Wish I create a place for Shirdi Sai Baba in United States of America where people get affordable Coffee and food

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Sairam friends,

We came back from our trip to Badlands and Black hills. I was really feeling inspired at Mt.Rushmore where I saw the statue of the 4 Presidents of United States carved on the mountain.

I will write more about this trip after I come to India. I have a week here in the United States.

After a week, I went to the park near my Sister’s home and was walking alone when it was dark. I smile to few people I come across and say hello to them. I am really sad thinking about my Sister’s health and also the responsibilities she carries.

Anyway, I don’t wanna get into the detail.

I just wish to convey my desire.

My parents had Indian food while traveling but my Sister asked me to have food in restaurants. I also told that its important that I know the kind of food available here because when I go alone, I really blink as I haven’t tried any.

Further, its difficult to get Vegetarian food here as we desire.

In one of the restaurants in Hill City, I really loved the Corn nuggets, Onion Ring and Sandwich.

The girl who served us asked where are you guys from

“I said, I stay in Sioux falls now but am actually on my vacation from India”

She asked me..

‘Is it prettier than there”

Meaning, is America or probably Black Hills prettier than India.

I said , “Yes. Its pretty. I love it here”

She continued to say

“I always wanted to be there (to India) but never got an opportunity”

That’s when I realized while we are going to the U.S thinking its beautiful, people in other countries desire visiting India.

Well, people wish to travel. I agree but what I liked was this girl doing a waitress job startingĀ  a conversation with me.

My Sister said, probably, she’s doing her studies and saving some money for college or other stuff.

My BIL also told me that there are few people in the U.S too who have not traveled beyond few states as they would have not got any opportunity.

There’s a reason I write this incident.

Life isn’t easy just because they live in a developed country. I saw another old women wearing jeans, T-Shirt, iPad’s in the pocket and working with so much enthusiasm her waitress job.

I told my BIL and Sister

“I like this old Women. She’s working with so much excitement. I like ordinary people in America. I like ordinary people in India. They keep themselves happy irrespective of the hardships they face in life”

In the featured photo, you can see the beautiful house where we stayed during our trip. I loved it so much. There’s a little pond behind the home. Every morning, I woke up and went for a walk with my Camera. Every day, my Sister would check on my wound in my palm and apply ointment. My Mom and Sister made delicious food for us.

Though my Sister’s home has bath tub as its usual for American homes, I never use it. In the home we stayed during trip, the bath tub was big and beautiful.

I told my Sister that I had never taken bath in a bath tub all my life. I was blinking on how to turn on the shower above the tub. She instructed me how to use and it shouted at me saying

“You are going to come here (U.S) regularly and hence must get used to shower”

She told that to me because she found that while at home, I am not having bath in Shower and fulling water in bucket, using mug and pouring on head. he he..

Today, I told my Sister that She must take care of her health and that my “American dream” is possible only if she’s healthy. I mean to say, as she desires, even if I have to travel to U.S once in a while, I will be happy only if She’s healthy.

I get really sad these days as there’s hardly a week for us here in the U.S. I can stay for 6 month but I have to think about my parents health and some odd job I have to hold on to back in India.

My Sister told me “You can come here anytime you wish for 2 weeks. IĀ  can get your flight tickets and its not a big deal”.

Well…I have a Sister to say this. To tell the world that I have a Sister who loves me dearly.

The man who rented the home during our trip came in a horse to greet us. His Dog Maggie is so cute that made me remember the Dog whom I used to feed in my office – Snowy.

I experienced such a love in this Dog Maggie that I felt so happy

Yesterday, We went shopping to give some gifts to neighbor’s and friends when we go back to India.

I told my Sister that I wish to get a beautiful watch and hand bag for the girl I marry. I mean, if there’s something called “marriage” in my life.

She laughed and told me that She will be sending gifts and also coming to India to see the girl I marry. I told her, I still wish to get a gift for the girl I marry before I go back to India.

I could be foolish to do this because I don’t know any girl who would like me.

Having said that, I know my life is in India. The first thing, I would want the girl I marry ( Oh yeah…If at all I marry) to do is, She should be smart enough and manage by Sai grace to get a 10 year Visa to U.S. This way, I can always come to meet my Sister.

The people of United States of America needs Shirdi Sai Baba for sure!

This is a beautiful country but certainly there are challenges. I don’t know how life is going to be for American’s in the years to come. While traveling from Rapid City to Sioux falls, I was mesmerized by the vast landscapes. There were couple of restaurants near the Missouri river where we can have food.

One thing that came in my mind was this…

I am not trying to spread Sai devotion in U.S. I don’t like making anyone worship a Saint or fooling them in the name of religion. One must come to Sai naturally.

So my intention is not to built a Shirdi Sai Baba temple.

My desire is to build a Divine theme park for Sai.

It must be situated close to the highway where people who travel can park their cars and walk in to have affordable Coffee and healthy food. It should be Vegetarian food but should satisfy everyone.

When I say affordable Coffee and food, I mean, the restaurant should be run as a service to make people happy that they tasted healthy food for less.

One thing I learnt from my Sister is that we should never make people religious. It spoils them. Rather, we should inspire and motivate them to make their life better.

So even in India, my desire is to build a School in future and not a Sai temple.

When it comes to the U.S, I wish to build this theme park for Sai which has a restaurant so big that everyone going by that highway can have good food in it.

Why is Saibaba important for the people of United States of America?

Well, I wish they know him.

Its up to them to worship him or not but they should know Sai.

I hope my dream comes true in the years to come!

Om Sai Ram


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