Lessons I learnt from my Sister

Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

Happy Ganesha Chaturti.

My parents and myself and starting back to India on September 18th flight. I had wonderful time with my Sister and family for the past 40 days. I never knew that I will be visiting U.S to meet my Sister even before few month. When I had a dream as if I am in U.S and my Sister is getting me a new mobile, I was wondering why Sai shows me such dreams because the actual plan was for my Sister to visit India during May 2018.

When I fell off while biking, my mobile fell down and hence the screen got broken. It continues to work though. Several times my Sister asked if I need a new mobile but I tell her that I will manage with the old one and after a year buy a new one in India.

People who educate me that dreams are just my own imagination has to be slapped well on their face because I am wondering how Predetermined few incidents in life are? How can Saibaba tell me that I will visit U.S when there was no such possibilities or plan?

Even when I prepared myself with a new mobile for U.S visit, I fell down, broke the mobile screen and was pulled into a situation where my Sister would ask if I need new one?

These incidents doesn’t surprise me at all because I know Sai and how his dreams has worked in my life.

The only reason I denied getting a new mobile is because no matter what my Sister gifts me, I feel sad often because I am going too far from her once again.

My Sister speaks harsh when she gets angry for small issues but She’s wonderful at heart and always takes care of me with affection.

Here are the few lessons I learnt from my Sister..

1.Don’t be too religious

I am really not religious as others assume. Several time, I have mentioned that I go to Saibaba temple simply to relax, do some little work with my friends and also to chat with my friends. I also like to be in a new environment like temples and like to sit calm in a corner thinking about life. Irrespective of all this, I learnt that its more important to do good karma for myself and also to others than being religious.

2.  Be an expert in your work

Life in U.S isn’t that easy. People here have challenges as we face in any other country. My Sister took us to her research lab and while driving back told me that she has to be among top 10% of scientists in America to actually get funding from the government organizations. Defending and convincing that its worth to fund her research is a hard task. I see her collaborating with other experts across the country. I see her working hard for what she wants to achieve.

She often tells my Mom

“Only God is making me do this research on kidney diseases”

Some people had visited Lab of my Sister and Brother in law few weeks back and thanked them as their kid has a rare disease and we don’t have right treatment for the same.

Someone, somewhere will be benefited after several years by ideas and work of my Sister and scientists like her.

When I look back at what I do in my office, I do some odd work. I don’t see myself growing which is one of the reason I was trying to meet professionals in the U.S. I did not got any which upsets me but I still have hope.

I will be happy if I can do something that enables few more guys from the place I work to visit U.S officially. The reason is that, you should travel when you are young. I crossed 2/3rd of my life and now, I simply don’t have that much excitement. Even when my Sister said that She can book tickets for me to travel to other big cities in America, I told her that I am happy being in her home.

Anyway, I will continue to work in the same place in Coimbatore as I don’t have any other option.  I love Coimbatore that I can’t look for jobs in other cities in India.

3. Don’t bother any girls

I discussed with my Sister on how I feel bad when people treat me as if I am behind girls. She asked me to mind my business and never bother any girls. She said may be, they feel you are creepy. Having said that, the only girl I had bothered to my knowledge in the girl Sai showed in dream from September 2016. Oh yeah..its exactly 2 years as of today – Sept 13th.

I regret for the what ever I did as I trust Sai dreams. Well, I just mailed her. Because I mailed her in the beginning, I repeatedly mailed trying to understand Sai and if I will get any clue on why Sai should show such dreams? I shed tears, prayed, pleaded and questioned Sai on why he did this to me but he continues to remain calm.

I lost my peace of mind because of this issue and it still confuses me. Couple of weeks back I was about to say this to one of this guy but thankfully, I opened Sai Satcharita and it came to the page where Sai says

‘What ever you want, ask it directly from me”

So I can only depend on Sai to bless me with answer and clarity. This is the only issue which makes me get really depressed since I am not someone who writes to a girl for no reason. I don’t like her at all these days as she thinks I am behind her. I am too old to bother any girl. I felt painful Sai made me write to a girl whos in relationship. I even wish that she gets married soon since thats her life. She doesnt have to react so mean. Anyway, its between Sai and me. If Sai showed me a dream, he should help me when I am embarrassed. I hate writing about this girl but i might until Sai says me the reason. I want Sais words to be meaningful.

When ever I come across girls in the U.S, who speak normally to me, I feel its better to go out with someone here and settle down here trying for a job.

But do I really like moving to America? I have all opportunities and reasons to move here. I wonder what’s stopping me. May be, I love to be near parents as they are too old and weak now.

This is what my Sister told me..

If you like some girl, know her, understand her and marry her. Else, be happy for being single and live your life.

Since I insisted, She got me a beautiful watch for the girl I am going to marry ( If I marry).

I was adamant when we went shopping to get a watch for the imaginary girl I am going to marry since the first gift I wanna give the girl I like is the one my Sister got for her.

4. Help people and do good deeds

I see my Sister helping her friends and colleagues. She motivates others to do their work well. When someone is sick, she makes food for them and takes it for them. I wonder if I have done anything like this for my friends in India? I have very few whom I trust.

Infact, when we went shopping to buy shirts for my friends, I told her that the shirts are so nice and I wanna keep all of them…he he.

She insisted that I should give it as gift atleast to some friends. Why should my Sister spend so much money getting gifts for my friends she never knew?

I bought 4 shirts for my friends in office and 2-3 Watches for my friends in Saibaba temple in Coimbatore

All this made made me realize that one has to be broadminded and do good deeds and make others happy.

5. Being a wonderful Mother

There are girls who quit their job saying they wanna take care of their kids. My Sister took break for a year and managed to get back to work. I understand raising children is hard but there are thousands of women who do both. They work and also take care of their kids. I can see the hard work my Sister does in her work and also how responsible she is taking care of my niece. What ever my niece asks, my Sister cooks for her. When she wanted some thing to eat outside, she immediately takes her in car and gets her. I don’t think I am doing such hard work at all.

My Sister is managing everything on her own.

There’s more to learn from my Sister but my time’s up to come back to India.

I am thankful to Sai that atleast my Sister built her life in U.S

She doesn’t have to face the sufferings I face sitting in India.

The features photo is the one taken in Macy’s shop. My Sister was selecting shirts to gift my friends. Which ever Shirt she shows asking “Idhu poduvangala”, I replied “Idha naan podoven”.

She told me not to keep all the shirts for myself and gift few to others.

We had fun while shopping!

When I go back to India with a broken screen on my mobile, I know some might ask why can’t I get a new mobile in the U.S?

Sometimes when my Sister drives us, she touches me and tells my Mom and Dad

“I am happy Venkat is here”


I am not here to collect things. I am here to collect moments.

Moments that nothing in this whole world can give me.

The presence of my Sister near me.

Sai, bless my Sister, BIL and Katya with good health and peace of mind. She should be successful in all that she desires to work on.

Om Sai Ram


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