My sweet little Mom is getting feeble

Sairam friends, Happy Mother’s day. On Friday evening, I was little upset over something but I went to Saibaba temple and felt good. I returned home and got a news which synced with the dreams Saibaba blessed me with. I always told Sai, please do something to make my parents understand that you are working … Read more

As your parents grow older…

Sairam, I have been writing a lot on this topic earlier. This morning I had many dreams but forgot most part of it. I just remember the part in which I see myself in a huge hall. It was built only with bricks and no cement. It was like an old age home where many … Read more

This New Year, Celebrate your Mom

Sairam friends, On December 23rd 2016 StarSai silently ran through its 12th year and stepped into its 13th year. Thanks for all the trust and love many of you had shown on me over the years and encouraged me to do little I can for Sai Children. I had some good happenings in 2016 but … Read more

How my parents serve God and Goddess?

Sairam friends, We have this small Siddhi Vinayakar temple in our colony where we live for several years. Some of my Father’s friends join together to do serve in the Temple like taking care of the temple administration, Monthly shopping for Pooja items, organization festivals etc. Some uncle also does physical work in the temple … Read more

What is real love and help?

Sairam friends, I did not write couple of days because during weekends, I have other work to do or read books. On Friday night, I traveled to my Mom’s native place as her younger brother had gone through a surgery. I started back the same day. I was so tired on Sunday and slept off. … Read more