Saw a divine women saint beating me and then blessing me

Sairam friends,

I worked from this morning in a project Sai inspired me to do. It was really good and then I slept off after having lunch. I kept remembering Saibaba deeply in mind. I had a dream like this.

I am in a dirty place and washing a plate. Though the place is dirty, it seems I am keeping the plate cleaning.

Then I come outside and see a Goddess Temple has organized a kind of festival for women devotees. Many women were there cleaning a kalasam. Suddenly a very divine women Saint beats me on my back. I move away to another place and again I feel the same women Saint again beats me. I hold her palm and tell her

“Beat me nicely so that all the sins I did in my past several births will be washed away”.

The Women saint holds my palm and blesses me. She was really like Mother Goddess to me.

There are few career in which you don’t really see lots of decent people around. You might have to face some problems because of it but if you remain true to yourself and pure, you will be blessed.

The same message goes for women who are true to their Husband. Scriptures tells that a women who had been a good wife and mother is more sacred than a saint who has been in tapas for thousands of years.

I have to go to printing house and am really in hurry. I really can’t forget the Divine women’s face and wrote this immediately.

Sai blessings


Edit:  I did some work on sunday and slept at 4. in evening remembering Sai. I was blessed with a dream.

It was like myself and my friend keep going out of office for break and suddenly I see myself attending a Startup demo day in Delhi. There were many Entrepreneurs and seems I won a competition but am supposed to be there during Cold season. Its so chill out there and suddenly I see all my friends there had come to have food in banana leaf. I found every one had a place and I sit some where and have food.

Then I see as if some pooja has happened in a huge hall and few women are distributing akshadha. I see lots of Akshadha – Rice over my head. Then someone gifts me a Silk saree. One lady in crowd wants a coconut as blessing. I am doing service and telling them that I wish to give the coconut to the lady and give it to her. I feel very auspicious when I saw this dream.

Ok now its evening and am starting to temples



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  1. Baba responds affectionately as we wish Him to right before our very own eyes.Baba s Blessings.Shri Sainathayanamaha.

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