Saw a beautiful landscape, birds and butterfly in dream

Sairam friends,

I had took my Father to Hospital. Surprisingly, the Doctor’s place had a very big Shirdi Saibaba statue with lots of flowers. I do not always try to get such hint but the way Sai statue was decorated made me feel if I am not that much devoted to Saibaba?

Anyway, My Father had some issues but Sai grace its curable.

I reached home, went to Shirdi Saibaba temple, lit lamps and came home.

I slept off soon. I was worried about my parents.

Then, I had a dream like this..

There are these 2 guys who are my Mom’s friends son. One is abroad and other is in Chennai. ( I wonder why I see them in dream often).

I am in a very beautiful place.

In front of me is a little Hill …its green with colorful flowers. I tell these guys to take me over that landscape. They take me saying there will be little insects. So be careful.

I walk over that beautiful landscape..Vow..I feel so happy friends. It was as if I am in paradise. I love it sooooooo much. I see many birds flying around. I see butterflies… All this was like a fantasy movie.

Then, Once we reach the peak, I am shocked because there were houses in that area. I am asking how come such a landscape exist in residential area?

Its too windy on top.

We come down and sit in a place. I ask them where is this landscape situated. They say its 50 Kms inwards in the coastal line of Tamilnadu and the temple is diagonally proportional to Parthasarathy Temple.

They give me a box inside where there’s some home made item.

I tasted it and could feel the taste in dream..He he…That’s surprising to…

It was like Badam keer or Carrot Halwa my Mom makes.

Then, I woke up and typed all this like a hint in my mobile because it was 5.30 in morning and I wanted to remember this vivid dream. I woke up and searched for Parthasarathy Temple in Chennai dedicated to Lord Krishna.

I have not been to that temple and learned for more than 5000 years devotees who travel to Tirupati have been staying there on way to bath in Sea.

OK friends..The landscape I saw was not exactly like below photography but I just wana post this..What I saw cannot be explained in words.

nature photography

Photo used with courtesy of National Geographic

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OK I am late now



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