Do not forget your Father after you are married

Sairam friends,

Its 5.A.M.

Last night, I felt like sleeping in my parents room. I hugged Sai Satcharitra and prayed Saibaba to guide me.

I had a dream as if I am in Chennai and anxiously searching for my Father who had gone to a company to work but never came back home. I call a staff in that company but he warns me about something. I just tell him I have to find my Father and cut the call.

It was a very scary dream, so vivid that I woke up and felt so relaxed that my Father was near me.

I came to my room. lit lamp to Saibaba and did something based on Sai’s guidance. Sai has protected me several times especially since he knows how much I love my parents.

I don’t regret that am not married yet because I am happy Sai is making me go through few experiences. Its a very divine connection between me and Sai. I can’t prove anyone how Sai works for me. Trust me. He is working for you too.

After a long time, I am writing about greatness of “Father”.

Many people don’t have time for their parents once they are married. A Father always wants his Son and Daughter to be happy. So if they find that their presence is a burden to the family, they try to keep away. You must make sure that you keep your Father’s feelings and emotions are know to you. Speak to him once in a while even if you live far from him. Tell him your love and what you are doing. Ask him if he needs something. There are few people who consider their Father as not to intelligent as them. Your Father must have committed few mistakes but still he’s your dear Father.

Over the years, Saibaba has taught me few lessons without teaching a single word. That’s Sai’s way of guiding a devotee. Saibaba gives me experiences to make me be a better human being.

Here’s today’s Shirdi Saibaba’s Nature collection

shirdi saibaba father
Take care of your Father for you mean his world

I wrote few articles in Mom Dad section of StarSai

Show Love to your Mom & Dad when they need you most 

I don’t know why I titled this article as “Do not forget your Father after you got married”. You must care for your Father all your life but I feel Sai made me write it because many people get busy with their life when they start their own family and don’t have time for the one who gave them a beautiful family and raised them with love.


Hope you like it friends.

Please write to me if you wish to share any experiences of Sai –

Aum Sai Ram


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