala-karaaya Namah.
    Om, to the Cause of all auspiciousness, prostration !

    106. Om Sarvaabhiista-pradaaya Namah.
    Om, to Him who freely gives all things wished for, prostration !

    107. Om Samarasa-sanmaarga-sthaapanaaya Namah.
    Om, to Him who consolidates the Truth Path along which all experience (for the mystic) has the same taste, prostration !

    108. Om Shrii samartha sadguru Saaii naathaaya Namah.
    Om, to the Venerable Efficacious True Guru, the Lord Sai, prostration !

    Shrii Sadguru Sai Naatha Mahaaraaja kii Jaya!
    Hail Shri Sainath Maharaj, the Supreme Guru

    Shrii Guru Kii Jaya!
    Hail the Guru



    yes, its really good touch to heart. My mother she used say me this story.
    Learnt lesson for ants and nature, observe the nature which the supreme lord has created.
    From that its u will learn a lot.
    thanks for give us such a good msgs.
    thnk u once again. it will heal the wounds hearts.

  6. Om sairam venkat

    Ant story teaches a lesson of gods creations and protections. We have to protect nature and all creations from God for present and future generation. U will write moral experiences for everyone it reaches wounded hearts and also cures so many deceases.

    Thanks a lot and God bless u
    om sairam

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