Sai devotion will bless you with what you don’t have in destiny

Sairam friends,

Something very strange about Saints is the way they teach you few lessons in life by giving you experiences – Good and also difficult.

One has to realize what’s good for their life and behave accordingly.

Basically, All of us have some fate based on our past karma. Its our destiny. If we are not supposed to get something in life, we won’t get. Never.

There are several people who choose a career stream when they are young but after few years they will eventually be in some other profession or business.

There are few who wish to marry someone but they end up marrying someone else.

This, probably has to do with one’s destiny.

I personally believe in “intense faith in Saibaba”

Its not that Sai can do all that you desire but what ever he thinks is right for you, he will do it.

It takes time. Weeks.Months and even several years but Sai devotion has an ability to bless one with what he/she don’t have in their destiny.

There are couples who have come to Saibaba seeking blessing to have a child. Sai once told a devotee “There’s no Son for you in destiny but I will bring him.”

As Saibaba assured, the couples were blessed with a child.

Have immense patience and intense faith on Saibaba. Sai will certainly show you a way.


2 thoughts on “Sai devotion will bless you with what you don’t have in destiny”

  1. sairam
    leaving everything to destiny and make our mind closed with the thought – ‘what is going to happen shall happen eventually – however u try for something if that is not destined for u you will not get it’ is not correct approach according to my mindset.
    SAI shall BREAK the barrier and shall make it happen – even if it is impossible.
    As u have written PATIENCE is the key.


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