As your parents grow older…


I have been writing a lot on this topic earlier. This morning I had many dreams but forgot most part of it. I just remember the part in which I see myself in a huge hall. It was built only with bricks and no cement. It was like an old age home where many elderly people who are homeless and poor were sleeping. I am walking around the hall and looking at these people trying to wake up as the day breaks in.

I just remember this part of the dream alone.

I woke up and prayed Sai to bless me to take care of my parents as they get old. I can move out of this place seeking better opportunity but I will regret that for lifetime. Many youngters living abroad write to me saying my Mom or Dad is not well and I am not able to help them. When your priority is your career and getting what ever you desire in terms of monetary gains, you might have to sacrifice the other part of life.

I wrote an article few years back here – Show Love to your Mom & Dad when they need you most

Saibaba has made me realize something strange over these years. He never gives anything that will hinder our responsibilities towards parents. So I told him give me only that would help me be there for my parents when they need me most.  Having said that, What am I doing for my parents? I don’t think much. I am just here with them. I live with them. I don’t think I help them except for the few household chores I do when the maid doesn’t turn up.

Sometimes, your presence matters a lot as your parents gets old.

So make sure you plan your life accordingly. Not all can do this though. I am just asking you to keep your parents as priority when you plan your life.

I love the quote in the featured photo

“Clarity and focus doesn’t always come from God or inspirational quotes. Usually, it takes your mother to slap the reality back into you.”
― Shannon L. Alder

How true is it because a Mother knows what’s best for you.

Keep your Mom and Dad safe and secured like a treasure Sai blessed you with!

Om Sai Ram



1 thought on “As your parents grow older…”

  1. ”keep your parents as priority when you plan your life. ”

    dear venkat ji,
    your words are really Sai Baba’s guidance. Before reading this article, some time before I prayed Sai baba that, Baba I wish my parents happiness more than mine. So plz make my life worthwhile for them.
    Venkat ji, Your words always showing me a way, how to live, how to think, what to do next, how to overcome from some difficulties or pain. When I’m in confusion, Some times I’m reading Sai Satcharitha or sometimes Baba telling me to read Venkat ji’s article in Star Sai, and your words is Sai Baba’s guidance. Thankful to you. Om Sai Ram !!

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