Spare few minutes for your Mom and Dad

Sairam friends,

I have come across several youngters who are so busy with their Career and their own family. They hardly realize the importance of spending few minutes with their parents. Sometime back, I received a mail from a devotee who said he has been in the U.S for over 10 years and never once came to India to visit his parents. Even Children in India living in the same city where their parents live or even if they live in the same home doesn’t spare few minutes for their parents. We assume life is going to be the same always and enggage our time with our friends and in doing other stuff.

Life is too short and you won’t always get an opportunity to be with your Mom and Dad. Parents might be annoying at times as they get old. They must speak what you don’t want to listen to. They might suggest something that you believe would never work well for you. Irrespective of all short comings, its good to spend few minutes with your Mom and Dad everyday or atleast when ever you can.

I went to a Bhadrakaali temple in Saibaba colony. I love the smile of the Mother. My Uncle called up as he had been to Shirdi for the first time. He asked me what should I get from Shirdi? I told him that I don’t know what to say but people get Milk sweets available in the shop near by as prasad. I also asked him to visit Mahalakshmi temple in Shirdi.

I am in love with Mahalakshmi of Shirdi. She’s so beautiful and divine. You can see her here in August 2016 article – Why I fail in all that I dream to do?

Last night, we saw our Sister in a skype call and enjoyed her Daughter playing Piano, Clarinet and Violin. It was nice to see her read lots of Books. When ever Katya comes online, we ask her to read few pages in the book she’s reading and she does that for us. Just that she gets upset if I ask her not to jump. Seems kids don’t like it when we say not to do something.

I slept off hugging a Sai book. I did had a dream which made me feel if it is really going to happen and if so when?

Somehow, I had a sound sleep early in the morning when Mom shouted for me as my Father was fainting. I ran to him and by Sai grace he’s fine now. It took few minutes for him to get alright. I was near him. I can’t reveal what I thought about since my Mom and Dad are weak these days. I told something to Sai and slept near him for few minutes.

I lit 6 lamps in my pooja place to Saibaba early in the morning.

Coming back to the theme of the article – When ever time permits, be near your parents, speak to them and take care of them.


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