Blessed darshan of Sai in Shirdi

Sairam friends, One of my Sai sister Meetu had been to Shirdi recently and wrote me her experience to share with all of you in StarSai

Sairam Venkat,

Saburi is so easy to say but so hard to follow. I sometimes feel I dont at all exist for Sai. There are so many of His followers so why He will care for me. I am just a small dust particle He has so many followers so it will not matter at all if I am not there for Him. But sometimes when and sit and think about what all He has done for me, I feel so small. Recently I had been to Shirdi….

My experience in Shirdi

You are My VVIP Meetu… I love you a lot my Bitiya…. Open or close Eyes Sai is always with you. I was supposed to go to Shirdi on Monday, as Sunday Shirdi is always crowrded with lakhs of Devotees. I have a Sai Bakth Dada. He and his wife were at Shirdi.

I happened to talk to them on Saturday and told them that I will be going to Shirdi on Monday. They somehow convinced me to come on Sunday as they are there and also asked me to reach before 11 am as they will make me to attaend Arati and they will arrange for passes.

As Sai calls a sparrow He makes all the arrangements…. now listen this I called up mummy asking whether we can go on Sunday… She agreed, Dad also said that he will come..Driver who always comes with us to Shirdi is always busy on Sunday… but He also agreed (Sai’s grace).

Next day we left home at 6.30 a.m we were already 30 minutes late by Sai’s grace we reached Shirdi at 10.45 a.m.

First Miracle… We reached Shirdi on time. 

I forgot the raisings and sweet candy that I took from home for Sai in the car and we were not able to go to the parking lot and get the same as otherwise we would had missed the Arati as after 11 am  the doors are closed till Arati is over. (I will come to the miracle how Sai accepted my offerings later part of this writeup)

Second Miracle…

We were to meet my Dada friend outside Samadhi Mandir, I was meeting them for the first time so was scared whether we will be able to recognise each other as we had only seen on wats app photo. Running here and there to get in touch as mobile phones are not allowed in side the temple, we had not choice than to search around for Dada. I said to Sai, please make me meet them and there they were in front of me.

Third Miracle – We went inside the temple through VVIP gate and here this now…

Dada is going to Shirdi from past 35 years and he is a very well known person there, which I did not knew. We sat
inside the sai temple for 2.30 hours. I saw all the process of getting Sai and the temple ready for Arati. I can never forget this moment, Some sort of vibrations going through my body. Happiness, tears, all my throat choked for all 2. 30 hours of my temple visit I have no words to describe my feelings and emotions of that time.

Just I was feeling BLESSED in every way, what more can I ask for. All this while I was feeling sad to forget the Prasad in the car. I was standing in the first row when the noon Arati began. I prayed to Sai that I want you to look into my eyes, keep you hand on my head and also I want Udi from you. But I knew how that how can Sai keep his hand on my head or look into my eyes as I was standing in the right corner and also Udi is never distributed at Samadhi temple.

Fourth Miracle

After the Arati got over, we again went to sit in the room inside Sai temple where Managing head for Sai temple sits. One can some how came from some where suddenly and she said Meow loudly and looked straight into my eyes for a second I just touché her head and again mine as a blessing, someone offered Prasad to cat she ate all the Prasad and went away.

Dada made us meet the manager and he introduced us to him. Manager gave Udi packets to us. This way Sai fulfilled two desires out of three – one looking into my eyes and giving me Udi. When we had been to Shirdi last time, the head security officer had allwed us to go from the VIP gate and hence as an appreciation Mom had taken a safari for him this time. But when we reached to give him he was not available, also we dint knew his name so we cannot ask for him.

After Arati, we went to Dwarkamai and had darshan, we sat for a while. After that dada invited us to his place for lunch. While we were having lunch, the priest who do Arati at at Sai temple came to dada’s home. Dada said that he never comes otherwise, it was a miracle that in Sai’s form priest had come and had lunch with us. Suddenly, mom said that the safari she had brought she will give to priest and also asked priest whether the Prasad I had brought can be offered to Sai at evening Arati and he agreed. I ran towards the car and brought Safari and Prasad.

Mom gave him safari and I gave him parasad. Priest kept his hand over my head and blessed me. This way Sai fulfilled my desire of Prasad to be offered and also keeping His hand on my head and mo’s desire for giving Safari.

Thanks to Dada for such a wonderful experience on the Crowded Sunday. Blessed darshan of Sai..

All this makes me think that He is there for me always listening to me and responding and He ill surely respond to other desires / prayers as well.



4 thoughts on “Blessed darshan of Sai in Shirdi”

  1. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful experience. Saibaba had stopped scary thunder, lighting just by words, saibaba has complete control over this world,, he is full of love,, his devotees are most blessedone. You know my Baba had blessed tharkad(one of his. devotee) from death.

    Sai to ok the form of Maa Kali to save tharkad from death. How much I love my sainath. Such a beautiful experience u had in shridi. I wish I could serve him all my life without complain.
    Be happy my dear meetha (darling of sai)

  2. For some people Gods and Goddesses show the path to Baba. Baba,s Blessings.Shri Sainathayanamaha.

  3. Sairam Venkat,

    Thank you for sharing my experience.

    Sairam Chandana and BP

    May Sai bless you each one of us

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