Realize the Greatness of your Father – Letters from a Father to His Daughter – Jawaharlal Nehru

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This is the first post in StarSai Mom and Dad especially because of our families connection with the Name “Indra”.

When my sister was born, my father had a different name of his choice but later my Mom’s elder brother suggested my mom that her daughter has sharp features and must be named “Indra” because she must be a Women who achieves a lot like Indira Gandhi.

My sister lived up to everyone’s expectations and carries my fathers name behind her even after she got married. As people in U.S calls by last name, My Dad takes pride in telling everyone

“She’s a Research Scientist and everyone calls my daughter with my name”

Isn’t that something?

When we were kids, My mother used to have paper cuttings of leaders and show us what they did and how they achieved in life. Later everything was forgotten as life goes on…

Realize the Greatness of your Father:

Tomorrow is Father’s day 2013 and Fatherly is inspired by a dream I had by blessings of Saint Shirdi Sai Baba. I wanted to do something that makes everyone realize the greatness of their Father. I never have gifted anything to my Father and If ever I had given him something, Its given as a gift but just as something I add to his life.

The greatest thing I have done for my father is what I wrote in About Us page of because My Dad took care of us all these years and taught us how to be a Great Father which is why I am able to express how important it is to take care of your Parents as they are aging.


Here’s the first listing you can gift yourself and your Father on any occasion or Father’s day for that matter !

Book to Gift your Dad, Son,Daughter !

Letters from a Father to His Daughter – Jawaharlal Nehru

Letters from a Father to His Daughter is a collection of 30 letters written by Jawaharlal Nehru in 1928 to his daughter Indira Gandhi when she was 10 years old, teaching about natural history and the story of civilisations.

Here’s a beautiful picture of Indira with her Father – Nehru !

indira gandhi father
Jawaharlal Nehru sitting with his daughter Indira and niece Chanderlekha Pandit at
Anand Bhawan, Allahabad, 1925. Courtesy JMMI, New Delhi

Indira as a 6 year old girl with Father of our Nation – Mahatma Gandhiji in the below picture is truly worth watching.

indira gandhi father of nation
Mahatma Gandhiji with six-year old Indira Gandhi during his 21-day fast at Delhi in 1924. (BCCL)

Now lets come back to the Book worth gifting your Father and by Father to his Son/Daughter !

Letters from a Father to His Daughter

Jawaharlal Nehru

Book Description

During summer of 1928, 10-year-old Indira Gandhi was in Mussoorie. Her father Jawaharlal Nehru was then busy working in Allahabad. During summer, Nehru wrote several letters to tell her stories about when and how the earth was made, how animal and human life came into existence, and how societies and civilisations evolved throughout the world.

In his letters, he speaks of races, early and present-day faiths and beliefs of religion, the beginning of communication using languages by making sounds that are meaningful, how writing evolved through meaningful marks, and how the different languages were related. He also referred to civilisation and division of labour, which paved the way to the patriarch and the rule by kings and formation of kingdoms.

He also wrote about trade and travel.He speaks of the Aryans coming to India, and the morals taught by the great epics, Ramayana and the Mahabharata. He has explained the summary of these great epics interestingly in an easy way for a 10-year-old girl to understand, and his way of explaining complex matters is very appealing.About Jawaharlal NehruJawaharlal Nehru was an idealist and visionary, statesman and scholar of international stature, and an outstanding writer.Apart from Letters From A Father To His Daughter, his three most renowned books include The Discovery Of India, Glimpses Of World History, and An Autobiography.

These are classics, and all of them are published by Penguin books.Each story is told clearly and bring about the affection that a father has towards his daughter. Though these letters were written way back in 1928, even today their vibrancy and freshness are felt by readers and they succeed in representing the love Nehru had for people and Nature.

Born in the year 1889 at Allahabad, Jawaharlal Nehru did his education in Cambridge and in England, at Harrow. Also known as Panditji, Nehru was a statesman and a politician. He was the leader of the Indian independence movement, and independent India’

Take care and Keep loving your Father.

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