When Krishna holds Rukmini’s palm and lifted her to him, Who could stop? A divine Romance and Wedding

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I usually read spiritual books these days making sure I don’t upset parents  as they feel that am either in Temple or reading some Gods or Saints book or listening to some Mantra or doing some Pooja.  They want me to be normal and Happy.. Normal means going out to movies, be with friends and what else.  Yes, I try to be normal as much as I can but my mind gets back to Sai. These days, they don’t bother me much as I promised them to say surely by end of June I might find someone I like.

There was a power cut at home and it was actually a blessing as it stops me from my addiction to internet. I had a very Old book of Sri Krishna called “Glory of Krishna” published in 1983 which i got in Nagasai mandhir years back. Some devotee has kept the old book in Dwarakamai which the priest asked me to take if am interested.  This article is written inspired by what i read courtesy of the author.

I opened a page which was written so beautifully…It was about Rukmini’s Wedding with Sri Krishna.

krishna rukmini
Krishna Lifts Rukmini to him Majestically – Painting used courtesy of Artist

Beautiful, Accomplished, and Virtuous Rukmini:

There was a King called Bheeshmaka who ruled the kingdom of Vidharba. He had five sons of which eldest is Rukmi and  one daughter who is Rukmini. Rukmini was so beautiful, accomplished and virtuous. Hearing about the glories of Krishna, his beauty and deeds she wished to marry him.

Her father Bheeshmaka also wished that his daughter Rukmini will be happy if she married Sri Krishna. But the eldest son Rukmi opposed the proposal as he found nothing good about Krishna.  He felt Krishna was bought up in a cowherds place and used to steal butter etc

He felt Krishna is also a coward as he ran away from Mathura and was living in an island in the Sea.

Rukmi wanted to give his sister in marriage to Sisupala who was the price of Chedi. Bheeshmaka didn’t liked his son’s suggestion but he had to agree by force. Thus marriage preparation of Rukmini with Sisupala started in a big way.

Rukmini in Pain:

Rukmini was not able to bear what happened to her life by her brother’s decision. She can’t live without her beloved Krishna even for a minute. So she sent a Brahmin to Krishna that he should come and rescue her from the tragedy. How beautiful and deep is Rukmini’s love on Krishna that she warned him that if he doesn’t come and rescue her from getting married to Sisupala, she would end her life?

Krishna’s love on Rukmini:

Krishna too loves Rukimi so much and had learned about her virtues and Beauty.  Krishna started immediately to the capital of Vidarbha. Balaram followed Krishna with a big army. In Sisupala’s side, his friends Jarasandha and Salwa were ready with large armies to the place where wedding is about to happen.

Rukmini worships Goddess Ambika:

The marriage was about to happen in few minutes. According to custom, the bride is supposed to visit temple of Ambika before the marriage ceremony. So Rukmini goes on foot to the temple of Goddess Ambika near the palace. While coming back from the temple the entire crowd was shocked and surprised……

Sri Krishna emerged from the crowd, holds Rukmini’s palm and Lifted her to him. The Chariot drove off majestically.

Everyone in the crowd were shouting and trying to follow Krishna to capture him. But this is Sri Krishna the great – the divine heroic lover took his sweetheart Rukmini to Dwaraka.

Once they reached Dwaraka, Sri Krishna married Rukmini in all pomp and glory.

krishna rukmini wedding
Sri Krishna Rukmini wedding – Painting used by courtesy of Artist Thank you

The author goes on to explain the meaning behind this beautiful Divine Romance and Wedding:

The message of Rukmini to Krishna requesting to rescue her speaks of devotion and humility worthy of a cultured and well-bought-up girl.

To be under control of Sense organs is the tragedy of Jeeva, the soul. We  live in the clutches of Sense Organs.

Here Bheesmaka is body

Rukmini is Jeeva – The soul

Her five brothers are the sense organs

The senses will always be trying to unite the jeeva with the childish aspirations of materialistic gains, family, etc – Samsar.

So they decide to give their sister in marriage to Sisupala.

Every Jeeva wants to get rid of the karmic bond and freed from such clutches but they are not able to conquer the forces of the senses and thus remain in their bondage.  But as the author interprets, The jeeva – Soul which has got enough merits and maturity reaches the divine destination.

So to reach this divine destination, the Jeeva – soul needs someone who knows Truth, a teacher symbolized here by the Brahmin who takes Rukminis message to Sri Krishna. In spite of all this external help, the jeeva is weak to break its bondage. Only the Lord must come down and life her up with his own holy hands.

When Krishna holds Rukmini’s palm and lifted her to him, Who could stop?

Rukmini is so devoted to Krishna and wanted to Marry him. How can the Sri Krishna let her down to another man who doesn’t deserve her. Krishna came riding his horse and took her safe to his Dwaraka and married her. Rukmini reached her divine destination – Her Krishna.

How beautifully this incident was portrayed in the book “Glory of Krishna” . Please find this book and read if fully. You will be blessed. I am writing this part alone because millions of Devotees including me keep praying Krishna and any Gods we love and also our Guru with desires of our senses.

We never know what really is good for us. Due to my past experiences, When ever I like some girl I suddenly feel may be I am going to suffer if i marry this girl and she’s not the one Sai has chosen for me. So I postpone making my parents worry a lot.

I wish like Rukmini, Krishna lifts me too and shows me a way to lead a Good life. Ever since, I saw Sai in the form of Sri Krishna which i wrote in below article, I keep saying Krishna, “You came in my dream and blessed me with a gift. Now when I am in pain,please show me a way”

Respect Women – A Shirdi Saibaba dream that inspired me to show devotion on Shri Krishna and Draupadi

I will never forget the way Krishna has blessed me with few dreams especially the way Radhe Krishna came to my pooja place.

Radha krishna came by Sai Leela – Surprised how a vision in wake up state can materialize

Many people think being spiritual is so unromantic and I am not really enjoying my life. Well, It depends, I learned to see Love and Romance in Krishna. You too could…

I wish to post a song that many Krishna devotees might like to listen. Thanks to the devotee who uploaded it on Youtube.

Krishna Nee Begane Baro – O Krishna, come here soon

Krishna Nee Begane Baro  Translation:

Kastoori Tilakam (in Sanskrit)

Kastoori Tilakam lalaada bhalake: With the tilak of saffron on your smooth forehead.

Vakshsthale Kausthuvam: With the ornament of Kausthuvam on your chest.

Naasagre Nava-Mouktigam: On the nose, you have Nava-mouktigam (Nine pearls)

Karatale Venum, Kare Kanganam: On the fingertips there is flute, wrists have golden bracelets

Sarvaange Hari-Chandanam cha kalayan: Your whole body is covered with Hari-Chandan (Sandalwood paste)

Kanthe Cha Muktavalim: with pearl choker on His neck

Gopastree Parivisthito: And to the Gopis (cowherd girls) who revolve around you

Vijayate Gopala Choodamanim: Victory to you, O ornament of all the Gopalas (cowherds)

Krishna Nee Begane Baro (in Kannada language)

Krishna nee begane baro : O Krishna, Come hither soon!

Begane baro mukhavanne toro : Come hither soon, and show me your attractive face.

Udiyalli udugejje beralalli ungura,
koralallu haakidha Vaijayanthi Maala : Come Wearing the golden belt on the waist, rings on the
fingers. And wearing the Vaijayanthi Maala (chrysanthemum garland) around your neck.

Taayige baayalli jagavannu toridha,
jagato dhaaraka namma Udupi Shree Krishna
The one who showed his mother the whole universe in his
mouth, The sustainer of the world, Come, O udupi Krishna.

Hope you also felt lifted by Krishna by reading this beautiful leela of Krishna and Rukmini’s Divine love on Krishna. Please try to find this beautiful Book.

Sai, please do your leela,

Krishna, take me with you so that I know that I am leading a Divine Life….


I woke up this morning and wanted to write something that makes all devotees realize how Radha must have felt when other Gopi’s were around Krishna. So posted a song in below link. Am in hurry to start to work. They asked me to come early but I didn’t told parents early as they won’t let me sit and write as I wish…he he…

A girl who wrote me in 2010 about her problems mailed me today that She’s getting married soon…So starting the day with Good News.



always in the holy feet of Shirdi Sai baba.

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