Share Stories of your Mom and Dad – Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance by Barack Obama

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Sairam friends,

Barack Obama’s life makes a wonderful story which shows the nature of the Man and his determination. He has revealed lots about his life that makes him a man of honesty and truth.

It’s incredibly well-written, readable and interesting. As a little boy Obama lived in Hawaii .His father left his mother when he was just 2 years old in Hawaii and went to U.S to peruse his Phd in Economics. As a little boy Obama lived in Hawaii and also in an Islamic country like Indonesia.

The family moved to Jakarta. When Obama was ten, he returned to Hawaii under the care of his grandparents (and later his mother) for the better educational opportunities available there. He was enrolled in the fifth grade at Punahou School, a private college-preparatory school, where he was one of only six black students at the school.

Obama attended Punahou School from the 5th grade until his graduation from high school in 1979. Obama writes: “For my grandparents, my admission into Punahou Academy heralded the start of something grand, an elevation in the family status that they took great pains to let everyone know.” There he met Ray (Keith Kakugawa), who introduced him to the African-American community

Upon finishing high school, Obama moved to Los Angeles, where he enrolled at Occidental College, where he describes living a “party” lifestyle of drug and alcohol use.

Something described so honestly that you believe that even men who were into drugs when they were young can turn out to be president. You can change your life no matter what. All that takes is ability to believe in yourself and your dreams.

After two years at Occidental, he transferred to Columbia College at Columbia University, in New York City, where he majored in political science

Upon graduation, he worked for a year in business. He moved to Chicago, where he worked for a non-profit doing community organizing in the Altgeld Gardens housing project on the city’s South Side.

Obama recounts the difficulty of the experience, as his program faced resistance from entrenched community leaders and apathy on the part of the established bureaucracy. During this period, Obama first visited Chicago’s Trinity United Church of Christ, which became the center of his spiritual life

Before attending Harvard Law School, Obama decided to visit relatives in Kenya. He recounts part of this experience in his book’s final, emotional scene.Obama used his memoir to reflect on his personal experiences with race and race relations in the United States.

Obama wrote this Book in 1995 years before he became President of United States of America. A New York Times article describes as below..

A Promise of Redemption By PAUL WATKINS

All men live in the shadow of their fathers — the more distant the father, the deeper the shadow. Barack Obama describes his confrontation with this shadow in his provocative autobiography, “Dreams From My Father,” and he also persuasively describes the phenomenon of belonging to two different worlds, and thus belonging to neither.

Obama describes in a Video that he spent very little time with his father, just one month when he was 10 years old but the impact was really great.

The New York times story ends as below

Whether Mr. Obama has at last made peace with himself remains unclear, but he has at least stepped out of the paternal shadow. He does this, as all sons must, by achieving and surpassing the lofty goals set for him by the father:

“You are an Obama. You should be the best.”

Obama clearly states the importance of Father in a family and that a Father must stick to his responsibilities towards his Wife and Children.

He says very beautifully in his speech …

We need more teachers, we need more Jobs..

But the “Change” doesn’t come from the Government or the President. It comes from “You” . It comes from our family.

Here is a Man who knew the pain of living without a Father’s company and tells the world that he made sure he will be there for his daughters always.

He says
“My Father left us when I was 2 years old.I only knew him by the letters he wrote and the stories I was told.We din’t had lots of Money but I got love and best Education.”

He says that he used to tell his mom that he din’t had all that he desired that other kids in school enjoys and his mother struggled to raise him.

He says

“If I could do anything in Life, It is in being a Good Father to my children”

Obama is truly a Inspiring speaker and he is because of his Honesty and Belief in Humanity.

Share Stories of your Mom and Dad

I wish every father and every Mother plays a role in shaping you and your world. What you are today came from your parents. I will be happy if has stories about such Ordinary Father’s and Mother’s who sacrificed everything for their rise their children.

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  1. Dear Venkat
    Thanks for such lovely thoughts. A very heart warming paragraph.
    This is the magic of Star Sai …. Very very magical indeed.
    I came here with a sad face & thoughts of being a looser.
    As i read on each line woke me up. By the end I was thinking of my Father…. & was reminded about his hard work & life. My negative thoughts dropped & I feel resurrected. THANKYOU VERY MUCH.
    May the grace of Sai be with you.
    May the magic of StarSai spread & shine in everywhere….
    Thanku my dear Sai.

  2. I would be nothing without the care, love and hard work of my parents raising 7 of us! I can never ever repay them for all their sacrifices to give us all college education and good things in life. Most of all, the principles and values they have taught us are priceless.

    The principles and values they have lived by and demonstrated in their daily life are our guiding light. I have been meaning to write a tribute in their honor and I sincerely pray to Baba to give me that opportunity. I pray for my parents’ well being and Baba’s love and blessings on them each and every moment. Jai Sairam!

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