Wish to start my work again at night

Sairam friends,

In my previous job, they honestly never let me do anything I wish to do. I kept learning a lot but always wondered if I can survive if I move to other organizations.

So I used to do some side hustle and used most of the night hours productively. In my current job, there’s lots of work and I also feel little satisfied for what I do.

Just that, I am thinking why I completely stopped all my side hustle? It’s not safe to be like this. I feel that I am trying to lead a very comfortable life as if my career is going to be safe for lifetime.

Sai can only do a leela for us by giving an opportunity. We should take efforts to secure our career and life.

I wish to be careful with my life and start working at night too. I do nothing at night and hence I feel Saibaba is not happy with me.

For people who live in metro cities or who travel long distance for work, its hectic to reach home and hence they may not spare time at night to do something productive.

But I stay in my own native town and hence I am not so tired. I am simply not working.

The message I want to convey is this..

When Saibaba does something to help us, we should show him that we will really work hard and become a deserving individual.

Please make use of your time.

Sai will help those who are dedicated, passionate about their work and keep being active.

Sai blessings


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