The Guru who want’s us to Save Money and not Spend unnecessarily – A request to Sai devotees

Sairam friends,

Last evening at work, they asked our team to work on Saturday. I had some work in the bank and also was planning to do some thing good for Sai.

I was making fun to my friends that I have a work in bank and going to Dubai and hence I can’t come..he he… They asked me what work.

I said,” I have to take Money in ATM” ….. LOL…….  and its a big work for me

Well,  I really had some work at bank and could do it only on Saturday. I told my friends, I can come if they want me to but they said Its OK.

After few minutes, I learnt that I don’t have to come. ( Ripley’s Believe it or Not)

So I told Saibaba in mind, This weekend I surely have to do something for you Baba. In 2007, I bought a script  and launched a Greeting Card site for Sai devotees. When ever I buy themes or script , I request people to give me  a discount and these American’s have been always kind to me. I fortunately got 10% discount,  Irrespective of little knowledge, I managed to install it and It came out very well.

A beautiful greeting card site for Sai devotees but as its said nothing is permanent in Life…I was not able to keep it running as it was taking too much bandwidth and I could not afford a dedicated server. So within one year, I had to discontinue the Site.

Planning a Relaunch:

I had some money with me and wanted to launch the site once again registering a New Domain and purchasing new version of the script. If I have money with me, I can’t stop myself from doing such stupid things and spend it easily.

I was eagerly planning this project for next couple of days. I happily went out to do my work in Bank. You know what? I inserted  ATM, thinking something deeply and kept pressing Pin Number of another Banks card I own.

After 3 times, It said “Your Card is blocked. Please contact your Bank” ….he he….

Only then I realized my mistake.

Fortunately, Sai made me take money from other card and I completed my work in Bank. Then I went to Nagasai mandhir and thanked Sai for what he did. May be Sai doesn’t want me to spend money like this.

The truth is that Sai doesn’t like it when I spend money unnecessarily and do some project. Its been 10 years, I have this habit of spending money as I wish. In 2005, I used to print posters for Shirdi Saibaba with quotes and give to devotees, I go to a very good orphanage five kms from my home and give a rice bag, sweets and biscuts to children there.

( Now a days, I am not able to go there as before. When devotees write me if I can give something to these kids also, I don’t reply because if we give commitment, we have to do it. If its my Money, then I know if its possible to visit the orphanage or not.)

I never have habit of Saving money all my life and my parents keep asking me to do it.

Sai doesn’t like getting Loan also. I mean with out a proper reason. There are Sai devotees even today taking money from friends or others and traveling to Shirdi or doing some other stuff like celebrating festival etc.

During Sai’s life time, Lala Lakshmichand came to Shirdi borrowing money from a Marwadi. Sai asked him “What is the necessity to  have darshan taking loan from Marwadi. Is your heart’s desire satisfied?”

When sai devotees who suffer from Debt issues or worse financial problem write me, I don’t know what to Say. One must be careful when it comes to Money issues. A devotee once mailed me that she trusted someone and gave all her retirement money to someone who is not returning it to her and its the money she saved for her daughters marriage.

All I can say is Sai devotees must think properly and act in  financial issues

1. Do not sign any papers giving security to others loan. ( It depends but think about it)

2. Do not give money and especially your retirement money trusting anyone.

3. Do not get loan for buying luxury goods or doing business or even if its education if you can’t afford to pay it back.

4. If someone asks for Financial help, be kind to them in giving money what you can afford to loose. I always encourage Sai children to “Give’ but one has to save guard himself. So share what you can afford and not all what you have.

5.  Each one of you might have different reasons to get loan. Getting loan for education is good but how expensive is education abroad. I have seen Sai devotees struggling to pay back loan and that’s why I wrote this article.

I don’t discourage you from getting loan.

Sai encouraged his ardent devotee Tarkad to take loan to build his house

You know what, When Tarkad didn’t listen to saibaba, when he came shirdi next time, Sai threw stones from dwarakamai and asked him to first take loan of Rs. 500 ( those days 500 was so huge ) and start building his house. Another devotee Kakasaheb wanted to help Tarkad by giving financial help but Sai din’t allow him to do it.

Sai wanted Tarkad to build his house on his own. I have seen the photo of this house in a book and surprisingly,This house is still there with some alterations in the outskits of Mumbai.

Anyway, For devotees who have financial problems, please be confident and think about your responsibility for your family. You can come out of it but its going to take some time. For some people years….I honestly can’t reply mails with such problems because you must have been careful before hand.

So here are few things you can do

1. Worship Lord Shiva as Runa Vimokshakar ( Runa is sin – Vimokshakar is one who wards of Sins. Burden of debt could be because of one’s sins in previous birth or this birth. So worship Shiva to bless you.

2. Light lamps regularly in home and temple

3.  Do Naam smaran as I always suggest – Chanting of Guru or Gods name is very powerful ….

4. Worship Goddess Durga and Mahalakshmi – Durga will ward off evil in your life and Mahalakshmi will protect your family.

5. Lead a simple life. Teach your children to save money and be a example yourself.

If you are into financial problems, Be confident, You can come out of any problems by grace of Sai. Learn to lead a simple life and spend less. You don’t have to be a miser but have to be careful while spending.

So what’s the Moral of the story

” Earn Money. Save Money”

To tell this to all of you, Sai made me block my Atm card.

I get inspiration to write articles from little things that happens in Life or that I come across. What matters is,

If I can bring peace and happiness in at least few hundred families who love Sai, That satisfies me.

One of my Sai friend from Bhubaneswar wrote me before 5  years about his financial problem and his company is going to get shut down. His daughter was in schooling doing 12th class then.  I used to write him to be confident and light lamps regularly. He used to Say that his daughter is lighting lamps believing in Sai.

Two years back, he mailed me saying he is doing well and happy now.

See the mail my friend sent

“sairam bhai,

thanks for the mail.

by Sai baba’s grace things are improving in all fronts.
Elder daughter is in 3rd year computer science. she is doing well and
simultaneously attending coaching class to get into MBA after engineering.

younger daughter has cleared her class 10 board exam securing 92.7%.
she will get admission to college . now she is attending coaching for IIT entrance.
wife and parents are ok.
hope everything is alright at your end.


( A devotee friend from Bhubaneswar, Orrissa)

I never reveal personal mails from devotees to others but I posted this because it helps other devotees who are suffering to believe “Shradha and Saburi works wonders”

Have Faith and Patience and continue to believe someday your life will be good even if that’s going to take months or years.

How sweet is it to get such a mail from a Father who wrote me with so much of financial burden years back. I had tears in eyes when ever  I hear they are doing well. That was 3 years before. Now I hope his daughters are doing good and pray Sai for their family welfare. Recently, he wrote

“well my elder daughter completed her B.E this year and by baba’s grace pursuing her MBA in IIT Roorkee.”

Vow….I was exited..

So that’s second moral of this story

Be determined that your Son/ Daughter gets good Education no matter what happens in your career or business.

I don’t want to disclose name of my friend as its too personal but trust me, this is what Star Sai does. It brings devotees in some corner of the world when they are suffering and at least one in 100 who came to starsai write me with gratitude.

Where is Venkat and Where’s some family in Bhubaneswar? I will never meet them nor going to speak to them once in my lifetime. To me, Its Sai’s work. If you believe in Sai and have patience, You too can bring happiness and prosperity back in your family.

No matter how worse my kiddish language is, If its going to bring a positive change in somone’s life, That’s all I need.

“A positive Change”



Always in the holy feet of Shirdi Sai Baba

5 thoughts on “The Guru who want’s us to Save Money and not Spend unnecessarily – A request to Sai devotees”

  1. dear sairamji

    you are right. I did too many of those mistakes as mentioned by you. Now I have realised it.



  2. Sairam Rajkumar,

    You are right but my personal opinion is that as you wrote me earlier, How many Sai Trusts are using the money really for the poor and needy? Its not necessary to give one’s wealth to a sai trust unless if they are really good people running it. Donating to any Social cause like education, healthcare, research is also noble act.

    The wealthy people in India just want to push their wealth to their children and not share a single percent of it for a social cause.

    Billgates, Warren buffett and few others were planning to come India to encourage the rich here to pledge to use their wealth for social cause. Look at some of the Hollywood actors, they are very kind to help people living in far off countries. Recently I read a article in Businessline saying our actors and celebrities money are used in lavish parties and personal expenses.

    No use writing about it… we must be happy for good people who are not wealthy but are honestly working for a social cause.

  3. Sairam. Truly Baba speaks through your words. A great strength to the desolate heart n soul. Thanx a lot and pray Sai for ur gud work.
    Thanx a lot. Sairam

  4. om sai Ram

    I have seen ur articles, Really it s inspiring to me…
    Thank you for giving sch a nice article abt coconut lamp..

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