Who wants the Silver coins which Sai Baba has thrown in the Lendi Baugh?

Sairam friends,

I have been to Shirdi before over 5 years. I am really missing those beautiful days when I can go to Shirdi as I wish. Shirdi would have changed a lot now with more hotels, buildings and crowd. So the more sophisticated Shirdi becomes, the lesser it will carry the past beauty. How are we going to remember the Shirdi when Sai Baba lived. Hence, I always imagine as if I do a time travel to Shirdi during Saibaba’s life time.

Most Sai devotees know about Dwarakamai and Chavadi in Shirdi. Dwarakamai is an old Masjid where Sai lived. In Maharastra, most of the villages have Chavadi. This is where villagers meet and discuss about any recent issues or problems. Devotees requested Saibaba to stay in Chavadi every alternative day.

Behind Dwarakamai, There is Gurusthan and within few meters from there is the beautiful garden of Shirdi – Lendi Baugh.  Its not just a garden as it is today. A small river was flowing through it. Its like stream of water. Sai Baba used to go to Lendi Baugh everyday. Sai waters the plants and also takes care of animals living there.

One of the habits of Shirdi Saibaba is to test his devotees if they are greedy for money. Saibaba used to get some silver and gold coins as dakshina from devotees who are well to do. Baba never cares for these coins. At times, he gifts it to poor devotees but sometimes he never wanted wealth to spoil people.

Sai takes these silver coins to Lendi Baugh and throws them into the water running through the Lendi Baugh garden. Then, Saibaba will come back to Dwarakamai. If any devotee who comes to have darshan of Saibaba takes the silver coin, Sai will realize they are greedy for money. If these devotees don’t bother for the silver coins, Sai will bless them immensely with good health, peace and prosperity.

The moral of story is simple.

“We must earn money by working for it and not accept or take money just because we were lucky”

I have already write an article about this – Wealth and Women – Shirdi Saibaba’s exam

You might find these silver coins in your life too. Such easy way to make money might come in any form but be careful and ask Saibaba in your heart for few days if you are doing the right thing.

Saibaba will guide you for sure. If Sai is silent, he is just testing you. So think what is good for your life and act.

Who wants the silver coins Saibaba has thrown in the Lendi Baugh?

Hope its not you.


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