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Sairam friends,

Yesterday, At work, I went to meet my friend. As he was not there, I was speaking to guys in other team. These guys keep working and so I simply asked them if they are interested in Start-ups and have a dream to create their own web based product at sometime after few years in their life?

I was surprised as it was just a casual conversation but he did not feel comfortable to reply. Probably he was scared for no reason as he’s not close to me. I realized its better not to ask such questions to people who are not close to me.

I just respect people whom I find really working hard and when others hurt them, I wanted to do something to justify that they are good. I cannot do much though. I just argue with my friends that a developer or tester who ever it is must be respected for the work they do. One must not get work from them and speak as they wish.

I told him about few Entrepreneurs who created some big companies in India. Later, I said, I don’t have much knowledge. So I was just curious why people who have skills never even think of it? I regretted for asking such things because I find the place I work too traditional.

Since, I keep supporting employees like this, Once my friend stated that I am “Argumentative” in nature and doesn’t speak in favor of Employer. I do care for the place I work and wish it grows.  I was reading a lot about “Culture” in an organization and how it helps an organization to grow.

Anyway, Today, I wanted to write about how many people love their Daughters as much as they love their son.Gone are the time when people wanted a baby boy. I think something went wrong before 1980’s when there were lots of female infanticide in India.  This is one of the major reason for Gender inequality in India and many other crimes.

Sometime back, I wrote an article – Its 2010 and sai devotees need a Baby Boy when they are expecting a baby

I am working on a project for Wedding planning and found a photographer in U.S who posted a beautiful photography of his daughter and had written

My daughter is a senior where did the time go?”

Senior is the term used in U.S to denote the 4th year of study in High school or college.

I found it as a beautiful expression of love.

Everything has changed. Did it? I think at least, in most urban families,attitude has changed.

Anyway, Where ever I go, I like to watch daughters arguing with their parents. I get irritated when ever my parents shout in the road side. Other day, I saw this girl who was telling the same thing I used to tell my parents “Everyone are watching. Don’t shout Ma”..he he…




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  • This is India.Lets rejoice for being an Indian.As Baba said jaisa desh vaisa vesh.God Bless. Shri Sainathayanamaha.

  • hi sir

    I am a devotee of sai . I can feel the presence of sai with me when I go through this site. I was trying to name my 6 months daughter , but I was not satisfied with all the names that I go through. plz suggest a name with a positive vibration or with a good meaning ( brave , success ,etc., ) ( if possible starting with V – hindu ). first I planned to name her with sai in her name but after reading your article I changed my opinion ( my family don’t agrees) .plz suggest a name .looking forward for your reply mail


    Edit – Shall Mail you personally.- Venkat

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