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What is real love and help?

Sairam friends,

I did not write couple of days because during weekends, I have other work to do or read books. On Friday night, I traveled to my Mom’s native place as her younger brother had gone through a surgery. I started back the same day. I was so tired on Sunday and slept off. I really feel bad for not doing any physical work.

As ordinary Indians start to adopt to new media, they do not have clarity about what really is ‘Help”.

There are times when your parents are sick but you are married, have children and can allot little time to spare to take care of your parents. I agree, practically we cannot expect to take care of parents due to other responsibilities like “Work, “Unwillingness by spouse” etc.

Now lets make this point clear –

Loving your parents is different from taking care of them.

In China, people stopped with a single child for several decades. Now at the peak of the career, these poor parents get sick and their son/daughter live in far away place not being able to take care of their parents.

We have vast percentage of Youth population in India at present and this scenario will continue for another 2 decades. Gradually, by 2030, India will see high percentage of older population. We are going to face similar situation.

Coming back to adoption of new media, some people are connecting with relatives and friends in Social media sites like Facebook and cloud chat platform like Watsapp.

What has love become?

Is it a matter of “Comment” or “Like”? when someone shows their new photo or write about their recent good happening in life?

Are we closing our doors to real love and living in a false world?

One of my relative started this Watsapp group for connecting all our family members. Honestly, I do not like groups on Watsapp etc and have blocked even Sai groups though I love Sai and his devotees. The problem with such platform is that people do not understand what real help or love is?

I was arguing with my parents past 2 days as they asked my Dad to join in the group. I simply asked my Father, When I was in college, you took care of your Mother who was sick. I had to sacrifice too for you had to spend for your Mother.

So of the 8 children, My Father (and my Mom who did all the work) alone took care of his Mother.

Everyone else just loved their Mother, visits once in a while . That’s it.

I ask them, if taking care of Mother is a real blessing, then why your Son alone is struggling to lead a good life? Fine. Its my karma but why on Earth should you listen to other’s messages. Are you having any good news to share? These social media is for people who have good news. Not for people like us.

Anyway, My Mom did not like me arguing like this but to me, its very personal.

Kindly, help people in need. Do little good when someone is in real need. Do what ever you can when your Mom or Dad needs you. Instead, simply saying that you love them is not taken in to account by God and Sai.

Get real.

Even the founder of Facebook and his wife donated $25 Million dollars to help people suffering from Ebola. What if they just click “like” button for WHO group on Facebook. Will it cure?

Expressing love and doing help goes beyond “communication”

One of the reason I do not reply mails from Sai devotees as before is, I do not help any one practically. Do I? So I simply pray for people. Sometimes, I do believe words can heal but real help is different. I just show way with my words but people have to endure the pain, believe in Sai to make their life better.

Love your Mom and Dad – In real sense.


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  • Sairam Venkat,

    I totally agree with what you have written in this article.

    In recent times I have heard a lot about children deserting their parents.

    In the busy life people forget that serving ones parents is worth more than serving God.

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