My sweet little Mom is getting feeble

Sairam friends,

Happy Mother’s day.

On Friday evening, I was little upset over something but I went to Saibaba temple and felt good. I returned home and got a news which synced with the dreams Saibaba blessed me with. I always told Sai, please do something to make my parents understand that you are working on my life and Sai did that to me.

Just that I can’t prove my friends at work that Sai really showed me few dreams. I feel really embarrassed for all that happened but I have to move on with my life. Its honestly painful. As I get older, I just wanna add meaning to my life. I wish to create an impact in others life through what I do.

I can’t bear when I see my Mom getting sick Baba. Please heal her by your grace.

From March 2017, My Mom was sick once in a while. Last week, She offered her hair as she prayed Lord Murugan in Palani hills. She wanted to claimb the hill by walking.When I held her arms, I could feel that she has become more feeble. I really can’t understand why she must go through all this Sai?

I love her immensely but what am I doing for her?

When ever you get an opportunity to make your parents happy, do it right away because as they get old, their health gets worse.

I pray Sai for every Son and Daughter takes care of their Mom and Dad no matter how busy they get with their life.

Here’s the video I made on Jan1st 20017.



2 thoughts on “My sweet little Mom is getting feeble”

  1. Om Sai Ram ..My mom at the age of 60 is taking care of my married brother ..Be it preparing breakfast ..Making his tiffin or getting his clothes washed ..Ironed ..arranged in the almirah…She even picks up the utensils from his room when he has finished eating..When she asks me to do something even I reply her “he is much older than me can’t he do something on his own it’s not that household work is for girls or moms”..Maa is a human being na ..She gets angry sometimes ..she sounds harsh sometimes I know but we are younger na whatever we do ..Atleast we can control our tongue and temper ..He shouted at her saying that he does triple hardwork at office..I know he loves her .. maybe someday he will realise what it takes to be a houseworker..A mom..Sai bless every mother who takes care of her children ..Not minding their words..Their carelessness..Their age..

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